College and Clinical Record, Volume 1


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Página 62 - Appals the gazing mourner's heart, As if to him it could impart The doom he dreads, yet dwells upon ; Yes, but for these, and these alone, Some moments, ay, one treacherous hour, He still might doubt the tyrant's power ; So fair, so calm, so softly sealed, The first, last look by death revealed!
Página 165 - The vain titles of the victories of Justinian are crumbled into dust: but the name of the legislator is inscribed on a fair and everlasting monument. Under his reign, and by his care, the civil jurisprudence was digested in the immortal works of the CODE, the PANDECTS, and the...
Página 88 - A GUIDE TO THE PRACTICAL EXAMINATION OF URINE. For the use of physicians and students. By JAMES TYSON, MD, Professor of General Pathology and Morbid Anatomy in the University of Pennsylvania; one of the Physicians to the Philadelphia Hospital ; Fellow of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, etc.
Página 61 - But see, his face is black and full of blood; His eyeballs further out than when he lived, Staring full ghastly like a strangled man: His hair uprear'd, his nostrils stretch'd with struggling ; His hands abroad display'd, as one that grasp'd And tugg'd for life, and was by strength subdued.
Página 48 - A MANUAL OF AUSCULTATION AND PERCUSSION; of the Physical Diagnosis of Diseases of the Lungs and Heart, and of Thoracic Aneurism.
Página 62 - He who hath bent him o'er the dead, Ere the first day of death is fled ; The first dark day of nothingness, The last of danger and distress ; (Before Decay's effacing fingers Have swept the lines where beauty lingers,) And mark'd the mild angelic air, The rapture of repose that's there...
Página 127 - To encourage young men to pursue regular courses of study in classical and scientific institutions before entering upon the study of medicine. 3. To extend the bounds of medical science, to elevate the profession, to relieve human suffering, and to prevent disease.
Página 112 - EMMET. — The Principles and Practice of Gynaecology. By THOMAS ADDIS EMMET, MD , Surgeon to the Woman's Hospital of the State of New York. With 130 Engravings.
Página 61 - Hush'd were his Gertrude's lips ! but still their bland And beautiful expression seem'd to melt With love that could not die ! and still his hand She presses to the heart no more that felt. Ah, heart ! where once each fond affection dwelt, And features yet that spoke a soul more fair.
Página 176 - Fourth American from the third London edition. Thoroughly revised, with copious additions, by CHARLES 8.

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