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revealed religion, but occasionally to carry the war into the

country of the enemy himself. By such a process it will

be found, that to reject revelation evinces more credulity

than to retain it: because the difficulties attendant upon

unbelief are greater than the difficulties attendant upon

belief. p. 1.

I. A statement of the possible grounds and reasons of Infi-

delity. p. 2.

1. A discussion of the first possible ground, that a reve-

lation from heaven cannot, in the very nature of

things, take place. p. 4.

2. A discussion of the second possible ground, that a

revelation from heaven is in itself so improbable an

occurrence that it beggars all credibility. p. 4.

3. A discussion of the third possible ground, that the

evidences, upon which our reception of a system

claiming to be a divine revelation is demanded, are

so unsatisfactory, that they are insufficient to com-

mand our reasonable assent. p. 7.

4. A discussion of the fourth possible ground, that nu-

merous objections exist in the case of each system

claiming to be a divine revelation ; which objections

cannot be answered. p. 8.

the present time, perfectly agrees. p. 66.

(3.) The necessary inference from such facts. p. 67.

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