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Week Ending Friday, July 6, 1990

Statement by Press Secretary Fitzwater lot of time on that this morning, and it's on the Deaths of Muslim Pilgrims in important work. Mecca, Saudi Arabia

NATO July 3, 1990

Q. Have you got any feedback from the The Government and people of the

allies yet on the language concerning last United States are deeply saddened by the

resort deaths of the many Hajj pilgrims near

The President. I'm ready to discuss that Mecca on the eve of Eid al-Adha, the Feast

with them. I talked to the Prime Minister of of the Sacrifice, this very significant holy

Belgium (Wilfried Martens) and the Prime day in Islam. On behalf of the people of the

Minister of Denmark (Poul Schlüter] just United States, the President extends his sin- now, and we didn't go into that specific, but cere condolences to the families of those

I think the general approach that we're individuals killed in the accident and to proposing seems to be getting wide acceptKing Fahd, the Custodian of the Two Holy ance. I don't want to comment, Jim (Jim Mosques.

Miklaszewski, NBC News), on that one be

cause we didn't discuss that particular issue. Note: On July 2, over 1,000 Muslim pil- Q. Well, why is it now that we have to grims suffocated or were trampled to death assure the Soviets that NATO is a threat? in a stampede in a pedestrian tunnel near

What's different? Or not a threat-I'm holy shrines in Mecca.


The President. Well, I think as things change we want to be sure that everybody understands that NATO is the stabilizing

factor that we think it should be and will Exchange With Reporters

be. And it's not a question—we don't have July 3, 1990

to assure them of anything, but I want

them to understand the facts. I spent a lot The President. Smile. (Laughter)

of time working with Mr. Gorbachev when

he was here to see that he did understand Houston Economic Summit

that a unified Germany in NATO is not a Q. -a few surprises at Houston, Mr. threat to the Soviet Union. And if there are President?

certain things we can do to expand NATO's The President. No surprises. I think we're role that drive that point home, so much in good shape for that meeting, though, the better. those meetings. We'll have a chance to get Q. Is there anything really different about a preview talking to some of the leaders at this last resort? the NATO summit about Houston, too—but The President. Well, you have to wait and it will go well. There are some big issues to see what comes out of it. You'll notice I'm discuss-trade, particularly.

not even commenting on your question beQ. What would you like to see come out cause I told you, I think, yesterday that I of the Houston summit?

wanted to discuss the specifics with our The President. Well, I'd like to see us NATO partners. move forward on the Uruguay round (international trade negotiations), which means

Economic Assistance for the Soviet Union we've got to get moving on the question of Q. Mr. President, are you going to still agriculture. I've been saying that for some reject the Soviet economic aid package in time, and that's very important. We spent a Houston?

The President. Well, I've explained to our economic summit partners and to the Soviets and to others that we have specific problems with, you know, giving money to the Soviet Union at this point. So, we'll be discussing that at Houston, and we had a good briefing on that here today.

Q. Are you afraid that the money might be wasted?

The President. Well, I still feel the same way I did: that economic reform is essential. And to Gorbachev's credit, he's trying to reform the economic system there.

Q. What are you proposing on the environmental front?

The President. We've tried it the other way, you see, with Poland several years ago and before economic reform, and I think everybody recognizes that that money did not help do what it was intended to. Houston Economic Summit

Q. Any proposals on the environmental front in Houston?

The President. There will be a good discussion of the environment, yes.

Mr. Fitzwater. Thank you, Mr. President. (Laughter] The President. What do

you think, Marlin? President Gorbachev of the Soviet Union

Q. How do you think Gorbachev handled himself yesterday? He was pretty tough, wasn't he?

The President. I haven't gotten a full report on that, so I can't comment on it. Interest Rates

Q. How about bringing down interest rates in Houston, worldwide? Is that one of your goals?

The President. It's always a goal. I don't think that's a specific agenda item-worldwide interest rates. Golf With the President

Q. Mr. Vice President, did you throw the golf game yesterday? There was a story that you went into the tank to purposely lose(laughter)

Q. Widely speculated.

The Vice President. I went into the tank, and I stayed there. The President won, as he should

The President. I think he played well.

Q. Well, he was in the sand all the time. Every time I saw a picture, he was hitting out of the sand.

The President. He got five birdies—no, six birdies. That's pretty good golf.

Q. You got six birdies?
The President. Yes. That's not bad.

Q. You started the story then, that you lost.

The Vice President. That's because when the camera was there, I double-bogied the 9th hole and I hit it in the sand on the 18th hole—just record it. I wanted the bad part of the golf game recorded

The President. Secretary [of the Treasury] Brady's team won the match. Did you get credit for that, Nick?

Q. No, he wouldn't tell us.

The President. He didn't? They were the victors.

Q. I thought you won. The Vice President said you won.

The President. No, no. Oh, he was just being pleasant, I'll bet.

The Vice President. He won on the first tee.

The President. Won one hole. That's what he meant.

Well, let's go suit up.

Note: The exchange began at 11:20 a.m. at the President's home at Walker's Point in Kennebunkport, ME. Marlin Fitzwater is Press Secretary to the President.

Proclamation 6155-Idaho Centennial
Day, 1990
July 3, 1990

By the President of the United States
of America
A Proclamation

On July 3, 1890, President Benjamin Harrison signed a proclamation declaring Idaho the 43rd State of the Union. During the succeeding century, Idaho and its people have made substantial contributions to the social and economic development of the United States.

Rich in valuable minerals, fertile land, and unspoiled forests, Idaho is truly the “Gem State." It was Meriwether Lewis and

William Clark who first charted the rich, In recognition of Idaho's contributions to mountainous territory that is now Idaho. the United States and in commemoration of During their expedition of 1805–1806, they its Centennial, the Congress, by Senate discovered lush valleys, rivers, and forests Joint Resolution 245, has designated July 3, teeming with fish and wildlife-land that 1990, as “Idaho Centennial Day” and has had been cultivated and cherished by gen- authorized and requested the President to erations of Indian tribes, including the Koo- issue a proclamation in observance of this tenai, Nez Percé, Coeur D'Alene, and Sho- date. shoni. The Lewis and Clark expedition in- Now, Therefore, I, George Bush, Presitroduced the rest of the Nation to this fer- dent of the United States of America, do tile territory and inspired a long line of ex- hereby proclaim July 3, 1990, as Idaho Cenplorers and settlers to follow.

tennial Day. The story of those who settled and devel- In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set oped Idaho is one of enterprise and discov- my hand this third day of July, in the year ery, hope and hard work. Close behind of our Lord nineteen hundred and ninety, Lewis and Clark came fur traders, mission

and of the Independence of the United aries, and brave pioneer families making States of America the two hundred and their way west along the Oregon Trail. The fourteenth. discovery of gold in the mid-19th century

George Bush brought a rush of prospectors to the territory and marked the birth of one of Idaho's

[Filed with the Office of the Federal Regismost productive industries.

ter, 2 p.m., July 3, 1990] Since becoming a State in 1890, the people of Idaho have demonstrated the same vision, strength, and industriousness exhibited by their forebears. In farming, mining, and tourism, they have made effec

London Declaration on a Transformed tive use of the State's natural resources,

North Atlantic Alliance bringing progress and prosperity to the July 6, 1990 region and to the entire country. Today, all Americans continue to benefit from the ISSUED BY THE HEADS OF STATE AND GOVcareful development of Idaho's vast re- ERNMENT PARTICIPATING IN THE MEETING sources, including its minerals, timber, and, OF THE NORTH ATLANTIC COUNCIL IN LONof course, the famous Idaho potato.

DON ON 5TH–6TH JULY 1990 The people of Idaho have also set a won- 1. Europe has entered a new, promising derful example of environmental steward- era. Central and Eastern Europe is liberatship, effectively preserving the breathtak- ing itself. The Soviet Union has embarked ing mountain scenery and pristine rivers ex- on the long journey toward a free society. plored by Lewis and Clark nearly 2 centur- The walls that once confined people and ies ago. Each year, thousands of individuals ideas are collapsing. Europeans are deterand families visit Idaho to explore its mag- mining their own destiny. They are choosnificent national forestlands and recreation- ing freedom. They are choosing economic al areas such as Bear Lake and the Craters liberty. They are choosing peace. They are of the Moon National Monument.

choosing a Europe whole and free. As a From its snowcapped mountain peaks consequence, this Alliance must and will and verdant plains to the deep and winding adapt. canyons of the Snake River, Idaho continues 2. The North Atlantic Alliance has been to be a land of extraordinary natural splen- the most successful defensive alliance in hisdor and untold promise. Its geographic di- tory. As our Alliance enters its fifth decade versity, its colorful history, and its enviable and looks ahead to a new century, it must quality of life make the Gem State one of continue to provide for the common deour Nation's great treasures. This year, as fence. This Alliance has done much to bring they celebrate a century of statehood, the about the new Europe. No-one, however, people of Idaho can be very proud indeed. can be certain of the future. We need to

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