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Remarks Prior to Discussions With age rapid and peaceful change toward politNelson Mandela

ical and economic freedom. We will continJune 25, 1990

ue to urge American firms that are still

doing business in South Africa to play a proThe President. Welcome to all of you. It is gressive role in training and empowering a great pleasure, a sincere pleasure, for Bar- blacks and building a foundation for future bara and me to welcome to the White prosperity. House Mr. and Mrs. Mandela-Mr. Man- But while the reform process has moved dela, a man who embodies the hopes of forward-and it has—apartheid remains a millions. In our meetings this morning, he reality, and genuine democracy a dream. and I will talk about the future of South Our sanctions have been designed to supAfrica, and it is my sincere hope that these

port change. And when the conditions laid talks will be productive discussions that will

down in our law have been met, then, and contribute to positive change toward true

only then, will we consider, in consultation democracy and the dismantling once and

with the Congress, whether a change in for all of apartheid.

will promote further progress We meet at a time of transition for South through peaceful negotiations. Africa. We applaud the recent steps Presi- Mr. Mandela, we in this country support dent de Klerk and the Government of South Africa have taken to expand the

the struggle against apartheid. For two cen

turies, we had our own battles. America rights and freedoms of all South Africans. These are positive developments, steps

fought its own battles to promote the stand

ard of equal rights. It was here at the White toward a fully free and democratic future that we all wish to see for all of the people

House—in a room now obscured by these of South Africa. In order for progress to

coverings because we're repainting the continue, we must see on all sides a clear

White House—but it's right there, in the commitment to change.

midst of the Civil War, that Abraham LinAll parties must seize the opportunity to

coln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, move ahead in a spirit of compromise and

that great beacon of light and hope. In the tolerance, flexibility and patience. And from

room where this historic document was all parties, we look for a clear and un

signed, even now we feel the power of the equivocal commitment to negotiations lead

undeniable truth that guided Lincoln's ing to peaceful change. I call on all ele

hand: that all men must be free. ments in South African society to renounce

In this past year, freedom has made great the use of violence in armed struggle, break gains. A terrible chapter of oppression has free from the cycle of repression and vio

ended for millions of men and women in lent reaction that breeds nothing but more

Eastern Europe, in Asia, and in this hemifear and suffering. In the words of the great sphere. People have defeated, through Martin Luther King, Jr., “Let us not seek to

peaceful means, dictatorships that promised satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking freedom and progress but delivered only from the cup of bitterness and hatred.” poverty and repression. The triumph is far

Mr. Mandela, in the eyes of millions from universal. There are still those who around the world, you stand against apart- rule through force and terror. But the heid, against a system that bases the rights events of this past year have been clear: and freedoms of citizenship on the color of The future belongs not to the dwindling one's skin. That system is repugnant to the

ranks of the world's dictators but to democconscience of men and women everywhere, racy, the millions of friends of freedom the repugnant to the ideals that we in America

world over. hold so dear. No system that denies the Mr. Mandela, you said many years ago, rights that belong to each and every indi- before the first of your 10,000 days in vidual can endure forever. Apartheid must prison, that there is no easy walk to freeend.

dom. Your years of suffering, your nation's The United States, committed to the con- suffering-they've borne that out. But just cept of free market and a productive pri- as, this past year, so many millions of people vate sector, is ready to do its part to encour- in Eastern Europe and elsewhere tasted



freedom, so, too, South Africa's time will President as fully as possible on these devel

opments. We are doing so because it is necAs Martin Luther King said on the steps essary for him to understand not only in of the Lincoln Memorial, we cannot walk broad outline what is happening in our alone. Sir, we here in America walk in soli

country, he must be furnished with the dedarity with all the South Africans who seek tails which may not be so available to the through nonviolent

democracy, public so that the enormous assistance that human rights, and freedom.

he has given us should be related to the Once again, it is a sincere privilege to actual developments in the country, welcome you to the White House, and may I will also ask the President to maintain God bless you and all the people of South

sanctions because it is because of sanctions Africa. Welcome, sir.

that such enormous progress has been made Mr. Mandela. Mr. President, it is an

in the attempt to address the problems of honor and a pleasure for my wife, my dele

our country. gation, and I to be welcomed by you. This is

I will also inform him about developa continuation of the rousing welcome

ments as far as the arms struggle is conwhich we have received from the people of New York and Boston, of black and white.

cerned. The remarks that he has made here That welcome has far exceeded our wildest

are due to the fact that he has not as yet expectations. We look forward to visiting

got a proper briefing from us. I might just Atlanta and other cities because we are con

state in passing that the methods of political fident that the warm welcome we have re

action which are used by the black people ceived is not confined to New York, Boston,

of South Africa were determined by the and Washington. That mood expresses the

South African Government. As long as a commitment of all the people of the United

government is prepared to talk, to maintain States of America to the struggle for the

channels of communication between itself removal of apartheid.

and the governed, there can be no question One thing that is very clear, and it has

of violence whatsoever. But when a governbeen made even more clear in the remarks

ment decides to ban political organizations by the President, is that on the question of

of the oppressed, intensifies oppression, and the removal of apartheid and the introduc

does not allow any free political activity, no tion of a nonracial democracy in our coun

matter how peaceful and nonviolent, then try we are absolutely unanimous. That is the people have no alternative but to resort something that we have always known be

to violence. cause the people of America and the Presi- There is not a single political organization dent, in particular, have spoken in this in our country, inside and outside Parliaregard in very clear and firm terms. And ment, which can ever compare with the this has been a source of great encourage

African National Congress in its total comment to our people. To receive the support mitment to peace. If we are forced to resort of any government is, in our situation, to violence, it is because we had no other something of enormous importance; but to alternative whatsoever. But even in this receive the support of the Government of regard, there have been significant developthe United States of America, the leader of ments which I hope to brief the President the West, is something beyond words. If on. I am also going to brief the President on today we are confident that the dreams the key role which the ANC now occupies which have inspired us all these years is in the country as a result of his efforts to about to be realized, it is, in very large mobilize the entire country around the measure, because of the support we have question of peace. got from the masses of the people of the We have and are addressing the question United States of America and, in particular, of black unity. We are also addressing ourfrom the Government and from the Presi- selves to means and methods of helping Mr. dent.

de Klerk to maintain his position with confiThere are very important political devel- dence and to go on with the negotiations opments that have taken place in our coun- without looking over his shadow. We have try today, and it is my intention to brief the already started

already started important initiatives in trying to mobilize the white community, ment's decision to facilitate the departure not only those who support him but even of Dr. Fang and his wife for reasons of Dr. the right wing, because we are the only Fang's health and well-being and to permit organization in the world that can help Mr. Dr. Fang to pursue his important research de Klerk to maintain his position.

in astrophysics. This humanitarian action is And I am going to urge on the President a farsighted, significant step that will imnot to do anything without a full consulta- prove the atmosphere for progress in our tion with the ANC in regard to any initia

bilateral relations. tive which he might propose to take in order to help the peace process in the country. As people who are operating inside, and as the architects of the peace process, it is absolutely necessary for everybody who

Statement by Press Secretary Fitzwater wants to be of assistance in the struggle of

on the Acquisition of Norton Company the black people inside the country and by BTR of the United Kingdom who want to help promote the peace process to have a full consultation with the ANC June 25, 1990 before any step is taken.

The President has decided against interFinally, Mr. President, I would like to

vening in the possible acquisition of Norton congratulate you and President Gorbachev

Co. by BTR plc of the United Kingdom. for the magnificent efforts that you are

Norton Co. manufactures abrasive products making in order to reduce international tensions and to promote peace. It is my

and engineering materials, including adhope that governments throughout the

vanced ceramics. In addition, Norton has world will follow your example and attempt engaged in extensive research and developto settle problems between governments,

ment of advanced ceramics and diamond

films. and between governments and dissidents inside its country, by peaceful methods. You The President based his decision on the and comrade Gorbachev have opened a results of the investigation by the Commitchapter in world history which might well tee on Foreign Investment in the United be regarded as the turning point in many States (CFIUS), chaired by Treasury Secrerespects. And here we congratulate you and tary Nicholas F. Brady. CFIUS conducted a wish you every success.

thorough investigation of various national security issues relating to this possible ac

quisition. Note: The President spoke at 10:42 a.m. at

The BTR-Norton investigation was conthe South Portico of the White House. Fol

ducted pursuant to section 5021 of the Omlowing their remarks, the President and Mr.

nibus Trade and Competitiveness Act of Mandela met in the Oval Office and then attended a luncheon in the Old Family

1988. That provision, known as the ExonDining Room

Florio provision, authorizes the President to investigate and, if necessary, to suspend or prohibit a proposed foreign acquisition of a U.S. business engaged in interstate com

merce. The criteria to suspend or prohibit a Statement by Press Secretary Fitzwater

transaction are that the President must on the Release of Fang Lizhi

find: credible evidence that leads him to June 25, 1990

believe that the foreign investor might take

action that threatens to impair the national Dr. Fang Lizhi and his wife, Li Shuxian, security; that existing laws, other than the have left the U.S. Embassy in Beijing to International Emergency Economic Powers proceed to the United Kingdom. The Act and the Exon-Florio provision itself, do United States Government welcomes the not provide adequate and appropriate auPRC (People's Republic of China) Govern- thority to protect the national security.

Statement on the Federal Budget

seeds of democratic thought planted on Negotiations

these shores 214 years ago have also taken June 26, 1990

root around the world.

I am convinced that the people of the I met this morning with the bipartisan United States have inspired many of these leadership-the Speaker, the Senate majori- changes by word, deed, and examplety leader, the Senate Republican leader, the particularly during the past 45 years. RecHouse majority leader, and the House Re- ognizing the cause of freedom as universal, publican leader-to review the status of the we have steadfastly defended human rights deficit reduction negotiations.

around the world, holding true to the belief It is clear to me that both the size of the "that all men are Created equal, that they deficit problem and the need for a package are endowed by their Creator with certain that can be enacted require all of the fol- unalienable rights, that among these are lowing: entitlement and mandatory pro- Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happigram reform, tax revenue increases, growth ness.” incentives, discretionary spending reduc- Indeed, it is our devotion to these timetions, orderly reductions in defense expend- less ideals that has made the United States a itures, and budget process reform to assure model of freedom and a source of hope to that any bipartisan agreement is enforcea

so many. Today, as we raise the flag in celeble and that the deficit problem is brought bration, we can take great pride in all that under responsible control. The bipartisan it represents. For millions of people around leadership agree with me on these points. the globe, Old Glory has bid a warm wel

The budget negotiations will resume come, marking a place of refuge from tyrpromptly with a view toward reaching sub- anny and persecution. For millions of stantive agreement as quickly as possible. others, it has represented the liberty to

which all men are heirs. To us, may it Note: The statement referred to Thomas S. always be the cherished symbol of freeFoley, Speaker of the House of Representa- dom's first home and most steadfast ally on tives; George ). Mitchell, Senate majority earth. leader; Robert Dole, Senate Republican All Americans have my best wishes for a leader; Richard A. Gephardt, House majori- safe and happy Independence Day. I offer ty leader; and Robert H. Michel, House Re

special greetings and a heartfelt salute to publican leader.

those who will be observing the Fourth in Veterans Hospitals and at military installations far from home. The freedom and

peace we enjoy would not be possible withMessage on the Observance of

out your courage and sacrifice. May God Independence Day June 26, 1990

George Bush

bless you.

Each July 4th, people across the United States pause to celebrate the continued success of our Nation's great experiment in self-government. It is a day marked by

Nomination of Michael Martin Skol To joyous gatherings with family and friends, Be United States Ambassador to by colorful parades and brilliant displays of

Venezuela fireworks—all the fanfare and festivities June 26, 1990 that befit a celebration of our freedom.

On this Independence Day, we have The President today announced his intenadded cause for rejoicing: during the past tion to nominate Michael Martin Skol, of year, in nations that once bore the heavy Illinois, to be Ambassador Extraordinary yoke of totalitarianism, freedom-loving men and Plenipotentiary of the United States of and women have triumphed over regimes America to the Republic of Venezuela. He maintained by intimidation and force. The would succeed Otto J. Reich.

Since 1988 Mr. Skol has served as Deputy 2000. The combined effect of these deciAssistant Secretary of State for the Bureau sions is that the coast of southwest Florida of Inter-American Affairs. Prior to this, he and more than 99 percent of the California served as Director of the Office of Andean coast will be off limits to oil and gas leasing Affairs, 1987-1988; Minister-Counselor for and development until after the year 2000. the U.S. Embassy in Bogota, Colombia, Only those areas which are in close prox1985–1987; Deputy Director of the Bureau imity to existing oil and gas development in of Inter-American Affairs in the Office of Federal and State waters, comprising less Policy Planning and Coordination at the

than 1 percent of the tracts off the CaliforState Department, 1982–1985. In addition, nia coast, may be available before then. Mr. Skol has served as Political Counselor in These areas, concentrated in the Santa San José, Costa Rica, 1978-1982; commer- Maria Basin and the Santa Barbara Channel, cial attaché in Rome, 1976–1978; economic/ will not be available for leasing in any commercial officer in Naples, 1975–1976; event until 1996, and then only if the furand commercial attaché in Santo Domingo, ther studies for which I am calling in reDominican Republic, 1972–1975. He also

sponse to the report of the National Acadeserved as a desk officer at the State Depart

my of Sciences satisfactorily address conment Bureau of Inter-American Affairs for

cerns related to these tracts. Paraguay and Uruguay, 1971-1972, and

I am also approving a proposal that would Costa Rica, 1970-1971; a political officer in

establish a National Marine Sanctuary in Saigon, Vietnam, 1967-1968; and a political

California's Monterey Bay and provide for a officer in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1966–

permanent ban on oil and gas development 1967. Mr. Skol entered the Foreign Service

in the sanctuary, and I am asking the Secrein 1965 and became a member of the

tary of the Interior to begin a process that Senior Foreign Service in 1984.

may lead to the buyback and cancellation of Mr. Skol graduated from Yale University

existing leases in Sale Area 116, Part II, off (B.A., 1964). He was born October 15, 1942,

southwest Florida. in Chicago, IL. Mr. Skol is married and re

In addition, I am directing the Secretary sides in Washington, DC.

of the Interior to delay leasing and development in several other areas where questions have been raised about the resource poten

tial and the environmental implications of Statement on Outer Continental Shelf development. For Sale Area 132, off the Oil and Gas Development

coasts of Washington and Oregon, I am acJune 26, 1990

cepting the recommendation of the Secre

tary that further leasing and development I have often stated my belief that devel- activity be deferred until a series of enviopment of oil and gas on the outer conti- ronmental studies are completed, and dinental shelf (OCS) should occur in an envi- recting that no such activity take place until ronmentally sound manner.

after the year 2000. I am also canceling I have received the report of the inter- Lease Sale 96, in the Georges Bank area of agency OCS Task Force on Leasing and De- the North Atlantic, and directing that no velopment off the coasts of Florida and leasing and development activity take place California and have accepted its recommen- in this area until after the year 2000. This dation that further steps to protect the en

will allow time for additional studies to devironment are needed.

termine the resource potential of the area Today I am announcing my support for a

and address the environmental and scientifmoratorium on oil and gas leasing and de- ic concerns which have been raised. velopment in Sale Area 116, Part II, off the Finally, I am today directing the Secrecoast of Florida; Sale Area 91, off the coast tary to take several steps to improve the of northern California; Sale Area 119, off OCS program and respond to several of the the coast of central California; and the vast concerns expressed by the task force. My majority of Sale Area 95, off the coast of goal is to create a much more carefully tarsouthern California, until after the year geted OCS program, one that is responsive

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