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Página 273 - Myself when young did eagerly frequent Doctor and Saint, and heard great Argument About it and about: but evermore Came out by the same Door as in I went.
Página 302 - BISMARCK. By JW Headlam. ALEXANDER THE GREAT. By Benjamin I. Wheeler. CHARLEMAGNE. By HWC Davis. OLIVER CROMWELL. By Charles Firth. RICHELIEU. By James B. Perkins. DANIEL O'CONNELL. By Robert Dunlop.
Página 170 - What is the moon, and why does it shine ? " " What is this water, and where does it run ? " " What is the wind ? " " What makes the waves in the sea ? " " Where does this animal live, and what is the use of that plant ? " And if not snubbed and stunted by being told not to ask foolish questions, there is no limit to the intellectual craving of a young child ; nor any bounds to the slow, but solid, accretion of knowledge and development, of the thinking faculty in this way.
Página 193 - ... great historical fact that, for three centuries, this book has been woven into the life of all that is best and noblest in English history ; that it has become the national epic of Britain, and is familiar to noble and simple, from John o...
Página 224 - As to the first question, we may observe that what we call a mind is nothing but a heap or collection of different perceptions, united together by certain relations, and supposed, though falsely, to be endowed with a perfect simplicity and identity.
Página 274 - Into this Universe, and Why not knowing Nor Whence, like Water willy-nilly flowing; And out of it, as Wind along the Waste, I know not Whither, willy-nilly blowing.
Página 121 - I asserted — and I repeat — that a man has no reason to be ashamed of having an ape for his grandfather. If there were an ancestor whom I should feel shame in recalling it would rather be a man — a man of restless and versatile intellect — who, not content with an equivocal success in his own sphere of activity, plunges into scientific questions with which he has no real acquaintance...
Página 126 - natural selection" suffices for the production of species remains to be seen. Few can doubt that, if not the whole cause, it is a very important factor in that operation ; and that it must play a great part in the sorting out of varieties into those which are transitory and those which are permanent. But the causes and conditions of variation have yet to be thoroughly explored ; and the importance of natural selection will not be impaired, even if further...
Página 102 - Origin' in 1859, had the effect upon them of the flash of light, which to a man who has lost himself in a dark night, suddenly reveals a road which, whether it takes him straight home or not, certainly goes his way. That which we were looking for, and could not find, was a hypothesis respecting the origin of known organic forms, which assumed the operation of no causes but such as could be proved to be actually at work.
Página 33 - Society;" with the same result as that obtained by Noah when he sent the raven out of his ark. Tired at last of hearing nothing about them, I determined to do or die, and in 1 849 I drew up a more elaborate paper and forwarded it to the Royal Society.

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