Origin and Growth of the Languages of Southern Europe and of Their Literature

Bowdoin college library, 1907 - 125 páginas

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Página 96 - A tower is fallen, a star is set. Alas! alas for Celin!" Three times they knock, three times they cry, and wide the doors they throw; Dejectedly they enter, and mournfully they go; In gloomy lines they mustering stand beneath the hollow porch, Each horseman grasping in his hand a black and flaming torch; Wet is each eye as they go by, and all around is wailing, For all have heard the misery. "Alas! alas for Celin...
Página 99 - ... weeping sore — Down to the dust men bow their heads, and ashes black they strew Upon their broidered garments of crimson, green, and blue — Before each gate the bier stands still, then bursts the loud bewailing, From door and lattice, high and low —
Página 103 - Through me you pass into the city of woe: Through me you pass into eternal pain: Through me among the people lost for aye. Justice the founder of my fabric moved: To rear me was the task of Power divine, Supremest Wisdom, and primeval Love. 19 Before me things create were none, save things Eternal, and eternal I endure. All hope abandon, ye who enter here.
Página 97 - Before him ride his vassals, in order two by two, With ashes on their turbans spread, most pitiful to view; Behind him his four sisters, each wrapped in sable veil, Between the tambour's dismal strokes take up their doleful tale; When stops the muffled drum, ye hear their brotherless bewailing, And all the people, far and near, cry — "Alas! alas for Celin!
Página 98 - 'S3 The Moorish maid at the lattice stands, the Moor stands at his door, One maid is wringing of her hands, and one is weeping sore — Down to the dust men bow their heads, and ashes black they strew Upon their broidered garments of crimson, green, and blue — Before each gate the bier stands...
Página 71 - I tell you that nothing my soul can cheer, Or banqueting or reposing, Like the onset cry of ' Charge them ! ' rung From each side, as in battle closing : Where the horses neigh, And the call to
Página 45 - Redeem your souls from punishment while it is in your power ; offer presents and tithes to churches, light candles in holy places, as much as you can afford, come more frequently to church, implore the protection of the saints ; for, if you observe these things, you may come with security at the day of judgment to say, Give unto us, Lord, for we have given unto thee.
Página 113 - Holland, nations with other manners, other languages, other thoughts, and other religions, shall not arise, once more to renew the human race, and to study the past as we have studied it ; nations, who, hearing with astonishment of our existence, that our knowledge was as extensive as their own, and that we, like themselves, placed our trust in the stability of fame, shall pity...
Página 97 - Looked from their latticed windows, the haughty sight to share ; But now the nobles all lament, — the ladies are bewailing, — For he was Granada's darling knight. —
Página 8 - It is little to point one to the portals of the magic gardens and enchanted halls of learning and to teach him certain cabalistic words at whose utterance the golden hinges of its gates shall turn : — he must be led through the glittering halls and fragrant bowers and shown where the richest treasures lie and where the clearest fountains spring. And it will be my aim not only to teach the turns and idioms of a language, but according to my ability and as soon as time and circumstances shall permit,...

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