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THE HE regular man wants the schools to boom Scouting. Chicago merchants

bought a camp site which holds 500 Scouts during two-week periods. The scouts are building a stone walk, themselves. “A good turn every day”

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ANUSCRIPTS RETURNED.- that a busy man, reading them as part of his
Nothing is sent back to you on ac- day's work, can go into his school with the

count of poor writing. Whatever magazine in his hand and try them out difficulty professors have with Freshmen's forthwith. English the contributions of schoolmen sent to this magazine illustrate good grammar. Gambling Schoolmasters.—Another investYou know your commas, colons, and cap- ment scheme in which were schoolmen's itals. But condensation is not yet a uni- dollars has smashed on the rocks. The versal habit. You can speak your mind in testimony shows that teachers came into it 3000 words or less. When an article runs as the result of their acquaintance with edumuch over that the reader says, “I'll let that cational workers employed as selling agents. go until I have more leisure," a blessing Large dividends were announced as absowhich doesn't come until vacation, when lutely sure-positively. In the suburbs of spare time is not used in looking through dozens of large cities are imposing brick or back numbers. Negative manuscripts gen- stone monuments marking the gateway to erally go back to the writers. Bless you, we Green Gardens,” or “Credulous Court," schoolmasters know the world is wrong. If once booming real estate projects for enit weren't, half our occupation would be riching teachers. Within are weeds and gone. What we teachers want is cures, rotting signs to mark the streets and successful treatments, projects that have avenues. Mexican mines, Peruvian plantaworked to successful results, positive stuff, tions, Almond acreage, taxicab companies, based on an actual trial, chapters of books rubber farms—all sorts of financial graveyou are writing in the constructive veins of yards, have buried schoolmen's money and our Bagleys, Baileys, Bobbitts, Briggses, still the game goes on. William Arnold, Buckinghams, Butterfields, Charterses, Coff- schoolmaster, found himself in possession of

, mans, Colvins, Cubberleys, Deweys, Engle- thirty thousand dollars by the death of a harts, Fitzpatricks, Horns, Hosics, Judds, bachelor uncle. He hastened to the office Kooses, McMurrays, Merriams, Monroes, of a relative, one of the best known brokers Morrisons, Newcombs, Rosses, Ruggs, Rus- in the Wall Street area, and asked what to sells, Sissons, Smiths, Sneddens, Storm- do with the money.

do with the money. “Put half into United zands, Strayers, Suzallos, and Thorndikes. States government bonds and distribute the

These are the progressive fellows who are balance among savings banks," was the too busy forging ahead to stop to tell us expert advice. Who of us would attempt to what a rotten old world this is. We want operate for appendicitis? Success in busishort definite talks that will take some worth- ness requires no less experience or skill. A while objective and tell us how it is being beneficent paternalism would incline school ably realized. We want to print things so boards to forbid us to have dealings with


those who would make us rich. But such American naval history. We are prescription would keep us in the childish the school people share this feeling. The realm that tradition used to say was ours. public schools, however, are not places for Again, the wage of teaching is so low that the solicitation of funds for any project no only the big profit venture seems worth matter how truly patriotic it may be. while. But why not, Oh Teachers Colleges Children are not sent to school in order to be and Normal Schools, insert somewhere a few grouped into a body handy for the solicitor. lessons upon how educational suckers may The law says children must attend school. escape being sucked in?

You cannot, in justice, require attendance

if school means a place where children are to A Path to the Parent's Purse.-From all be asked for money. Solicitation of funds accounts picked up here and there from for Old Ironsides were it permitted, would school managers, the campaign to secure for be an opening wedge for solicitations for schools an opportunity to exercise foresight other causes. One relaxation makes a and planning without interruption during precedent for any cause seeking funds. The the year, has gained headway. Superin- Constitution should be preserved, and it is a tendent O'Shea of the New York City pub- nice sentiment for school children to care lic schools, with the aid of a committee of enough about their country's past to wish principals and superintendents, investigated to help save its monuments; but the schools the whole matter of collection of moneys for are not the places for collections." various purposes in schools. The result of the investigation was issued in a pamphlet Hallowe'en as a Test of the Public Schools.outlining procedures for the government and Last October an organization of Chicago control of the collection habit. The most principals and teachers selected Hallowe'en important collection appeal of the year was as an occasion for trying out the transfer of for rebuilding Old Ironsides. Many of the civic training to situations difficult for the best citizens and the most persuasive argu- young citizens. For years the city, like ments were used in connection with the many others, had experienced a breakdown canvass. School systems which, on general of good manners on Hallowe'en. Private principles, declined the first offer, suc- property had been trespassed upon, garbage cumbed in the face of subsequent ap- cans overturned, gates unhinged, wagons peals. The Chicago Board, at this writing, drawn out of sheds and left in the streets to while sedulously abstaining from any criti- the danger of automobilists, “tick-tacks" cisms upon the main project, has taken fastened to windows, glass soaped, soot bags the position that the organization of the thrown on door steps, boxes stolen and public schools should not be used as a burned. The Chicago school people came pathway to the parents' purse. If the col- at the matter from many angles: preparalection is to be made it should be made tion—they gave inspiring lessons on the through churches, clubs, and voluntary manliness of gratitude to "a city that pays organizations. The editor of the Chicago for your education;" substitution—they Tribune puts it in this way: “The school arranged a large number of merry parties, management has done the right, the they induced Parent-Teacher associations democratic, and the academically wise thing to do the same, they secured free matinees in denying the request of the Navy Depart- in the motion picture houses; follow-up, ment for permission to solicit the public- they arranged with the police officers to school children for contribution to the Naval report the name and school of every juvenile fund for the restoration of the frigate malefactor, they told their schools this Constitution. No one is more anxious than report would be made, they upheld the idea we to see the Constitution preserved as a of loyalty to one's family, school, and city. memorial of one of the notable chapters in The newspapers helped; so did the associa



tion of commerce, the churches, the clubs. 8. Coöperate with neighborhood The first experiment was a surprising success. cieties for a good hearty Hallowe'en celebraCongratulations after the event made a tion for the children of their members. stack 1 inches high, including letters from 9. Address early, as a composition exercise the Chief of Police, the Mayor, and the by the children, letters to parents, asking President of the School Board. You may them to see that we have a well-mannered want to try this in your town. If so, the Hallowe'en, such as good citizens can applans of the Chicagoans for this year will prove. Many principals recommend a Halhelp you. Here is the preliminary circular lowe'en Parents' meeting during the week prepared by a committee of principals and of October 24 with explanation of plans teachers.

by the pupil and a straight talk by teachers 1. About October i the principal should and principals asking parental coöperation. arrange that every class, particularly the 10. Organize a committee of teachers to classes of pupils at the age most inclined to think out suggestions for a good citizenship mischief, be given a series of lessons, mak- Hallowe'en. Bring it up at teachers' meeting clear the source of the educational ser- ing and plan for systematic observance. vice-money from all the people, not merely II. Suggest to parents that they with from parents of children.

their children don the picturesque Hallowe'en 2. Demonstrate graphically and drama- costumes. tically where the money comes from, showing 12. Teachers this year were quite willing that the owner of real estate, who pays the to make inquiries of business men and other actual taxes, merely transmits what he citizens as to the effect of the teaching, and receives from rental. Show how every from the returns obtained much satisfaction citizen, when he spends any money, contri- and encouragement. butes toward the rental of stores, shops, 13. Many principals suggest a special etc., and is therefore a taxpayer.

pledge, “I promise to behave myself like a 3. Have the children show their apprecia- good citizen on Hallowe'en, and to interfere tion of the fact that the sum contributed by with the propriety, the comfort, of no one. their own families is considerably less than 14. Feature the credit due to the school the actual cost of teaching for each pupil. in the conduct of every member.

4. Have the pupils bring out their ap- 15. A school committee might well meet preciation of their obligation to the city for the managers of the parochial and other this benefit.

schools, as these will be glad to coöperate. 5. Show the meaning of Roosevelt's 16. Form a Hallowe'en committee of "you come to school, not for your own citizens and patrons of the school who will advancement, but for the same reason that give publicity to your aims. one enters the army: to serve your country.17. Prepare subjects for short talks by

6. Show how this service need not be a children-as “What I owe to Chicago, "deferred dividend," but that on Hal

” but that on Hal- “How I mean to show my obligation on lowe'en, now, while you are receiving, you Hallowe'en." "Why does the community have an opportunity to show your gratitude pay for my schooling?" "Who pays the to your neighbors who are paying for your taxes?" "What for?" education.

18. On Monday, the 31st, have a posi7. Get the coöperation of local police tive, encouraging, enthusiastic, confident officers. Ask them to notify you after “good-bye” talk to the children. Express Hallowe'en of the names of any offending your hope and confidence on their making children who are members of your

school. a record. Let the children know that you have made 19. On November i have the teachers this request, and that you expect 100 per obtain from the children reports of the cent. conduct.

success of the experiment.

Our Arrival at Respectability.-Mr. Web- of our National Association there was a ster used to employ "respectable” in its large stage box of the Academy of Music exact sense, “worthy of respect"; "ad- filled with Kansas women teachers. Call mirable" means worth admiring. Our it a garden or a conservatory. To enliven business is enhanced by an increase us they sang between two addresses, “Kanof the number of persons in it who sas, we are proud of you.” It is surely are admired. We passed through a long reciprocal. They were a creditable sample. period during which we were given an Last week I saw two thousand Kansas amount of contempt strangely at variance teachers assembled in the big teachers with a parallel bestowal of superlative exal- college which William Brandenburg mantation on our business. For the first fifty ages in Pittsburg not far from the Missouri years of the existence of the Nation educa- and Oklahoma lines. The pure skin, clear tion was lauded to the skies by Webster, eyes, fine carriage, and radiant health of by Clinton, by Jefferson, and by others of these young men and women are a joy. The the most eminent Americans. Meantime lip stick and rouge puff haven't gained any the regard for the teacher was so low that face among them. “What do you say?” some story writers sought to give piquancy I asked of Winship, who has been looking at to their tales by surprising the reader with a people in Boston and San Francisco and all schoolmaster as hero. So frequently was the the cities in between for fifty years. “Grace attempt made that the editor of Godey’s and beauty,” he said, “grace and beauty. Ladies' Book printed directions to his con

The backwoods have gone; the country has tributors to cease attempting it. It was too ceased to be countrified; the teacher has much of a strain on the readers' relief. Our sloughed off schoolmarmery.” To be taken first important treatise on teaching: Page's blindfolded to the beautiful campus of this Theory and Practice devoted much attention big college and then released is to tax you to telling the teacher to bathe, to clean his to guess whether you are in Boston, Poughnails, to wash his teeth, and to brush the keepsie, Ithaca, or Baltimore. Brandendandruff off his clothes. Bardeen, who burg says an intelligent observer would imbegan to flourish thirty years ago, exhorted mediately guess “Kansas” for “no other teachers often to gentility in the care of locality can show so many teachers just person. In 1891-you can estimate it as like other folks, only a little bit handthirty-five years ago—an admired gentle- somer." woman took me to a school for teachers in Here is a man who is directing a teachers Louisville, the city famed for beautiful college on the Emersonian theory that you women. I never saw a group of so uni- learn as much from your companions as formly unlovely girls; gawky, bovine, from your instructors. Accordingly, the slovenly, depressing. But Miss Katie, typ- college brings together those who will teach ically Louisvillian, had been engaged to in country districts and those who will be teach them grace. Four months ago

of high-school faculties. The manual arts, at a Louisville teachers' meeting. It was the working of the mines, whatever local good to look at: style, animation, intelli- service can be profited by the Pittsburg gence, refinement. Mr. Mitchell, of Life, equipment, is furnished with instruction not when he was living had a dramatic simile: only for intending teachers but for men and “The play was one dreary Kansas." I knew women who do not intend to teach but who Kansas well thirty years back. It was drab will make their living at the trades. Why and dismal enough. You ought to see it now; not? For years the normal schools have Topeka, Salina, Independence, with their been assailed for their narrowness, their rows of elms and maples, with their women's isolation from life. For years intelligent clubs, memorial halls, school houses, parks, leaders of Labor have argued the benefit to and gardens. At the Philadelphia meeting it and to brain workers secured by contact

I was

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