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For these reasons, I wholly agree with the literacy is essential for workers to gain the sentiments underlying this congressional re- knowledge and skills their jobs require, it is pudiation of a totally counterproductive essential to keeping American business and UNGA resolution. By signing S.J. Res. 246, I industry competitive.

I add my full endorsement as President of If the United States is to remain a free, the United States, and the person charged strong, and prosperous country, and a force by the Constitution with maintaining the for good in the world, we must cultivate the foreign relations of this Nation, to this oth- talent and potential of all our people-in erwise nonbinding expression of congres- the work place, in our families, and in our sional sentiment.

communities. Indeed, that is why we have At this time, I also want to reaffirm U.S. included improved literacy among our nadetermination to pursue efforts toward a tional education goals. My Administration comprehensive, just, and lasting Middle and the Nation's Governors are working East peace. In our view, this peace must be hard to ensure that, by the year 2000, every achieved on the basis of United Nations Se- adult American will be literate and possess curity Council Resolutions 242 and 338 and the knowledge and skills necessary to comthe principle of territory for peace. It must pete in a global economy. provide for Israel's security and recognition Joining their Federal, State, and local and for Palestinian political rights. We governments in efforts to promote literacy strongly hope that Israelis, Palestinians, and are thousands of professional educators, volthe Arab states will take the necessary steps unteers, business and community leaders, to create an environment in which a viable religious organizations, and labor associapeace process can thrive.

tions. By providing tutoring, job training,

George Bush and other educational opportunities, these The White House,

concerned men and women are helping unJune 29, 1990.

dereducated Americans to discover the un

limited rewards of literacy and learning. It Note: S.J. Res. 246, approved June 29, was is fitting that we set aside a day to salute assigned Public Law No. 101-317.

them—and their students for their dedication and hard work. In so doing, let us also

note that each of us has a stake in building Proclamation 6153—National Literacy

a more literate America.

To focus attention on the importance of Day, 1990

literacy, the Congress, by Senate Joint ResoJune 29, 1990

lution 320, has designated July 2, 1990, as

“National Literacy Day” and has authorized By the President of the United States

and requested the President to issue a procof America

lamation in observance of that day.

Now, Therefore, I, George Bush, PresiA Proclamation

dent of the United States of America, do Our future depends on education, and hereby proclaim July 2, 1990, as National education begins with literacy. Millions of Literacy Day. I call upon the people of the Americans are not sufficiently literate to United States to observe that day with apfunction fully in our society from day to propriate programs, ceremonies, and actividay. These individuals can be found not ties. only in prisons and juvenile court, and on In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set welfare and unemployment lines, but also my hand this twenty-ninth day of June, in on the job and at the heads of families, the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and trying their best but lacking the skills they ninety, and of the Independence of the need to realize their greatest dreams for United States of America the two hundred themselves and for their children.

and fourteenth. Many American students are at risk be

George Bush cause their families cannot support their efforts to learn. At risk, too, are the United (Filed with the Office of the Federal RegisStates' strength and productivity. Because ter, 11:14 a.m., July 2, 1990]

Points of Light Recognition Program

The President named the following individuals and institutions as exemplars of his commitment to making community service central to the life and work of every Ameri

tween more than 45 churches and congregations, with over 150 volunteers supporting a variety of initiatives. The program offers food and emergency assistance for rent, utility, and medical bills. In addition, the program offers spiritual, emotional, and financial counseling. More than 200 families receive services from the Interfaith Ministries each month.


June 27 June 23

Alice Oakley, of Kennewick, WA. Ms. Oakley, First African Methodist Episcopal Church (First who suffers from spinal fusion, has not been AME), of Los Angeles, CA. Members of First deterred by her physical disability. Although AME encourage young people to stay away she spends much of her time in a wheelchair, from drugs and crime. With the help of the 25 she serves as the volunteer director of Penny's community service programs, the crime rate Place, a halfway house for women who are adhas dropped significantly in the neighborhood dicted to drugs and alcohol. Here she teaches surrounding the church. The substance abuse cooking and provides employment and rehaprogram counsels those with addictions, refers bilitation counseling. Ms. Oakley also bakes and them to the proper professionals, assists them sells breads and cakes, using the proceeds to in seeking employment after treatment, and continue the operation of the house. offers emotional support. The Taking Our Community Back program places church mem

June 28 bers on the streets during the peak hours of drug trafficking, whereby those in need can learn about church programs and receive

Let's Help, of Topeka, KS. Let's Help offers words of encouragement. The homeless pro

emergency assistance to those in need. The orgram provides meals, health screening, tutor

ganization is supported by annual donations of ing, counseling, blankets, and clothing. The

$3.5 million and a large volunteer staff, and Youth Lock-In program encourages living a life

coordinates a variety of services. The Lunch of positive values. The youth are literally

Room program provides lunch for 300 people a locked in the church for 24 hours with

day, 5 days a week. The literacy program offers member volunteers, where they are exposed to

tutoring in basic math and reading to adults. inspirational speeches, seminars, videos, en

The Let's Work program helps individuals decounter groups, and message plays.

velop job skills and assists them with seeking

employment. The Let's Play program teaches June 25

parenting skills to young mothers. The Let's

Help community food bank distributes food to Capt. Al Lewis, of Philadelphia, PA. Captain economically disadvantaged individuals 5 days

Lewis, the commander of the 22d District a week, with delivery service available to the Police Department, has initiated a program in

homebound. Let's Help also helps pay for rent, his neighborhood whereby police officers tutor medical care, and transportation expenses on students in basic reading and writing. Captain an emergency basis. Lewis also established a public library in response to the need to increase literacy and June 29 promote neighborhood unity. The library, located at the James Weldon Johnson Housing

Dean Cornett, of Paint Lick, KY. Ms. Cornett Project, was built by Captain Lewis and other

realized that many residents could not read, fill police officers and holds over 30,000 books.

out a job application, or qualify for many local Along with other officers, he is currently work

jobs. In 1988 she founded Friends of Paint ing to establish another library at the Perkins

Lick. This organization offers tutoring, General Morris Homeless Shelter and other public housing projects.

Educational Development (G.E.D.) testing

preparation, a public library, clothing and shelJune 26

ter for those in need, and children's reading

hours. Ms. Cornett has worked with the UniInterfaith Ministries, Inc., of Wichita Falls, TX. versity of Eastern Kentucky in establishing a

Interfaith Ministries is a cooperative effort be- G.E.D preparation class.

- John H. Sununu, Chief of Staff to the Digest of Other White House Announcements


The President announced his intention to The following list includes the President's appoint John F.W. Rogers to be Chairman

of the Advisory Council on Historic Preserpublic schedule and other items of general

vation for a term of 4 years expiring June interest announced by the Office of the Press Secretary and not included elsewhere ly Mr. Rogers serves as executive vice presi

10, 1993. This is a reappointment. Currentin this issue.

dent of the Oliver Carr Co. in Washington,

DC. June 24

The President announced his intention to In the afternoon, the President returned nominate Elmer B. Staats to be a member from a weekend stay at Camp David, MD. of the Board of Trustees of the Harry S.

Truman Scholarship Foundation for a term June 25

expiring December 10, 1995. This is a reapThe President met at the White House pointment. From 1966 to 1981, Dr. Staats with:

served as Comptroller General of the Gen- John H. Sununu, Chief of Staff to the eral Accounting Office in Washington, DC. President; Brent Scowcroft, Assistant to The President announced his intention to the President for National Security Af- appoint John Charles Gartland to be a fairs; and members of the CIA briefing member of the National Council on Vocastaff;

tional Education for a term piring Janu-Republican congressional Federal

ary 17, 1991. He would succeed Gertrude budget negotiators;

McDonald. Currently Mr. Gartland serves -Secretary of the Treasury Nicholas F.

as director of Washington affairs for the Brady;

Amway Corp. in Washington, DC. - John H. Sununu, Chief of Staff to the President.

June 27 In the evening, the President and Mrs. The President met at the White House Bush hosted a barbecue for members of the with: diplomatic community on the South Lawn - John H. Sununu, Chief of Staff to the at the White House.

President; Brent Scowcroft, Assistant to

the President for National Security AfJune 26

fairs; and members of the CIA briefing The President met at the White House

staff; with:

-Secretary of State James A. Baker III; - John H. Sununu, Chief of Staff to the

- John H. Sununu, Chief of Staff to the President; Brent Scowcroft, Assistant to President. the President for National Security Affairs; and members of the CIA briefing June 28 staff;

The President met at the White House -Foreign Minister Ahmed Esmat Abdel with:

Meguid of Egypt, to discuss the Middle -the Vice President; John H. Sununu, East peace process and the suspension Chief of Staff to the President; Brent of U.S. talks with the Palestine Libera- Scowcroft, Assistant to the President for tion Organization;

National Security Affairs; and members -police officers from Milton, MA;

of the CIA briefing staff; -the National Collegiate Athletic Asso- -the Vice President, for lunch;

ciation women's championship softball - John H. Sununu, Chief of Staff to the team from the University of California President. at Los Angeles and the men's champi- The President announced his intention to onship baseball team from the Universi- reappoint the following individuals to be ty of Georgia;

members of the Advisory Committee for -Secretary of Defense Richard B. Trade Policy and Negotiations for terms of Cheney;

2 years:

port, ME.

Allen F. Jacobson, of Minnesota. Mr. Jacobson -An increase of $575 thousand for the

currently serves as the chairman and chief ex- Office of Personnel Management would ecutive officer of the 3M Co. in St. Paul, MN.

expand the operation of the Federal John A. Rollwagen, of Minnesota. Mr. Rollwagen

Quality Institute. currently serves as the chairman and chief executive officer of Cray Research, Inc., in Minne

-An amendment would provide the Naapolis, MN.

tional Archives and Records AdminisJack Sheinkman, of New York. Mr. Sheinkman tration with $879 thousand to cover 50

currently serves as president of the Amalga- percent of the proposed January 1991 mated Clothing and Textile Workers Union, 3.5 percent Federal pay raise. AFL-CIO, CLC, in New York, NY.

-An increase of $225 thousand for the Gordon B. Zacks, of Ohio. Mr. Zacks currently

Office of Government Ethics would serves chairman of the board and chief execu

cover the increased workload resulting tive officer of the R.G. Barry Corp., in Columbus, OH.

from the Government Ethics Act of

1989. June 29

-An additional $12 million for the legisThe President met at the White House lative branch would be used to reconwith:

struct the Senate Subway Transporta-the Vice President; John H. Sununu,

tion System, and additional appropriaChief of Staff to the President; Brent

tions language for the judiciary would Scowcroft, Assistant to the President for

enable an adjustment in the salaries of National Security Affairs; and members of the CIA briefing staff;

Justices and judges. -Peter Ueberroth, former commissioner

In the afternoon, the President and Mrs. of baseball, and Trammell Crow, major

Bush went to their home in Kennebunkdonor to the Republican Party; -Secretary of State James A. Baker III.

The President announced his intention to nominate Joyce Elaine Tucker to be a member of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for the remainder of the Nominations term expiring July 1, 1991. She would suc- Submitted to the Senate ceed Clarence Thomas. Currently Mrs. Tucker serves as director of the Illinois De- The following list does not include promopartment of Human Rights in Chicago. tions of members of the Uniformed Services,

The White House announced that the nominations to the Service Academies, or President today approved and sent to the nominations of Foreign Service officers. Congress the following fiscal year 1991 budget amendments: -Budget amendments for the Depart Submitted June 26

ment of Energy (DOE) would provide an increase of $20.1 million for various

Michael Martin Skol, energy supply, research, and develop

of Illinois, a career member of the Senior ment programs, and an increase of $27 million for environmental restoration

Foreign Service, Class of Minister-Counseland waste management activities.

or, to be Ambassador Extraordinary and These increases would be fully offset by Plenipotentiary of the United States of a $47.1 million decrease in atomic

America to the Republic of Venezuela. energy defense activities, reflecting reduced requirements for naval fuel. An

Elmer B. Staats, other DOE amendment reduces the es- of the District of Columbia, to be a member timate of uranium supply and enrich- of the Board of Trustees of the Harry S. ment revenues and reduce total pro- Truman Scholarship Foundation for a term gram needs based on lower power expiring December 10, 1995 (reappointcosts.


[blocks in formation]

The following list contains releases of the
Office of the Press Secretary that are nei-

Nomination of Anthony L. Bennett to be

U.S. Marshal for the District of Minnesota ther printed as items nor covered by entries in the Digest of Other White House An- Announcement: nouncements.

Nomination of Joe D. Whitley to be U.S.

Attorney for the Northern District of GeorReleased June 25


Announcement: Transcript:

Nomination of Joseph M. McLaughlin to be Remarks by Nelson Mandela after meeting U.S. Circuit Judge for the Second Circuit with the President

Press briefing on the President's meeting
with Nelson Mandela—by Herman J. Acts Approved
Cohen, Assistant Secretary of State for Afri- by the President
can Affairs
Released June 26

Approved June 25

Fact sheet:
Presidential decisions concerning oil and
gas development on the outer continental

H.R. 4612 / Public Law 101-311
To amend title 11 of the United States
Code regarding swap agreements and for-
ward contracts

Released June 27

Address on U.S. economic policies toward
Latin America and the Caribbean-by
Marlin Fitzwater, Press Secretary to the

S. 2700 / Public Law 101-312
To authorize the Secretary of Veterans Af-
fairs to proceed with a proposed administra-
tive reorganization of the regional field of-
fices of the Veterans Health Services and
Research Administration of the Department
of Veterans Affairs, notwithstanding the

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