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A'bly, ad. In an able manner.

Ab'sent, a. Not present: -0. I. TO Ab-ne-ga'tion, n. Denial; renun. keep away: ciation.

(regular. Ab-sen-těē', n. One absent from his Ab-nor'mal, a. Contrary to rule; ir- station. A-board' (a-bord'), ad. On board. Ab-sen-tēē'ism, n. State of being A-böde', 1. Habitation; dwelling. absent. A-ból'ish, v. t. To annul; to repeal. Ab'sinth, n. Wormwood. A-ból'ish-a-ble, a. That may be Ab-sin'thi-an, a. Of the nature of abolished.


(wormwood. A-bol'ish-er, n. One who abolishes. Ab-sin'thi-át-ed, p. a.' Containing Ab-0-IY' tion (ab-o-lish'un), n. Act Ab'so-lūte,a. Unconditional; despotic of abolishing; destruction.

Ab'so-lûte-ly, ad. Unconditionally. Ab-o-li' tion-ism, n. The principles Ab'so-lüte-ness, n. Completeness ; of the abo'itionists.

despotism. Ab-o-li' tion-ist (ab-o-lish'un-Ist), n. Ab-so-lü'tion, ?). Act of absolving. One who favors abolition.

Ab'so-lū-tism, 1. Absolute govern. A-bom'i-na-ble, a. Hateful; de- ment. testable.

[testably. Ab-sol'u-to-ry, a. That absolves. A-bom’i-na-bly, ad. Hatefully; de- Ab-sol'va-to-ry, a. Relating to parA-bom'i-nāte, v. t. To hate utterly; don. to abhor.

(tation. Ab-solve' (ab-zolv'), v. t. To free from. A-bom-i-nā'tion, n. Hatred; detes- | Ab-solv'er, n. One who absolves. Ab-o-rig'i-nal, a. Original ; primi- Ab-sorb', v. t. To swallow up.

tive.-n. An original inhabitant. Ab-sorb'a-ble, a. That may be abAb-o-rig'i.nēs (ab-o-rlj'e-nez), n. pl. sorbed.

(L.] The earliest inhabitants of a Ab-sorb'ent, n. Medicine that dries country.

up.-a. Tending to absorb. A-bor'tion, n. Miscarriage. (ture. Ab-sorpt',p. Swallowed up; absorbed. A-bor'tive, a. Unsuccessful; imma- Ab-sorp'tion, n. Act of absorbing: A-bor'tive-ly, all. Untimely.


[sorb. A-bor'tive-něss, n. State of being Ab-sorp'tive, a. Having power to ab. abortive.

Ab-stāín', v. i. To keep from. A-bound', u'. i. To be in great plenty. Ab-stē'mi-oůs, a. Abstinent; temA-bout', prep. Round; encircling: perate.

near; concerning; relating to.-ad. Ab-stē'mi-oňs-ly, ad. Temperately. Circularly ; nearly.

Ab-stē'mi-oňs-něss, N. Abstinence. A-bove' (a-buv'), prep. In a higher Ab-sterge', v. t. To cleanse by wiping;

place; more than. -aul. Overhead; in a to wipe. higher place.

Ab-ster'gent, a. Having a cleansing A-bove'-board (a-bův'bord),ad. Upon quality. deck or board; in open sight.

Ab-ster'sion, n. Act of cleansing. Ab-ra-ca-dăb'ra, 11. A Syrian deity. Ab-ster'sive, a. Having the quality A-brāde', v. t. To rub off.

of cleansing A-brā'sion (a-brā'zhun), n. Act of Ab'sti-něnce, n. Forbearance of rubbing off.

necessary food. A-brěast' (abrěst'), ad. Side by side. Ab'sti-nënt, a. Using abstinence. A-bridge', v. t. To make shorter in Ab'sti-něnt-ly, ad. In an abstinent words; to contract;-to deprive of. manner.

(rate. A-bridg'er, n. One who abridges, Ab-străct',v.t. To take from; to sepaA-bridg'ment, n. Contraction of a Ab'stråct, a. Separate; disjoined ;

work into a smaller compass; epitome. refined.-n. A concise abridgment. A-broach', 1.1. To set abroach.-ad. Ab-stráct'ed, p. a. Separated ; disIn a posture for flowing out.

joined. A-broad' (a-briwd'), arl. Without con- Ab-străct'er, n. One who abstracts.

finement; at large; from home. Ab-străc'tion, n. Act of abstracting, Ab'ro-gāte, v.t. To repeal; to abolish. state of being abstracted ; separation. Ab-ro-gā'tion, n. Act of abrogating. | Ab-strác'tive, a. Having the power Ab-răpt', a. Broken: unconnected. of abstracting.

(ner Ab-råp'tion, n. Violent separation. Ab'străct-ly, ad. In an abstract man. Ab-růpt'ly, ad. Hastily: suddenly. | Ab'stráct-ness, n. State of being Ab-růpt'ness, n. State of being ab- abstract. rupt.

(with pus. Ab-struse', a. Difficult to be unAb'scěss (ab'sés), n. A tuinor filled derstood ; obscure ; not plain. Ab-scind' (ab-sind), v. t. To cut off. Ab-struse'ly, ad. Obscurely; not Ab-scis'sion (ab-sish'un), n. Act of plainly. cutting off.

Ab-struse'ness, n. Difficulty; ob Ab-scónd', 2. i. To hide one's self. scurity. Ab-scond'er, n. One who alisconds. Ab-sürd', a. Contrary to manifest Ab'sence, n. State of being ub-cat. truth; unreasonable ; inconsistent

Ab-gurd'l-ty, n. The quality of being Ac-cēpt'a-bly, ad. In an acceptable absurd.

maner. Ab-surd'ly, ad. In an absurd manner. Ac-cèpt'ance, n. Reception; accepAb-surd'ness, n. The quality of be- tation.-The subscribing of a bill or ing absurd.

draft. A bằn'dance, n. Great plenty ; exu- Ac-cep-ta'tion, n. Reception; -the berance.

received meaning of a word. A-bån'dant, a. Plentiful; ample. Ac-cěpt'er, n. One that accepts. A-bằn'dant-ly, ad. Plentifully ; co- Ac.céss' or Ae'cèss, 1. Approach ; piously.

admission :-addition, increase. A būse' (a-būz'), v. t. To make an ill Ac'ces-sa-ry, a. Contributing to a use of :-to violate ; to defile.

crime.--n. An accomplice. A-būse' (a-būs'), n. Ill use ;-unjust | Ac-cěs-si-bil'i-ty, n. State of being censure ; rude reproach.


(proached. A-bū'sive, a. Containing abuse ; in- Ac-cěs'si-ble, a. That may be apsolent; rude.

(ner 'Ac-cěs'sion (ak-sésh'un), 1. Act of A-bû'sive-ly, ad. In an abusive nian- coming to; approach :-enlargement; A-bū'siye-něss, n. The quality of augmentation. being abusive.

Ae-cés'sion-nl, a. Additional, added. A-bắt', v. i. To end at; to border upon. Ac-ces-so'ri-al, a. Relating to an A-båt'ment, n. That which borders accessory

upon a mass of masonry at the end Acces-so-ry, n. Same as accessary. of a bridge.


ence, m. A book containing A-båt'tal, n. The butting or boun- the first rudiments of grammar. dary of land.

Ac'ci-děnt, n. A property of a being A-bysm' (a-bizm'), n. Same as abyss. nut essential to it :-casually: A-byss', n. A depth without bottom ; Ac-ci-děn'tal, a. Having the quality a gulf.

of an accident :-casual. A.câ'ci-a (-ka'she-a), n. (L.) A shrub. Ac-si-děn', ad. Casually; by Ac-a-děm'ic, a. Relating to an acad- chance.

emy.-n. A member of an academy. Ac-claiin', v.t. To give applause ; to Ac-a-děm'i-cal, a. Relating to an applaud.-n. Applause; acclamation. academy.

Ac-cla-ma'tion, n. Shout of applause Ac-a-de-my' cian (ak-a-de-mish'an), Ac-clå m'a-to-ry, a. Pertaining to 1. A member of an academy.

acclamation. A-căd'e-my, n. A seminary of learn- Ac-cli'māte, v. t. To inure to a cliing.

mate; to acclimatize. Ac-a-nā'ceous (-shus), a. Having Ac-cli-mā'tion, n. act of acclimating prickles.

Ac-cli'ma-tize, v. t. To acclimate. A-căn'thus, n. (L.) A spiny plant. Ac-cliv'i-ty, n. Steepness reckoned A-cắt-a-lếc'tic, m. A verse which upwards. has the complete number of syllables, Ac-cli' vous, a. Rising with a slope. without excess.

Ao-cóm'mo-dāte, '. !. To supply A-eát-a-lěp'tic,a. Incomprehensible. with :-to adjust ; to make suitable. • A-ean'linē, la. Having no stem or Ac-com'mo-dat-ing, p. a. Disposed A-câu'lous, } stalk; stemless.

to oblige. Ae-cēde' (ak-sēd'), v. i. To comply |á'tian, n. Provision with; to assent.

(quicken. of conveniences :- fitness ; reconciliaAc-cěl'er-āte, v. t. To hasten ; to tion. Ac-cèā'tion, n. Actof hastening. Ac-com-mo-da'tion-Bill, 1. A bill Ac-cěl'er-a-tive, a. Increasing ve. of exchange given as an accommodalocity

(flamed. tion, instead of money. Ac-cěn'di-ble, a. That may be in.'pa-ni-er, 1.

One who acAccent, n. Modulation of the voice compa es. in speaking; a mark to direct the Ac-com'pa-ni.měnt (ak-kům'pa-ne. modulation of the voice.

ment), n. That which attendis a thing Ac-cènt', v. t. To note the accent. or person. Ac-cènt'u-al (ak-sent'yu-al),a. Rhyth Ac-com'pa-nist, n.

One who per mical, relating to accent.

forms an accompanying part. Ac-eěnt'n-āte, v. t. To place the Ac-com'pa-ny' (ak kumpa-ne), v. l. accent on

(the accent. To attend ; to associate wit::. Ac-eěnt-u-ä'tion, n. Act of placing Ac-com'plice, n. An associate or one Ac-cēpt', 2. t. To take as offered ; to concerned in a crime. receive.

Ac-com'plish, 1. l. To complete ; to Ac-cept-a-bil'l-ty,n. Acceptableness execute to adorn or furnish. Ac-cēpt'a-ble, a. Likely to be accep- Ac-com'plished (ak-kom’plisht), p.a. ted; welcome

Finished; elegant ; polite, retined Ac-cěpt'a-ble-noss, n. The quality'plish-měnt," ('omple of being acceptable.

tion :-ornament of mind or body

Ac-cord', v. t. To make agree : to A.cil da-ma, n. 1!leb.) A fleld of

com pose. -v. i. To harmonize. -n. A blood. compact; agreement. (formity. A-ceph'a-lån, n. An animal with. Ac-cord'ance, n. Agreement : con- out a head, as an oyster. Ac-cord'ant, a. Consonant; corres- A-cěph'a-loňs, a. Without a head. ponding

[formably. Ace'point, n. The side of a die which Ac-cord'ing-ly, ad. Agreeably : con: has but one spot. Ac-cor'di-on, n. A small musical A-cerb', a. Acid and bitter, or rough. wind instrument, with keys.

A-cer'bi-ty, n. Sour taste :-severity Ac-cost', v. l. To speak to : to salute. of temper.

(maple. Ac-cost'a-ble, a. Easy of access; fa-| A-cer'ic, a. Noting an acid from the miliar.

A-eěs'cent, a. Tending to acidity, Ac-couchement (ak-kosh’mäng), n. Ac'e-tāte, n. A salt formed by the (Fr.] The delivery in childbed.

union of acetic acid with a salifiable Ac-coant', n. A computation :-a nar. base.

(vinegar rative :-reason.-v. t. To reckou. A.cět'ic, a. Having the properties of Ac-count-a-bil'i-ty, n. Accounta- A-cět-i-fi-cā'tion, n. Act of acetify. bleness.

(swerable. ing. Ac-count'a-ble, a. Responsible; an. A-cet'i-fy, v. t. To make sour. Ac:counta-ble-néss, n. Responsi- Ac-e-time-ter, 11. An apparatus for

determining the strength of acids. Ac-count'ant, n. One skilled in Ac-e-tim'e-try, n The art of meas. accounts.

uring the strength of acids. Ac-coặp'le (ak-kúp'pl), v. t. To link A-cē'ous, a. Having the quality together; to couple.

of v

egar. Ac-con'tre (ak-ko'tur), v. t. To sup- Ache ak), n. A continued pain.-v. i. dly with equipage; to equip:

To be in continued pain. Ac-con'tre-ment (ak-ko'tur-ment), A-chiēv'n-ble, a. Possible to be n. Dress ; equipage ; ornaments. achieved.

(to obtain. Ac-créd'it, v. t. To give credit or cre- A-chieve', v. t. To perform: to gain;

dentials to ; to countenance. (ing. A-chéive'ment, n. A performance ; Ac-crēs'cent, a. Increasing : grow

a feat. An escutcheon, or ensign Ac-cré'tion, n. Act of growing to armorial. another.

A-chiev'er, n. One who achieves. Ac-croach', v. t. To draw to one. Ach'ing (ik'ing), n. Pain : uneasiness. Ac-crue', 1. i. To accede to; to be A'chor å kör), n. (L.) A species of added to -10 rise, as profits.

herpes or tetter ; scald-head. Ac-cu-ba'tion, n. A reclining at Ach-ro-måt'ic, a. Without color. meals.

(cumbent. Ach-ro-ma-tig'i-ty, n. Achroma Ac-cům'ben-cy,n. State of being ac- tism, Ac-cım'bent, a. Leaning; reclining. A-chrõ'ma-tism, n. Want of color. Ac-cü'mir-lāte, 1. 1. To heap up; to A.cic'u-lar, a. Sharp-pointed; nee

pile up.-1.1. To increase greatly. A cic't-late, ) dle-shaped. Ac-cū-inu-lā'tion, n. Act of accu. Ac'id (ás'id), a.' Sour; sharp like vinemulating.

(lates. gar-n. An acid substance. Ac-cü'ma-la-tive, a. That accumu- A cid'i-fi-a-ble, a. That may be Accu-ra-cy, n. Exactness; correct- acidified.


A-cid-i-fi-cā'tion, n. Act of acidi. Accu-rate, a. Exact; correct. A. Vi-fy, 1. t. To convert into acid. Ac'cu-rate-ly, ad. Exactly; with- Ae-i-dim'e-ter, n. An instrument for out error.

(curse. determining the strength of acids. Ac-curse', 1. t. To doom to misery; to A-cid'i-ty, n. An acid taste. Ac-curs'eil, p. a. Cursed; hateful. Ac'id-ness (ås'id-nés), n. Acidity. Ac-cü'sa-ble, a. Blamable: culpable. A cid'näte, v. t. To tinge with acids. Ac-cu-sā'tion, n. Act of accusing :- A-cid'u'loňs, a. Somewb acid; charge.

(grammar. sourish. Ac-cú sa-tive, a. Applied to a case in A-cin'i-form, a. Having the form of Ac-câ'sa-tive-ly, ad. In an accusa- grapes. tive manner.

(accusation. Ac-knowl'edge (ak-nolej), r. I. Το Ac-cū'sa-to-ry, a. Containing an own the knowledge of: to avow. Ac-cūse', v. t. To charge with a crime; Ac-knowl'edg-měnt (ak-nollejto blame; to censure.

ment), n. Act of acknowledging :Ac-cūs'er, n. One who accuses.


(mit. Ac-căs'toni, r'. t. To habituate ; to a c'me, n. The highest point: the suminure.

Ito custom. A-collo-thist, n. A servitor in an Ac-eňs'tom-a-ry,a. Usual; according ancient church. Ac-căs'tomed (-tumd), a. Frequent; Aco-lyte, n. The same as Acolothist. usual.

Ac'o-nite, n. The herb wolf 8-bane. Aco, n. A unit on cards or dice:-an atom | A'corn, n. Seed or fruit of the oak.


corned (akornd), a. Fed with Ac'tin-ism, n. The chemical force acorns. -Having acorns, as an oak of the sun's rays. tree.

Ac-ti-nom'e-ter, n. An instrument A-cot-y-lè'don, n. A plant.

for measuring the force of solar radiaA-coas'tic, a. Relating to hearing. tion. A-cous'tics, 11. pl. The science which Ac'tion (åk'shun), n. State of acting; treats of sound.

(inform. operation : -a battle :suit at law. Ae-quaint', v. t. To make familiar; to Action-s-bie, a. That admits an Ac-quaint'ance, n. Familiarity ; action.

knowledge of a person or persons Action-a-bly, ad. By a process of law with whom one is acquainted.

Ae'tive, a. That acts; transitive:Ae-quaint'ed, a. Familiar with. busy ; nimble. Ac-qui-ěsce' (ak-we-es), 1. n. To rest Active-ly, ad. In an active manner.

in, or remain satisfied with; to agree. Ac-tiv'i-ty, n. The state or quality Ae-qui-ěs'eence, n. Compliance; of being active ; quickness. content.

Actor, n. One who acts; a stage player, Ac-qui-ěs'cent, a. Easy; submitting. Actress, n. A woman who plays on Ae-quir'a-ble, a. That may be ac- the stage.

certain. quired.

Act'u-al (äkt'yu-al), a. Really in act; Ae-quire', v.1. To gain; to get; to earn. Act'u-al-ly, ad. In act; positively: Ae-quire'ment, n. That which is Act'u-al-něss, n. The quality of beacquired.

ing actual. Ac-qui-si' tion (åk-we-zish'un), n. Act'u-a-ry, n. The managing officer

Act of acquiring; that which is ac- of an insurance company; a clerk. quired.

Act'u-āte (akt'yu-āt), v. i. To put into Ae-quis'i-tive, a. That is acquired. action; to influence. Ac-quis'i-tive-ness, n. (Phren.) A-cü'le-ate, a. Having a point; The love of acquiring property.

prickly. Ac-quit', v. t. To set free; to clear A-cü'men, n. A sharp point :-dis

from a charge or accusation; to dis- cernment. charge.

[acquittal. A-cū'mi-nate, a. Pointed. Ac-quit'ment, n. Act of acquitting; A-cü'mi-nat-ed, p.a. Sharp-pointed. Ac-quit'tal, n. Act of acquitting; dis- A-cü'mi-na-tion, n. The act of charge.

(debt. sharpening. Ac-quit'tance, n. Discharge from a A-cu-půnct'ure, n. A method of A'cre (ā kur), n. A quantity of land, bleeding by small punctures.

comprising 160 square rods, or 43,560 A-cüte', a. Sharp; keen :-not grave: square feet.

--penetrating Ac'rid, a. Of a hot, biting taste; bitter. A-cūte'ly, ad. Sharply'; ingeniously. Ac-ri-mö'ni-oňs, a.

Full of acri. A-cüte'ness, n. State of being acute; mony; severe.

[rimony. acumen; penetration. Ac-ri-mõ'ni-oňs-ly, ad. With ac- Ad'age (ad'aj), n. A maxim handed Ae'ri-mo-ny (åk're-mo-ne), n. Sharp- down from antiquity ; a proverb.

ness :--severity of temper ; bitterness. A-dä'gi-o, n. (It.) (Mus.) Mark of Ac-ri-tūde, n. Acrid taste or quality. slow time. Ac-ro-a-måt'ie, la. Abstruse ; | Ad'a-mănt, n. A very hard stone. Ac-ro-a-măt'i-cal, } pertaining to Ad-a-man-tē'an, a. Hard ; adaman. deep learning. (atics. tine.

[hard. Ae-ro-a-măt'ies, Same as Acro- Ad-a-măn'tine, a. Made of adamant; Ac-ro-át'ic, a. Abstruse ; acroamatic. Ad'am's-Ap'ple (åd'amz-åp'pl), n. Ac-ro-åt/ics, n. pl. Aristotle's lect- The prominent part of the throat.

ures on the more subtile parts of phil- A-dăpt', v. t. To fit one thing to anosophy.

other; to suit. Ac'ro-båt, n. A vaulter: rope-dancer. A-dăpt-a-bil'i-ty, n. Capability of A-cron'y-cal, a. Opposite to the sun adaptation. or rising when the sun sets, and setting A-dăpt'a-ble, a. That may be adapted when the sun rises, as a star.

Ad-ap-tā'tion, n. Fitness. A.cron', ad. At the acrony. Add,v.t. To join together; to increase. cal time :-opposed to cosmical

Ad-děn'dum, n.; pl. Ad-děn'da. Ac'ro-spire, n. A shoot at the end (L.) An addition, of seeds.

Ad'der, n. A venomous reptile. A-cross', ad. Athwart; crosswise. Ad'der's-grass, n. A species of plant. A cros'tic, n. A poem in which the Ad-di-bil'i-ty, n. Possibility of be. first letters of the lines make up the ing added. name of a person.

Ad'dice, n. A tool; an adze. A-cros'ti-cal, a. Relating to acrostics. Ad-dict', v.l. To give up or apply one's Act (akt), v. i. To be in action.- v. t. self to-used in an ill sense.

To perform.-. A deed, exploit: a Ad-dict'ed-nėss, n. State of being part of a play.


Ad-di' tion (ad dish'un), n Act or Ad'jånct, n. Something joined to

adding; the thing added :-increase : another.-a. Added to; united with. -& rule of arithmetic for adding num. Ad-júnc'tion, n. Act of adjoining. bers together.

(is added. Ad.jånc'tive.n. That which is joined. Ad-di' tion-al (ad-dish'un-al).a. That

Having the quality of joining. Ad-di', ad. In addition to. Ad.ju-rā'tion, n. The act of chargAd'dle, a. Barren ; unfruitful.

ing another solemnly by oath :-the Ad'dle-hěad'ed, a. Of weak intel. form of oath. lect : foolish.

Ad.jure', v.t. To impose an oath upon Ad-Iréss', '. I. To speak or apply to; another.

to accost.-n. Application : petition. Ad-jăst', 1. t. To regulate : to fit. Ad.dūce', v. t. To bring forward : to Ad.jůst'a-ble, a. That may be ad. allege.

(forward. juste 1. Ad-dü'ci-ble, a. That may be brought | Ad-jăst'ment, n. Regulation ; setAd-důc'tion, n. The act of adducing. tlement. Ad-dăc'tive, a. That brings forward. Ad'ju-tån-ey, n. The office of an adAd-dăc'tor, n. A muscle that con- jutant. tracts.

[privation. Adju-tånt, n. A military officer who A-děmp'tion, no A taking away : assists a superior officer; an assistant. Ad-e-nol'o-gy, n. A treatise on the Adju-vănt, a. Helpful; useful. glands.

Ad-měas'ure-měnt, n. Act or reAvděpt'; n. One versed in any art.- sult of measuring: measurement. a. Skillful

(ness. Ad-měn-su-rā'tion, n. Mensuration. Ad'e-qua-cy,n. Sufficiency: adequate. Ad-min'is-ter, v. t. To supply :--10 Ad'e-quate, a. Equal to. (manner. act as agent or administrator upon:Ad'e-guate-ly, ad. In an adequate to manage.-v. i. To act as adminisAd-hére', v. i. To stick to.


{ministration. Ad-hérence, n. The quality of Ad-min-is-tē'ri-al,a. Relating to adAd-heren-cy.) adhering : atiach: | Ad.min'is-tra-ble, (s. Capable of ment; tenacity.

administration. Ad-hér'ent, a. Sticking to.-n. One Ad-min-is-trā'tion, n. Act of ad

who adheres; a follower. (manner. ministering ; act of cond:rcting any afAd-hēr'ent-ly, ad. In an adherent fair :-the executive part of govern. Ad-hē'sion (ad-he'zhun), 11. Actor ment.

(isters. state of sticking or adhering.

Ad-min'is-tra-tive, a. That adminAd-hé'sive, a. Sticking ; tenacious. Ad-min-is-trā'tor, n. One who has Ad-hē', ad. In an adhesive the charge of the estate of a man dy

ing intestate. (of administrator. Ad-he'sive-něss, n. Tenacity : Ad-min-is-trā'tor-ship, n. Office

(Phren.) A propensity to form atiach. Ad.min-is-trā'trix, n. She who ments.


(ing admirable. Ad-hor'ta-to-ry, a. Exhortatory. Ad-mi-ra-bil'i-ty, n. Quality of beA-dieñ' (a-dū'), ad. (Fr.) Farewell.-Ad'mi-ra-ble, a. Worthy of being n. A farewell.

admired; excellent.

(manner. Ad.i.poc'e-rāte, 1. t. To change into Ad'mi-ra-bly, ad. In an admirable adipocere.

Ad'mi-ral, n.

The chief officer of a Ad-i-po-cēre', n. An oily or waxy fleet.

(ral. substance.

Ad'mi-ral-ship, n. Office of an admiAd-i-põse', a. Consisting of fat. Ad'mi-ral-ty, n. The authority apAd'it, n. A passage for water under pointed for managing naval affairs. ground.

(close to. Ad-mi-rā'tion, n. Act of admiring; Ad-jā'cen-cy, n. The state of lying esteem. Ad-jā'cent, d. Lying near; contig. Ad-mire', v. t. To regard with won

der or love.-v. 1. To feel admiration ; Ad-jěc' tion, n. The act of adding: to wonder.

(a lover. Ad-jee-ti' tious, a. Additional. Ad-mir'er, n. One who admires ; Adjec-tive, n. A word added to a Ad-mir', ad. In an admiring noun, to express quality. (adjective.

(admissible. Adjec-tive-ly, ad. As or like an Ad-mis-si-bil'i-ty, 1. State of being Ad-join', v. t. To join to: to unite to. Ad-mis'si-ble, a. That may be admitAd-join'ing, a. Close to; contiguous. ted.

(admittance. Ad-journ' (ad-jurn'), v. t. & i. To put Ad-mis'sion, n. Act of admitting;

off to another day; to postpone. Ad-mit', v. t. To suffer to enter :-) Ad-journ'meni, n. Act of adjourn- grant. ing: intermission.

Ad-mit'tance, n. Act of admitting. Ad-jůdge', 2. t. To pass a sentence. Ad-mix', v. t. To mix. (mingling. Ad-jū'di-cāte, v. t. To adjudge: to Ad-mix'tion ad-mikst'yun), n. A sentence.

[cating Ad-mixt'nre, n. The substance of Ad.jū-di-cā'tion, n. Act of adjudi- 1 bodies mingled; mixture.




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