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1821.] Rev. Frederic Thruston, M.A.--Mrs. John Hunter. 89

Rev. FREDERIC THRUSTON, M.A. During part of a two years' residence Jan. 9. At his house in Park-place, in Switzerland, be undertook the duty Mary-le-bonne, aged 33, the Rev. Pre of the English Churches there, and bis deric Thrustoo, M.A. third son of the peculiar qualifications for pulpit elolate Framingham Thruston, Esq. of quence were fully appreciated, and will Weston Hall, Suffolk, and officiating be recollected with pleasure by the nuMinister of Bayswater Chapel.

merous congregations who attended him. Young as was this Divine, and little His career was short, but his labours as he had been exhibited to the public, were extensive ; his days were few, but be ought not to pass away unnoticed, they were crowned with no ordinary serand slide into oblivion in the common vice to God and man. He had laid the list of an obiteary. Providence had en. foundation for most comprehensive utidowed bim with some peculiar talents, lity in his profession, and had given prowhich his industry had highly improved, mise of the most essential service in the and his early piety bad directed to the cause of our Holy Faith. But “God's service of bis Creator. His endeavours ways are as our ways, nor his to qualify himself for his professional thoughts as our thoughts." He has duties were un remitting, and his zeal in called his righteous servant to himself, the performance of them often beyond and for his labours in the vineyard, his bodily strength. Blessed with an Faith points to a bright reward. unusual flow of spirits, he never besi- With regard to bis personal merits, tated to encounter wbat he saw was re- these can alone be estimated by his perquired. This was strikingly evinced in sonal friends. The public, however, will the extraordinary attention be paid to always be interested to hear of private two parishes under his care at the very virtues associated with public duties. In commencement of his ministerial career; these respects bis peculiar trajts of cbaperforming double duty in both, esta- racter were a singularly devotional turn blishing and attending Schools, visiting of mind; benevolence and affability to the sick, and fulfilling every parochial all within his reach ; with a remarkable claim; whilst, at the same time, such affection for and kindness to little chilwas his ardour, and such his powers of dren, whose purity of heart and simplimind, that he was induced to take up city of manners seem to have been the the discussion of the mysterious and in model upon which he formed his own.tricate subject of Prophecy, which Mr. His body is buried in the dust, but bis Faber's noted work bad then brought name will live for ever amongst those forward to the public.-Whatever he who knew him, and ought not to be unundertook he resolutely devoted himself noticed by the Church and country in to; and he bad a patience of mind general, whom he loved and served so which could fix itself undeviatingly upon ardently and so extensively. one subject. To this subject he returned day after day, during the hours not devoted to parochial claims, and in a

MRS. JOHN HUNTER. few months produced two 8vo volumes, Jan. 7. In Holles-street, Cavendishwhich evince his powers for acute re- square, in the 79th year of her age, Mrs. Search, and his ability for brilliant com- Anne Hunter, widow of that distinposition. A more than ordinary acute. guished physiologist, John Hunter,ness of mind pushed him into other spe- Native genius was never more pleasingly culations also, and bis ingenuity was united with female modesty and delicacy displayed in a small tract, entitled "The than in Mrs. John Hunter; nor can Night of Treason," which appeared soon any one more truly have deserved the after his work on the Prophecies. In eulogies of her surviving friends. With the composition and delivery of his Ser- every grace that could make her intemons, he united a touching simplicity, resting in society, she had every persoand at the same time emphatic style, nal and social virtue that could comwith the most elevated views wbich mand respect and attachment. As a Christianity encourages her disciples to daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, and look forward to. A purified heart, and a friend, she was anxious always to exwell-directed affections, had taught him ceed, rather than in the smallest degree personally to contemplate without dis- to fail in any of her duties. The natural may, even through the grave and gate warmth and energy of her heart preof death," the bright and interminable vented, indeed, the possibility of such prospects of the Christian's course, and defect. In social intercourse, she had to these prospects he was ever earnest to the happy talent of pleasing without direct the hearts and minds of his con- effort ; and in the conversation-parties gregation.

which, in Mr. Hunter's life-time, she GENT, MAG. January, 1821.


Mrs. John Hunter.--Obituary.

[Jan. frequently received, she succeeded per- volume, which she inscribed to her son, sectly in banishing affectation, pedantry, then stationed as an officer at Gibraltar. and every symptom of dullness or forma. When Haydn passed a season in Lonlity. Connected by long friendship don, Mrs. Hunter became the Muse of with Mrs. Carter and Mrs. Delany, she that celebrated composer; and all (if well deserves to have her name recorded we mistake not) of his beautiful English with those amiable as well as eminent canzonets, were composed on words females : not, indeed, for deep learning, which she supplied. Most of these are which she neither possessed nor affect original, and particularly the pathetic ed, but for poetic genius, sagacity, and song of “ My mother bids me bind my good taste.

hair *." The beautiful Mermaid's Song, Mrs. Hunter was the eldest daughter in the same set, was founded on an Ita. of Mr. Robert Home, an eminent Sur- lian original, freely translated. This geon, first in the army, and latterly at small volume of Poems was noticed in the Savoy. He had several other child- the British Critic of October 1802, with ren; among whom another daughter commendations, strong indeed, but not was married to Mr. Mylne, the archi- at all exaggerated ; giving one or two tect of Blackfriars Bridge; and a third, specimens which amply justified the though no less amiable than her sisters, praise. Since Mrs. H. became a widow, died unmarried. His sons were, Robert, she has lived in quiet retirement, thougla bred as an artist, and now painter to the in London; consoled by her near reKing of Lucknow, in India ; Colonel lations and select friends, and mutually Home, an officer on the Bombay esta- consoling them, in all the vicissitudes of blishment, now retired; and Sir Everard life. It is probable that her pen bas not Home, bart. the very eminent pupil of bis been laid aside, in this last period, but brother-in-law. In 1771, Miss Home was the fruits of its exertions bave not yet married to Mr. John Hunter, and in been seen. the ensuing year, her youp ger brother, Mrs. H.'s daughter, Lady Campbell, Everard, then leaving Westminster. now the widow of General Sir James school, devoted himself to the studies Campbell, bas of late years been at once and profession of that new relation, un- her chief care, and ultimately her chief der the auspicious influence of his in- consolation, as by her she was attended struction and encouragement.

to the latest moment of her life. The Mrs. J. Hunter became the mother of decline of her health was very gradual, four children, of whom only two survive; and her intellects were never impaired. but both the living and the dead have By those who best knew her, she will been the subjects of her poetical effu- be lamented, in proportion to the adsions. This talent, in which for ele. miration and attachment which she gance of lyric strains, she has seldom could not fail to inspire ; and it may be been surpassed, was very early developed. said with confidence, that she has not Her well-known stanzas of “Queen left a survivor in the world, who can Mary's lament,” were produced so long have either a right or a wish to detract ago, that they are frequently thought to the smallest particle from the commenbave belonged to a prior age. Her song, dations, here or elsewhere bestowed, “ In airy dreams," stands almost in the upon her genius, her understanding, or same predicament. The death song of her heart. Alkoomook, the Indian Warrior, was written before many of those who sing it

DEATHS. now were born: and throughout her lise, 1820. AT Moorsbadabad, in the East whatever strongly moved her feelings May 26. Indies, Major Henry Belling. became the occasion of some expressive

ham, of the 1st Battalion 1st Regiment of strains. For her father, she wrote a Bengal Native lofantry, commanding short, but characteristic epitaph. The

Officer at the above station, and nephew education, marriage, or death of chil- to Sir William Bellingham, bart. dren, produced similar effects ; and ne

June 8.

At Seegovee, in India, in his ver surely was there a mother who more

33d year, Lieut. J. Brett, of the Ranghur affectionately watched, or more sincerely battalion, son of Mrs. Breit, of Peckham. felt for all the various fortunes of her

June 11. At Jaulnah, in the East Inoffspring. Notwithstanding this facility dies, after a few hours illness, Capt. G. W. of writing, she never assumed, or in the Poignand, of the Artillery. least affected, the character of a poetess; * First written as accommodated 10 but with modesty delivered her pro- an air of Pleydell's; and then beginning ductions in manuscript to a favoured with what is now the second stanza, few. At length, on the suggestion of “ 'Tis sad to think the days are gone;" friends, she collected those which she which, for the effect of the words, was most approved, in a small but elegant preferable.


Aug. 8.

1821.] Obituary; with Anecdotes of remarkable Persons. 91

June 17. At Jaulna, Thomas Larkins Dec. 20. At Llaiurbaider-ball, DenStarr, Assistant Surgeon on the Madras bighshire, in his 70th year, Richard WildEstablishment.

ing, esq. June 18. Col. Jobn Griffith, of the 2d Of apoplexy, at the Swan with two battalion of Artillery at the Presidency of Necks, Lad-lane, (having arrived there Bombay.

but a few days before from the Bahama Aug. ... At Madras, Lieut. Benj. Stow, Islands,) in bis 46th year, Wm. Richards, of his Majesty's ship Leander. - During esq. Surgeon to the 15th Regiment of his attention to a sick friend, he caught Foot, and second son of the late Rev. the lever from him, and in a few days was Thonjas Richards, Vicar of Brombam, hurried to av uplimely grave.

Biddenham, aud Stagsden, co. Bedford. Aug.... At Nassau, New Providence, His death was evidently accelerated by a Lieut-col. Tomkins, of the 59th regiment, zealous discharge of bis official duties; Governor of that island.

for the Report of the Medical Board upon At Cuddapah, Madras Presi. bis case states, “ that although he is not deocy, Jobu beoward Travers, esq. of the labouring under any decided disease, from Hon. East India Company's Civil Service. bis long services and residence of several

Aug. 29. ln Georgia (United States), years in a tropical climate, and from the John Stevens, esq. late of Abchurch-lane, very great fatigue wbich he endured dur. London, merchant, and formerly of New ing the sickly season of last year, when Providence, Bahama, leaving a widow and the whole duty devolved upon himself, we five children.

find that his general health is very much Oct. 21. At Demerara, in the West In- impaired, both bodily and inţellectually, dies, after a few days' illness of a typhus so as to render him inadequate to the perfever, in his 29th year, Mr. Robert-James formance of bis professional duties.” Collins, first mate of the ship Ranger. He Dec. 21. At Belcamp Cottage, BalFas adopted by Mr. Neve of Aldeburgh, briggan (Dublin), in his 56th year, PhilSuffolk, by whom, and by all his friends, pot Rogerson Wolfe, esq. nephew of the he is most deservedly lamented.

late Right Hon. Lord Kilwarden, and SeNov. 1. At George Town, in Berbice, cretary to the Board of Works in Ireland. his Excellency Charles W. Beptinck, Lieut. At Little Ponton, near Grantham, aged Governor of that colony.

about 50, James Hewerdine, esq. Captain Nov. 6. At Demerara, the wife of Prince in the Hampshire Rangers. He took a Smith, esq. Second Fiscal and King's Ad. severe cold in joining his regiment in Ocvocate of Demerara and Essequibo. tober last, from which he never recovered.

Dec. 19. At Milbank (Kildare), in his Dec. 22. At Leek, John Coupland, Báth year, C. Andesley, esq. of Ballysax. esq. formerly of Rotherham, Yorkshire. With him became extinct the eldest At Lessau (Tyrone), in his 86th year, branch of the family of Annesley, wbich the Right Hon. Johu Staples. bad formerly enjoyed the rank and titles Dec. 23. At Newington Terrace, Lamof Earl of Anglesea in England, and of beth, the widow of the late Governor Field. Viscount Valentia, in Ireland.

Aged 15, Joho Charles, son of Henry Dec. 16. A. Saunders, esq. M. D. of Laurence Brochard, esq. of Pratt House Upper Berkeley-street, Portman-square, Academy, Camden-street, Camden Town. many years Senior Fellow of the College of The body was opened on the 24ih inst, Physicians, in Dublin.

and the bursting of an abscess on the upDec. 17. ln London, in her 37th year, per part of the heart was found to be the Mrs. Martha. Apne Wa rd, daughter of cause of his deatb. Field Willett, esq. banker, of Brandon, Dec. 24. la his 80 h year, John Pul. Suffolk.

ler, gent. of Eriswell, Suffolk. Aged 19, Charlotte, 3d daughter of Ro. At Sudbury, aged 59, Mrs. Sikes, relict bert Pretyman, gent. of Belstead bridge, of John Sikes, gent. of London, and sister near Ipswich.

of Branwhite Oliver, gent. a Justice of the Dec. 18. At Brunswick, in his 43d Borough of Sudbury. year, the Queen's brother, Duke Augus- Dec. 31. Aged 72, Mrs. Burkitt, wife tus, last son of the celebrated Duke Charles of Mr. John Burkilt, bookseller, Sudbury. William Ferdinand, and uncle of the reign- Capt. Robertson, of Milford, ing Duke, General of Cavalry in the ser- In Domiuick-street, Dublin, William vice of Hanover, and Great Cross of the Walker, esq. Recorder of that city. Guelpbic Order.

In Percy-street, Bedford-square, in her Very suddenly, as he was returning 601h year, Fanny, widow of the late Jobn from Grantham Fair, which he bad attend. Jones, esq. ed in his usual good health, aged about in Martin's.lane, Cannon-street, in his 65, Mr. William Smith, for many years an 80th year, Daniel Lambert, esą. auctioneer. He was seized with apoplexy, Aged 14, Georgiana Charlotte Sophia, and fell from his horse, when he was withia daughter of G. Bridges, esq. of Knights. a mile of his own house., lale of Lawford, Essex,


92 Obituary; with Anecdotes of remarkable Persons. (Jan.

At Ludlow, Charles Rogers, esq. of Robert Meacock, esq. of CanonburgStamage Park, Radnorshire.

square, Islington. Lately. At Normanton Hall, Leicester- At his relation's, Ratcliff-highway, Mr. shire, in her 29th year, the lady of Sir R. Stonehouse. Willoughby Dixie, bart,

At Cheltenham, in his 79th year, J. Wales. In Lower Grosvenor-street, Boissier, esq. Catherine, wife of John Edwards, esq. of Miss Anne Phillips, of Stockton, near Machynlleth, Montgomeryshire.

Cherbury. She was thrown from her Thomas Jones, esq. of Llandysilio Hall, horse on the road to Shrewsbury, and renear Llangollen, Denbighshire.-Having ceived a violent concussion of the brain. no very near relation, it is said, that the She liogered three days and expired. Lords of the different Manors intend to Jan. 3. At bis house near Wakefield, take possession of bis estates that are situ. Yorkshire, Jos. Armitage, esq. He was aled in sheir respective manors. His real of great eccentricity, and as well known and personal property is supposed to in the world of fashion some years ago as amount to little short of 100,0002. It is any man of his time. Latterly he had believed, that he has made a Will; but shut himself up from all society; and al. none has yet been found, although consi. though possessed of a clear income and derable rewards are offered for such in- estate of 50001. a year, bis miod was comformation as may lead to the discovery of pletely obscured with the idea that he a Will.--Mr. Jones was a great admirer was fast approaching to poverty, and of the Arts, and some of the most eminent must go to the parish workhouse. Seve. Artists of the day always met with a hearty ral times lately he wrote to a friend in welcome at Llandysilio Hall, whenever London saying, “ Hasten down and sell they visited the romantic vale of Llan. me up, that I may rest assured of food gollen.

and raiment for the rest of my life."--His SCOTLAND. At Cowbridge, aged 37, whimsical and very extraordinary parsiAlex. Jaffray, esq. of Kingswells, Aber- mony on some occasions, and his undeen. — He is supposed to have fallen a bounded generosity on others, will not victim to his active humanity, while en- soon be forgotten; and if it was necessary deavouring to save a gentleman in whose to find a similar personage to fill the company he was skating. Both were un- chasm made by the death of this extraorfortunately lost.

dinary man, it would be a matter of po IRELAND.-At Curragh, the Hon. Lady small difficulty. A few years ago he was Hunt, the relict of the late Sir Vere Huut, engaged in a very serious quarrel; and it bart, and sister of the Earl of Limerick. being demanded of him "to name time,

ABROAD.-lo Nice, Richard J. Gulston, place, and his friend,” he coolly wrote in Jate of the 3d (or King's own) Light Dra. answer, “St. James's Church.yard, Picca. goons, only son of Fred. Gulston, esq. of dilly-12 o'clock at night and the sexton West Clandon, Surrey.

of the parish.” 1821. Jan. 1. Al Edinburgh, Mrs. At Crayford, Kent, aged 42, Wm. ThomCatherine Hannie, wife of John Swinton,

son, M.D. esq. of Broad Meadows.

Geo. Lukey, esq. of Middleton (Cork). At Brighton, the relict of the late John Aged 20, Miss Sarah Norton, daughter Bettesworth, esq. of Corhays, Cornwall, of Mrs. Biggs, of Denmark Hill. and of Nottingham-place, London.

In Lamb's Conduit-place, Ambrose Sarah, eldest daughter of the Rev. Ti Lyon Poynter, esq. mothy Thomas, of Islington.

lo his 430 year, Edward Nash, esq. of At Stockwell, in his 49th year, C. Cor- Duchess-street, Portland-place. nelius Dymoke, esq. cousin to the late At Rowland-place, in Sussex, aged 78, Hon. Lewis Dymoke, Champion of Eng. C. Goring, esq. He formerly held bigh land.

stations in the Civil service of the East Aged 65, the wife of Dr. George Pearson, India Company, and was Chief of the F. R. S. of George-street, Hanover-square. Calcutta Committee of Revenue.

At Hammersmith, Elizabeth, wife of L. At Hampstead, Mr. Thos. Brown, of Bathurst, esq. and daughter of the late Muscovy.court, Tower-bill. - His death Richard Hunt, esq.

was occasioned by a fall from his horse. Aged 26, Mr. Thomas Rich, of Kingston, In Axford-buildings, Bath, Lieuto-gen. tanner, third son of Robert Rich, esq. of W. Mouro, of Ensham House. Bermondsey.

At Haverstock Hill, Hampstead, in bis In Holborn, in his 51st year, the Rev. 82d year, Thomas Horne, esq. R. H. Cotion, late of White Hart-lane, Jan. 4. At Harmondsworth, the relict Tottenham.

of the late William Thurbin, esq. Jan. 2. Aged 63, W. Runeiman, esq. Edward Kerrich, esq. of Southamptonof Birchmore House, Woburu, Bedford buildings, Holborn. shire.

At Seven Oaks, Kent, the dau. of the late In her 47th year, Elizabeth, wife of F. Otway, esq. of Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire.


1821.] Obituary; with Anecdotes of remarkable Persons. 93

to Sloane-street, Chelsea, Mrs. Raw. of Anatomy in the Royal Academy of

Jan. 5. In his 30th year, very sud- Arts and P.R.S. and daughter of the Rev. denly, and greatly respected, R. S. Lock- W. Palmer, formerly Rector of Combraywood, gent. Solicitor, of Lowestoft, leav. leigh, Devonshire. ing an afflicted widow and four children to Jan. 7. Mr. Williams, of the well-known lament the loss of an affectionale husband Eating rooms, in the Old Bailey, Loudon. and a tender father.

At Limerick, in consequence of her head Aone, daughter of James Annen, esq. dress taking fire from a candle which she of Blackheath.

held in her band, the widow of Dr. Kelly, At Blandford, in Dorsetshire, the Rev. formerly of ibat city. Henry Field, nearly 60 years Pastor of At the Rectory House, Boughton, Lin. the Protestant Dissenting Congregation in coloshire, Esther, wife of the Rev. David that place.

Conyers Burton. lo George-street, Portman-square, Ma- At Heograve-ball, Bury St. Edmund's, jor-gen, Harry Chester, late of the Cold. Dame Throckmorton, relict of Sir John stream Guards.

Throckmorton, bart. Her Ladyship was Aged 17, Louisa, danghter of Alex. daughter of the late T. Giffard, of ChilErskine, esq. of New Sidney-place, Bath. lingston-ball, Staffordshire, esq. and was

At Dawlish, Devoosbire, aged 30, Mar- in her 59th gear. Her loss will be deeply garet, wife of Wm. Garnett, esq. of Tetlow. regretted, not only by her surviving relafold, near Manchester.

tives and friends, but also by the poor, to Jan. 6. At Lowestuft, after a few hours whom she was a liberal benefactress. Her illness, much esteemed and regretted, in remains were removed from Hengravebis 62d year, Thomas Neslin, gent. hall, for interment in the family vault at

At Hoddesdon, Herts, in his S3d year, Coughton, in Warwickshire. William White, esq. a gentieman whose Jan. 8. At Holloway, aged 32, Joba suavity of manners and goodness of heart Ollive, M. D. surgeon of the Royal East will ever endear bis memory to his family, Middlesex Militia. bis friends, and all who knew him.-10 At Norton-house, Devonshire, the relict his attachment to the Established Relic of the late Sir Paul Jodrell. gion of his country, to his King, and to At Waterford, aged 92, James Moore, our excellent Constitution, be was firm esq. alderman, and one of the charter jusand immoreable. Although his advanced tices of that city. He served the office of age and infirmities kept him in his latter sheriff in 1772, and 1774; that of mayor days retired from the world, be yet uni- io 1783 ; again, upon the demise of T. formly continued in the practice of those Price, esq. in 1793; and afterwards in 1805. benign daties wbich were congenial with, John King, esq. of Ballylin, King's and formed a principal feature in, bis County, Ireland. character, as a sincere Christian. The At Clarke's Bridge, Cork, aged 104 delight he felt in the performance of se. years, Mrs. Mary Shionick.She was cret acts of charity and benevolence is nurse to Lord Carleton, the Right Rev. Dow exemplified by the liberal bequests Dr. Coppinger, Roman Catholic Bishop of he has made to individuals and several Cloyoe, and Sir R. Kellet, bert. &c. public charities. These testimonies, while Jan. 9. Mrs. Hall, of Stainland, near they perpetuate his virtues, will excite Halifax, only sister of Richard Rothwell, those wbo were most dear to him to follow esq. Alderman of London. his example, and thereby endeavour to At Neasdon, in the house of W. T. Mo. secure the reward of this upright man, ney, esq. M. P. Mrs. Cupningham, wife of whose protracted life it had pleased God Rev. J. W. Cunninghanı, Vicar of Harrow. should be serene and happy, and whose -This amiable lady died suddenly of a last end was resigned and peaceful. pleuretic attack, leaving a young family

At Pimlico, aged 85, the Rev. David of nine children, and a whole village of Love.

poor, long clothed and fed by her bounty, In Duke-street, Westminster, John Lil- to lament her loss. She was buried on liogstone Pownall, esq. of East Wykebain, the 18th. The Masters of the Public Lincoloshire, and Provost Marshal Ge. School at Harrow were the pall-bearers a Deral of the Leeward Islands; who dying after whom followed her family, and many without issue, bis estates devolve to Sir friends on foot; accompanied by a vast G. Powoall, at Brighton, together with number of poor. Not less than 1000 perthe office; Sir George being the last in sons were collected the church, to shed succession in the Patent.

the last tear over the grave of one who had At Bush Hall, Herts, Harriet, daughter so long ministered to all their wants. of Sir Rob. Chester, of that place.

Jan. 10. At Burgate house, Hants, At Petcbam, Letherhead, Surrey, in his Emily, daughter of Jos. Green Wilkin,85th year, Robert Sherson, esq. M.D. son, esq.

On the Friars, Exeter, Rebecca, widow Jan. 16. Mr. Thomas Chatteris, forof the late Jobo Sheldon, esq. Professor merly of Cornhill.


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