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Select Sentences. Various authors, pag. I
Select Fables. Various authors.
The Dervise. Spectator.
Turkish Tale. Idem.
Respect due to old age. Idem.
Abdolonymus raised to the government of

Sydon. Q. Curtius.
Good-natured Credulity. Percival.
Example of Veracity. Idem.
Modesty rewarded. Stretch.
Labour. World.
The old man and his ass. Idem.

Hercules's choice. Tatler.

To Begin nothing , of which you have not

well considered the end. Spectator. 45

Isadas , the Spartan. Idem.
The Story of Dionysius the Tyrant. Cic.Tusc.


Damon and Pythias. Brooke.

Androcles and the Lyon. Guardian. 55

A remarkable instance of filial Duty. Pliny.58

Another instance of filial Duty. Aikin. 60

Paternal Forgiveness. Idem.

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Ingratitude punished. Gen. Mag. 75
Time. A vision. Guardian.
Young men of spirit and gaiety. Johnson.g2
The Philosopher. Idem.
The Hermit. Idem.
The party-coloured Shield. Beaumont .103
On Aerial Castle-Building. Guardian. 106
The Mountain of Miseries. A vision. Specta-

110 The vision continued. Idem.

215 Dreams. Idem. Justice. Guardian. Singularity. Spectator. On Study. Bacon. On the English Language. Spectator. Industry recommended. Chesterfield. On Modesty. Idem. On Virtue. idem. The Art of Pleasing. Idem. The Utility of History. Idem. Character of Marius. Middleton. Character of Sylla. Idem.

160 Character of Pompey. Idem. 164 Character of Julius Cæsar. Idem. Character of Cato. Idem. A comparison of the political principles and

conduct of Cato , Atticus and Cicero. Idem.

170 173


Junius Brutus , over the dead body of Lucretia. Livy.

180 C. Marius to the Romans, on their hesitat

ing to appoint him generalin the expedition against Jugurtha , merely on account of his extraction. Sallust.

183 The Speech of Brutus on the death of Cæsar. Shakespear.

189 The Scythian Ambassadors to Alexander. Quintus Curtius,

191 ToArt. Harris.

197 To the Sea. Keate.

201 Liberty and Slavery. Sterne.

203 The Monk. Idem.

206 The Beggar and his Dog. The Man of feel

ing. A visit to Bedlam. Idem. The Misanthropist. Idem.

225 The disabled soldier. Goldsmith. The Vision of Mirza. Spectator. The fatal effects of Gold.





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