Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of Chancery, the Prerogative Court, And, on Appeal, in the Court of Errors and Appeals, of the State of New Jersey, Volume 5

Hough & Gillespy, Printers, 1870

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Página 574 - In addition to the powers enumerated in the first section of this title, and to those expressly given in its charter, or in the act under which it is or shall be incorporated, no Corporation shall possess or exercise any corporate powers, except such as shall be necessary to the exercise of the powers so enumerated and given.
Página 431 - The power of creating a corporation, though appertaining to sovereignty, is not, like the power of making war, or levying taxes, or of regulating commerce, a great substantive and independent power, which cannot be implied as incidental to other powers, or used as a means of executing them. It is never the end for which other powers are exercised, but a means by which other objects are accomplished.
Página 426 - If they were to make a law not warranted by any of the powers enumerated, it would be considered by the judges an infringement of the Constitution which they are to guard. They would not consider such a law as coming under their jurisdiction. They would declare it void...
Página 475 - ... were present at the making thereof, nor unless it be proved that the testator at the time of pronouncing the same, did bid the persons present, or some of them, bear witness that such was his will, or to that effect...
Página 388 - A Writ of Injunction may be described to be a judicial process, whereby a party is required to do a particular thing, or to refrain from doing a particular thing...
Página 325 - Ordinarily, it is true, the decree of the Court binds only the parties to the suit. But he, who purchases during the pendency of the suit, is bound by the decree, that may be made against the person, from whom he derives title.
Página 205 - Unpleasant odors, from the very constitution of our nature, render us uncomfortable, and when continued or repeated, make life uncomfortable. To live comfortably is the chief and most reasonable object of men in acquiring property as the means of attaining it ; and any interference with our neighbor in the comfortable enjoyment of life, is a wrong which the law will redress. The only question is what amounts to that discomfort from which the law will protect.
Página 426 - Can they make laws affecting the mode of transferring property, or contracts, or claims between citizens of the same State? Can they go beyond the delegated powers? If they were to make a law not warranted by any of the powers enumerated, it would be considered by the judges as an infringement of the constitution which they are to guard.
Página 326 - Where, indeed, a contract respecting real property is in its nature and circumstances unobjectionable, it is as much a matter of course for courts of equity to decree a specific performance of it, as it is for a court of law to give damages...
Página 259 - And it is hereby expressly agreed, that should any default be made in the payment of the said interest, or of any part thereof, on any day whereon the same is made payable, as above expressed, and should the same remain unpaid and in arrear for the space of...

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