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Steel Founders' Society, 129
Steele, Hoyt P., 129
Stern, Arthur C., Safety for "open-tank"

operators, 109
"Strengthening America through stds," 385
Sweden, stds listed, 157; 187; 365
Switzerland, stds listed, 63; 95; 126; 364


Plastics, in war and peace, 141
Plastic wall tiles, 198
Plumbing code, national, DPA, 293
Plumbing, national code, 402
Plummer, Harry C., As the materials pro-

ducer sees it, 20
Poland, stds listed, 62; 94; 126; 157; 187;

256; 284; 364; 365
Polish, wax, 31
Polk, Louis, 389
Post hole, strange case of the seven-sided,

183; 240; 346
Postlethwaite, Digby Holeston, the strange

case of the seven-sided post hole, 183;

240; 346
Potter, E. E., 86
Pratt, E. A.

Stds in the UN, 85
Economics of stdzn, 190
Dollar savings through stds, 305; marginal

note Nov 1951
Pressure piping, 150
Pringle, A. E., II, 397
Purchasing, 18; 77; 241; 396

Tables, office, 246
Tanks, open-surface, ventilation and safety.

Teeth, transmission sprocket, 167
Television show, 276; 375
Temple University course, 375
Tennessee, elevator inspection, 342
Terminology, acoustics, 301
Textiles, ISO mtg, 294; 343
Teyinck, J. A., 133
Thornton, Jr., Frank, 198
Time, std, 290
Tools, machine, 261; 294
Traffic regulations, 102
Toxic dusts and gases, 368


Quality control, 129; 282

ammonia solutions, 103
Bureau of Labor Stds, 90
drinking fountains, 293
ECA study of USA methods, 262
elec equipment, CEE rules, 359
elevators, 342
eyes, protection, 225
Federal Safety Council, 294
Governor's Safety Conf of Hawaii, 90
lighting, 262
motor vehicle inspection, 294
pressure piping code, 150
refrigeration, mechanical, 87; 237
traffic regulations, 102
ventilation, 109; III
welding, 115

wood working machinery, 80
Safety Code Correlating Com, ASA, 91; 130
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 240
Sampling, legality, 282
Savings from stdzn

bldg materials, 120
economics of stdzn, 190
Philadelphia Electric Co, 281
purchasing, 241
survey for ECA, 305; marginal note Nov

shipping, 394
Union Carbide & Carbon Co, 241

see also Company stdzn
Schedule numbers, pipe, 173
Schoeffel, M. F., Some adventures in military

stdzn, 277
Screw threads, 188
Sectional com mbrship. ASA, 31
Service awards, ASA, 86
Signboards, bldg code requirements, 141
Sizer, H. S., 16
Slichter, Sumner H., 184
Small, Alvah, 402
Soaps, ASTM com, 249
Sogge, R. C., 390
Sound, language of, 301
South Africa

inks, letter press, 197
stds institute discontinues work, 374

stds listed, 63; 95; 128; 157; 187; 365
Spain, stds listed, 63; 94; 127; 157; 187;

256; 284; 364
Spectrophotometric measurement of color,

176; 343
Sprocket teeth, transmission, 167
Staff, ASA, 133; 154; 388
Standards Council, ASA, 189; 226; 402; 404
Standards Medal, ASA, 361
Statistics, accident, 92; 118; 159; 185; 254;

286; 366

ASTM emergency alternate specs, 360
structural, DPA, 293


Underwriters' Laboratories, 392
Union Carbide & Carbon Co, 241
United Nations, 85
U. S. Government, stds planning, 48
Uruguay, stds listed, 94; 128; 188; 364


Van Teutem, F., 133
Veltfort, T. E., 198
Ventilation equipment, 109, 111
Vetter, Herbert W., Std desks, no office

pets, 246

Railway research, 392
Ranges, elec, 52
Rarig, F. J., Plastics, in war and peace, 141
Rating, accuracy, 44
Rayon fabrics, 31; 276
Recording instruments, elec, 43
Refrigeration, mechanical

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Wagner, W. C., 189; 388
Wall panels, 374
Walter, G. F., How a large elec utility uses

1951 instrument std, 42
Wax polishes, 31
Weaver, E. H., 18
Welding operations, safety, 115
Wiebusch, C. F., Language of sound, 301
Williams, Lessing W., As the architect sees

[ocr errors]

safety code, 87

shipboard, 237
Rice, George M.
The advantages of stds and the benefits
to be secured by their use in purchasing,

Benefits of stds in purchasing, 77
Richardson, M. S., Language of sound, 301
Riis, Roger W., The man who made std time,

Ring, M, L., Stds in national defense, 10
Rourke, H., How the Ford Motor Co saves

through stds, 242
Rumania, stds listed, 62; 94; 126; 157; 187;

256; 284; 364

it, 20
Wilson, Robert E., 382
Wolcott, Robert W., 399
Wood working machinery, safety code, 80
World Petroleum Congress, 3rd, 261

accident statistics, 92; 118; 159; 185; 254;

286; 366
American Sids for govt use, 198

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American Standards Association


Marginal Notes

Officers THOMAS D. JOLLY, President

H. S. OSBORNE, Vice-President

Managing Director and Secretary
CYRIL AINSWORTH, Technical Director and Asst Secretary

Consultant - P. G. AGNEW

Board of Directors
R. F. BAKER, Vice-President, The Texas Co- *THOMAS D. JOLLY, Vice-President, Aluminum
American Petroleum Inst

Co. of America-President, ASA
CHARLES W. BRYAN, JR, President, Pullman- R. OAKLEY KENNEDY, Formerly Vice-President,

Standard Car Manufacturing Co-American So- Cluett, Peabody and Co, Inc-Member-at-Large
ciety of Civil Engineers

*FREDERICK R. LACK, Vice-President, Western G. B. BUTTERFIELD, Secretary, Hartford Accident Elec Co, Inc-Past President, ASA

and Indemnity Co-National Safety Council J.H. McELHINNEY, Vice-President, Wheeling Steel
Miss ARDENIA CHAPMAN, Dean, College of Corp-Amer Iron & Steel Inst

Home Economics, Drexel Institute of Technology *H.S. OSBORNE, Chief Engr, Amer Tel & Tel Co-

Vice-President, ASA
RICHARD A. COLGAN, JR, Exec Vice-President, H. S. SIZER, Assistant to the Director of Design,

Nat Lumber Mfrs Assn-Nat Lumber Mfrs Assn Brown & _Sharpe Manufacturing Co-National
LESTER S. COREY, President & General Manager, Machine Tool Builders Assn
Utah Construction Co-Member-at-Large

MAURICE STANLEY, Chairman of Board, Fafnir
E.H. EACKER, President, Boston Consolidated Gas Bearing Co, Anti-Friction Bearing Manufacturers
Co-Amer Gas Assn

Assn, Inc R. M. GATES, President, Air Preheater Corp

Col. j. G. VINCENT, Engineering Consultant, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Packard Motor Car Co, Automobile Manufac.

turers Assn .R.E. GAY, President, Bristol Brass Corp-Copper B. S. VOORHEES, Vice-President, New York Cen. and Brass Research Assn

tral System, Assn of American Railroads C. E. HODGES, President, American Mutual Lia- W. C. WAGNER, Exec Dept, Philadelphia Elec Co

bility Insurance Co-National Association of -Chairman, AŠA Standards Council Mutual Casualty Companies

*Members of the Executive Commi

Standards Council
W. C. WAGNER, Exec Dept, Philadelphia Elec Co, Chairman

J. R. TOWNSEND, Bell Tel Labs, Vice-Chairman

Chairmen of Correlating Committees
BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION—Theodore I. Coo, Technical Secretary, Amer Inst of Architects,

Dept of Education and Research, Washington, D. C.
CHEMICAL INDUSTRY-J. G. Henderson, Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Div, Union Carbide and

Carbon Corp, South Charleston, W. Va.
CONSUMER-Mrs Elizabeth S. 'Herbert, Acting Chairman, Household Equipment Editor, McCall's

Magazine, New York
ELECTRICAL-C. R. Harte, Connecticut Company, New Haven, Conn.
HIGHWAY-S. J. Williams, Asst to Pres, Nat Safety Council, Chicago, Ill.
MECHANICAL-F. T. Ward, Wilton, Conn.
MINING-Lucien Eaton, Consulting Engineer, Milton, Massachusetts
MISCELLANEOUS-G. H. Harnden, Standards Div, Executive Dept, General Electric Co. Schenectady, N.Y.
PHOTOGRAPHIC-Paul Arnold, Ansco, Binghamton, N. Y.
SAFETY-Myron Park Davis, Otis Elevator Co, Yonkers, N. Y.

ASA Member-Bodies
Air Conditioning & Refrigerat. Elec Light and Power Group: Nat Machine Tool Builders'
ing Machinery Assn
Assn of Edison Illum Cos

Aluminum Assn

Edison Elec Inst

Nat Office Management Assn
Amer Gas Assn
Fire Protection Group:

Nat Retail Dry Goods Assn
Amer Home Economics Assn

Associated Factory Mutual
Amer Inst of Chemical Engi-

Nat Safety Council
Fire Ins Cos
Nat Bd of Fire Underwriters

Outdoor Advertising Assn of
Amer Inst of Elec Engrs

Nat Fire Protection Assn

Amer, Inc Amor Inst of Steel Construc

Underwriters' Labs, Inc

Oxychloride Cement Assn
tion, Inc
Amor Iron & Steel Inst
Gas Appliance Mfrs Assn

Photographic Mfrs Group:

Ansco Div of Gen Aniline &
Amer Ladder Inst
Grinding Wheel Inst

Film Corp
Amer Petroleum Inst
Gypsum Assn

Eastman Kodak Co
American Railway Car Inst
Heating, Piping and Air Con.

Portland Cement Assn
Amer Soc of Civil Engrs

ditioning Contractors Nat

Kadio-Television Mfrs Assn
Amer Soc of Mech Engrs

Amer Soc for Testing Materials
Industrial Fasteners Institute

Refrigeration Equipment Mfrs

Amer Soc of Tool Engrs, Inc

Inst of Radio Engrs
Amer Water Works Assn
Mfrs Stdzn Soc of the Valve

Soc of Automotive Engrs, Inc

Soc of Motion Picture and Anti-Friction Bearing Mfrs Assn, and Fittings Industry

Television Engrs Inc

Metal Cutting Tool last Associated Gen Contractors of Motion Picture Research Coun

Structural Clay Products Inst Amer, Inc

cil, Inc

Telephone Group:
Assn of Amer Railroads
Nat Aircraft Stds Com

Bell Tel System
Assn of Casualty and Surety Nat Assn of Hosiery Mfrs

U.S. Independent Tel Assn
Cos, Accident Prevention Nat Assn of Mutual Casualty U. S. Machine, Cap, Wood

and Tapping

Automobile Mfrs Assn
Nat Assn of Purchasing Agents

Machine Screw Nut Bur
Cast Iron Pipe Research Assn National Coal Assn

Socket Screw Products Bur Conveyor Equipment Mirs Assn Nat Elec Mirs Assn

Tubular and Split Rivet
Copper & Brass Research Assn Nat Lumber Mirs Assn

Associate Members
Acoustical Soc of Amer

Assn of Iron and Steel Engrs Nat Concrete Masonry Assn
Amer Assn of Textile Chemists Certified Ballast Manufacturers Nat Elevator Mig Industry, Inc
and Colorists
Compressed Gas Assn, Inc

Nat Federation of Textiles, Inc
Amer Gear Mfrs Assn
Douglas Fir Plywood Assn

Nat Lime Assn
Amer Hotel Assn
Heat Exchange Inst

Nat Restaurant Assn
Amer Inst of Architects
Illuminating Eng Soc

Nat Screw Machine Products
Amer Inst of Laundering
Indiana Limestone Inst

Amer Soc of Bakery Engineers Industrial Safery Equip. Assn Photographic Soc of Amer, Inc
Amer Soc of Heating & Venti. Instrument Soc of America

Red Cedar Shingle Bur
lating Engrs
Insulation Board Inst

Scientific Apparatus M Amer Soc of Lubrication Engrs Internat Acetylene Assn

Amer Soc of Refrigerating Engrs Marble Inst of Amer

Spring Washer Inst
Amer Trucking Assn, Inc
Metal Lath Mfrs Assn

Textile Color Card Assn of the
Amer Welding Soc
Metal Window Inst

U.S., Inc
Assn of Consulting Manage- Nat Assn of Finishers of Tex- Textile Distributors Inst, Inc
ment Engrs, Inc

Veneer Assn
Nat Assn of Wool Mfrs
Company Members-More than 1900 companies hold membership either directly or by
group arrangement through their respective trade associations.

tile Fabrics

"Public Relations in Action"

Information was the keynote of the First National Standardization Conference, including the 32nd Annual Meeting of the American Standards Association, held November 27, 28, and 29 at the Waldorf Astoria, New York. The active discussion that fol. lowed the sessions on industrial mo. bilization, purchasing, construction, consumer goods, and on company use of standards, showed the vital interest of those present and indicated how badly such opportunities for exchange of ideas are needed.

The Annual Meeting at the American Standards Association, held the first morning, was presided over by Dr Harold S. Osborne, chief engi. neer of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, and vice-president of ASA. In serving industry during 1950, Dr Osborne said, ASA has approved 149 American Stand. ards, 66 new and 83 revised. Among these were standards for the building industry, textiles, gas-burning appliances, highway traffic, motion pictures, photography, electrical prod. ucts, industrial safety, and mechanical industries. They bring the total of American Standards to 1,139.

Information on costs and results of American Standards Association activities never show the enormous expenditure of time and effort given by technical leaders in industry who have initiated and carried forward standardization projects, Walter C. Wagner said in his report as chairman of Standards Council. Some 4,000 experts from a wide variety of fields are now serving on ASA committees, he said. Mr Wagner paused to pay tribute to one of these men who is now retiring from active duty.

"Dr E. C. Crittenden, Associate Director of the National Bureau of Standards, has played a major part in the approval of basic standards," he said. "He has served outstandingly in the reorganization of ASA in 1928, and over the years has often acted as our Chief Delegate to the


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International Electrotechnical Com-
mission meetings here and abroad.
In his work on the Electrical Stand-
ards Committee and later as chair-
man of the Standards Council his
contributions were those of a balance
wheel in resolving the various view-
points and directing them to con-
structive ends. We trust that for
many years we may still continue to
have the benefit of his counsel and

“Voluntary standards are public
relations in action," Vice Admiral
G. F. Hussey, Jr, managing director
of ASA, told the meeting. Standards
for the installation of plastering and
for safety in the rubber industry
were developed with broad coopera-
tion between management and labor,
he explained. This, he said, showed
good labor relations. The Safety
Code for Mechanical Refrigeration
brought together representatives of
37 groups. This showed good public
relations among diverse groups.

"The ASA has been the greatest
factor in keeping solutions of indus.
trial problems in the hands of free
enterprise,” Admiral Hussey de-
clared. "It has provided the means
for such solutions, thus averting Gov.
ernment regulation."

Those who heard FTC's Lowell B.

Mason talk on Non Parallelia at the

Conference luncheon agreed that it

was one of the best luncheon speeches

they had ever heard. Mr Mason's

approach to his subject was enliv-

ened by the fact that he had just re-

turned from a visit to England.

Offcially, he was there to exchange

ideas with the Board of Trade and to

deliver two lectures before the School

of Economics and Political Science,

University of London.

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