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Thank you very much.

tion for the 16-nation North Atlantic Treaty President's Hand

Organization summit in London, United

Kingdom. Q. What's wrong with your hand?

The President today announced his intenThe President. It's skewered. I was clean

tion to appoint the following individuals to ing the mackerel, and I plunged the knife

be members of the National Commission on into it. Minor wound.

Superconductivity: Note: The President's 53d news conference began at 12:18 p.m. in Churchill Auditori

Barbara S. Drake, of Pennsylvania. She would um at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference

succeed Stephen J. Markman. Currently Mrs.

Drake serves as Assistant to the Attorney GenCenter. In his opening remarks, he referred

eral at the Department of Justice in Washingto Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of the

ton, DC. United Kingdom and NATO Secretary General Manfred Woerner. Following the news Travis P. Dungan, of Florida. He would succeed conference, the President traveled to Hous- S. Fred Singer. Currently Mr. Dungan serves as ton, TX, for the economic summit of indus- Administrator for the Research and Special trialized nations, which took place July 9 Programs Administration in Washington, DC. 11. A complete tape was not available for John K. Hulm, of Pennsylvania. He would sucverification of the content of these remarks.

ceed William M. Fairbank. Currently Dr. Hulm serves as chief scientist emeritus of Westing

house Science and Technology Center in PittsPoints of Light Recognition Program

burgh, PA.

Sidney L. Jones, of Maryland. This is a new posiThe President named the following individ- tion. Currently Dr. Jones serves as Assistant uals and institutions as exemplars of his Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy commitment to making community service in Washington, DC. central to the life and work of every Ameri

John W. Lyons, of Maryland. He would succeed

Ernest Ambler. Currently Dr. Lyons serves as

Director of the National Engineering LaboratoJune 30

ry at the National Institute of Standards and

Technology in Gaithersburg, MD. Pearl Kling, of Cheboygan, MI. In 1964, Ms.

Kling realized that the learning-disabled students in class were not receiving proper in

July 3 struction. For the remainder of her teaching tenure, she taught a special education class for

The President met with advisers at his the learning disabled. Though now retired

home in Kennebunkport, ME, in preparaafter 31 years of teaching, Ms. Kling has contin- tion for the NATO summit. ued to teach on a volunteer basis for the last 6 years. She helps in a special education class and assists students to obtain summer employment. July 5

In the morning, the President arrived at Heathrow International Airport, London,

for the NATO summit and went to Winfield Digest of Other

House, home of the U.S. Ambassador, which White House Announcements

was the President's residence during his

stay in London. Later the President met The following list includes the President's

with NATO Secretary General Manfred public schedule and other items of general Woerner and participated in the summit's interest announced by the Office of the

first working session at Lancaster House. Press Secretary and not included elsewhere

In the afternoon, the President attended in this issue.

a reception at Bridgewater House for

NATO Heads of State and Foreign MinisJuly 2

ters and a luncheon for NATO leaders at The President met with advisers at his Spencer House hosted by Prime Minister home in Kennebunkport, ME, in prepara- Margaret Thatcher of the United Kingdom.


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Released July 3

Acts Approved

by the President Transcript: Press briefing on the upcoming North Atlantic Treaty Organization summit in Approved July 3 London, United Kingdom-by Brent Scowcroft, Assistant to the President for National H.R. 1622 / Public Law 101-318 Security Affairs, and John H. Sununu, Chief Copyright Fees and Technical Amendments of Staff to the President

Act of 1989

Approved July 3—Continued
H.R. 3046 / Public Law 101-319
Copyright Royalty Tribunal Reform and
Miscellaneous Pay Act of 1989

Approved July 3—Continued relating to the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park Commission

H.R. 3545 / Public Law 101-320
To amend the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal
Development Act to make certain changes

H.R. 3834 / Public Law 101-321
Selma to Montgomery National Trail Study
Act of 1989

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