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488 Ceremonial of the approaching Coronation. (June, Edward's Chair, and the Archbishop other Bishops doing the same, takes coming from the altar with the the Oath of Fealty. He then arises Crowo between his hands, assisted by and kisses the King's left cheek : after other Bishops and by the Dean of him the rest of the Bishops present Westminster, puts it upon the King's do the like. Then the first' Dúke, head :

: upon which the trumpels for himself and the other Dukes, sound, the drums beat, aod the peo- koeels down and does homage; the ple cry.

“God save the King !" A first Marquis for himself and the rest; sigoal is also given from the battle the premier Earl for the other Earls; ments, at which the 21 great guns in the first Viscount for the Viscounts; St. James's Park are fired, and also and tbe first Baron for the Barons. the ordoance of the Tower. After During the Homage, the Treasurer which, the Archbishop says an invo: of his Majesty's Household, attended cation and prayer.

by Garter and the Usber of the Black The Dukes of Normandy and Aqui- Rod, throws among the people, from tain now put on their caps of estate, the South, West, and North sides of and the Peers and Kings at Arms the theatre, medals of gold and silver. their coronets.

In the mean time an anthem is per. Wbile an anthem is singing, the formed. King delivers the Orb to the Dean of The ceremonies at the Communion Westminster, and goes from his chair Service then commence, when the to the altar, where his sword is un. King presents another wedge called girt, and offered by his Majesty in the Mark of Gold, weighing eight the scabbard; but is immediately re- oupces. The Communion Service deemed (by the King's command then proceeds ;-The Archbishop first ment) for an hundred shillings, and receives bimself, and next the Dean the nobleman who redeems it draws of Weslminster and the Bishops of it out, and bears it naked before the Durham and Balb ; after which the King the rest of the solempity. King communicates.

The King having returned again to his chair, ihe Master of the Jewel then commences ; when the King, at

A Procession to St. Edward's Shrine House delivers the Ring to the Arch- tended by the Lords carrying the four bishop, by whom it is consecrated. Swords, &c. proceed to the Confessors Then the King, drawing off his linen Sbrine, where the Regalia are deliglove, the Archbishop puts it on the

vered by the King to the Archbishop, fourth finger of his right hand. The Lord of the Manor of Work- King is then disarrayed of his sacred

who offers them upon the altar.- The sop (the Duke of Norfolk) then pre- vestments ; which are delivered to sents his Majesty with a rich glove, the Dean,' who lays them upon the which the King puts on his right altar.—The King is afterwarde ara hand; and the Archbishop taking rayed in Royal robes of purple rela the Sceptre, delivers it into the King's let furred with ermine ; and the Arch

. right hand. The Archbishop next bishop puls on the King's head delivers the Rod, or Sceptre with the Crown of State, which he wears the Dove, into the King's left hand.

rest of the day; also in his right hand The Benediction. The King then the Sceptre with the cross, and the kneels, bolding both the sceptres in Orb in his left. his hands, and the Archbishop blesses

In the mean while the Proceshim. After which, the King arises, sion is arranged to return to West

: and goes to King Edward's chair, minster Hall. All being reads, the where be kisses the Archbishops and King, with the four Swords borne Bishops. The Choirs sing, “We praise before him, proceeds from St. Edthee, O God," &c. The Inthroning and Homage.—His and choir, to his canopy; when the

ward's Chapel, through the theatre Majesty, being led up by the Archbi- whole of this splendid assembly reshops and Bishops, and attended by turns to Westminster Hall*. the great Officers of State, ascends (Continued in p. 557 el seq.) the Throne: the Archbishop, standing before him, then pronounces an

* For the abore paruculars we are

chiefly indebted to Sandford's authenti exhortation. The King receives the “ History of the Coronation of James the Homage and Fealty of his Barons. Second, and to Mr. Arthur Tasker And first the Abp. of Canterbury

“ Glory of Regality,” a valuable reik, knecling before his Majesty, the deservedly commended in vol. XC.

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1821.) St. Donat's Cathedral Church, Glamorganshire. 489 Mr. URBAN,

May 28. to that purpose by Sir Edward StradTHE Castle of St. Donat, in Gla- ling, kot. (the fifth of that name),

morganshire (see Plate 1.) is one who died in 1609. His monument of the twelve allotted to the fol- and picture will be hereafter noticed. lowers of Fitzbamon, who conquered Three curious old paintings on a great part of South Wales in the panoel remain in good preservation. reign of William Rufus. The build. They each represent a man in arming of it commenced about the year pur, and a lady kneeling, with a desk 1102. It is situated on the sea.coast. between them, accompanied by their The present remains are very consi- children. The inscriptions on the derable, and in better preservation paintings are as follow : than any other of the antient castles 1.! Here lyeth Thomas Stradlinge, esq. of this county. The park stood on sonne to Harry Stradlinge, kt, and Elizth the West, and the garden lay on the his wyfe (the daughter of Wạ Thomas of South, between the castle wall and Raglan in the countie of Monmouth, kt, the sea, towards which it descended who dyed at Cardyffe in the Mopastery in terraces. The castle and manor of bf Preachinge Fryers, on the 8 day of St. Donat were given by Pilzbamon Sept. in the yere of our Lord 1480, whose to Sir William le Esterling (which bones (after the disolution of the sayd Moname was afterwards corrupted to pastery) Thomas Stradlinge, knight *, his Stradling), who probably built this ried to Saint Donatts and buried in the magaificent structure. The property Chauncell of the Church there, by his remained in this family till 1738, sonne, the 4 day of June, in the yere of when, owing to the failure of male our Lord 1537; and afterwards Edward issue, it fell to the Mansels of Mar. Stradlinge, knight, his nephew's sonne, gam, into which family the last of the 5th of that name, translated the said the Stradlings bad married.

bones out of the chagucell into the Chap; Within the park, on the West of pell ther, in the yere of our Lord 1573 ; the Castle, stands a picturesque quad- after whose death his wyfe maried with rangular tower. It is placed 00, an

Sir Rees ap Thomas, Knight of the Gar. elevated site, commanding a view of ter, and dyed at Picton in the countie of great extent, particularly of the Bris Pembroke, the 5 day of February, in the

yere of our Lord 1533, and was buryed at tol channel. This building is report Carmarthen, in the Church of the Monased, by the tradition of the neigbour tery of Preacbioge Friers with the 'said Sir hood, to have been designed for a Rees ap Thomas her husband. (He died watch-tower, for observing distressed before he was 26 yrs of age).” vessels in stormy weather, in order to In the centre of this painting is the secure the cargoes for the lord, in the following: event of their being driven on shore.

“ The undernamed Harry Stradlinge, kl, The coast near this place consists of

went on pilgrimage to Jerusalem, and rebold precipices of calcareous rocks,ceived the order of the Sepulchre there, as presenting some deepexcavations, and bis father Edward Stradlinge, kl, the 5tbt abounding in various productions of that name, and grandfather Willm Mr. Donovao fouud here the fossil Stradlinge, kt, the second of that name, fragments of the vertebræ, pieces of did, -and died in the Isle of Cypress in the ribs, maxilla bones, and teeth of his coming bome, the last of August, in a large animal of the lizard genus,

the 16 yere of K. Edwd 4th, and is buried which he states could, when living, there in the city of Famagusta. This said have been scarcely less than 12 or 15 Harry Stradlinge, from his house in So

mersetsbire to his house in Wales, was feet in length*. The Church of St. Donat . bears taken prisoner by a Brytaine Pirate named

Colin Dolphin, whose redemption and great marks of antiquity, but the charges stood him in 2200 markes, for the date of the building is not ascertained. payment whereof be was driven to sell the In the windows are the Arms of Strad. castle and manor of Bassalleg and Șutton ling and others in painted glass. in Monmouthshire, and two mapors in

A small Chapel apnexed to it serves Oxfordshire." as the burial-place of the Stradlings,

Ile was buried March 30, 1573, by and appears to have been converted register, which is the earliest date recorded

there. * Descriptive Excursions through South + This certainly ought to be the third Wales, vol. 1. p. 565.

of that name, instead of the fifth. GENT. MAG. June, 1821.

2. “ Here

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490 St. Dohat's Church, Glamorganshire.-Stradling Family. (June,

2." Here lyeth Edward Stradlinge, kl. multa sobole mascula fccundæ junctum the 4th of that name (songe to Thomas integra hæreditate donavit. D'on agbeth Stradlinge, Esquier, and Jeuet bis wyfe, con : viro : et Jo : Strad: mil. fil. adopt : the daughter of Thomas Mathewe of Ra. Patri. Pietatis officii et amoris ergo ac der, in the county of Glamorgan, esquier), posteritati sepeliendæ hoc sacrum po? 15 who died in the Castell of St. Donalt, the Maii, 1610." 8 day of May, in the yere of our Lord

Oo the South side of the Chapel is 1535, and was buried in the chauncel of

a white marble monument to four the Church ther, whose bones were after

ter children of Sir Edward Stradling, bart.: trauslated by his nephewe Edward Strad. linge, kt, the 5th of that name, into the

« H. S. E. Chappell ther, in the yere of our Lord “ Gullielmus Stradliog, Hungerfordus, 1573; also here lyeth Elizabeth his wife, Rachel, et Edmundus, D'ni Edwardi Straddaughter to Thomas Aruadell of Lauh- ling de Castro Sancti Donat, in agro Glacyron in the county of Corowall, ks, who morganeosi, Equitis et Baronetti, et D'næ died in childbead at Merthermawre, the Elisabethæ conjugis piissimæ, ex antiqua 20 day of Pebry, in the yere of our Lord et nobili Huogerfordorum de Castro Par. 1513, and was burged ther, whos bones ley Hungerford in agro Somerset. familia Thomas Stradlinge, koight, her sonne,

oriundæ, liberi nobilissimorum pareutum, caused to be taken up and caryed to St. generosa proles illis vita brevis sed innoDonats, and buryed in the chauncell of ceos contigit, etenim dum eximium oris the Church ther with her husband, the 8 pulchritudinem polcherrimis moribus exday of Maye, in the yere of our Lord

Et non vulgarem præberent 1536; and were afterwards, by Edward expectationem, morte immatura prærepri, Stradlinge, knight, the 5th of that name, maguum sui desiderium reliquerent, breher nephewe, translated out of the chaun- vem hanc tabellam liberis suis charissimis cell iuto the Chappell ther in the yere of

parentes posuere. our Lord 1573."

Anno Dom'm.D.CLXXXIII." 3. (The centre Painting). “ Thes Pic

lo the centre of the Chapel, is a tures do represent Sir Edward Stradlinge,

beautiful inarble tomb: k', the 5th of that oame (and sonne to Sir Thomas Stradlinge, knight, and Kateria

(South side): his wife, daughter to Sir Thomas Gamage “ To the sacred memory of Edward of Corty, k'), and the Lady Agues Strad, Stradling of St. Donal's Castle in Glamor. linge bis wife, daughter to Sir Edward ganshire, esq. the eldest son of St Edward Gage of Sussex, kt, and Elizth his wife,

Stradling, bart, by Elizabeth, daughter of daughter to John Parker of Willington, in Sr Edward Mansel of Margam in the same the county of Sussex, esquier, which said

compty, bart. He was born the 30th of Sir Edward, nowe, in his life-time, has set

March, 1699, and departed this life in the forth thes Monuments of thes bis aunces- fear of God the 3d day of Oct. 1726, aged tors, deceased ; and, by God's grace,

27, to the unspeakable griefe of his pameaneth both he and his wife, alter their

rents and all that knew him, being a most decease, to keepe them bodilly company accomplished gentleman in all respects." io ibis sealfe-same place.-Anuo Domini, 1590."

Arms: Stradling : Barry of 6 Arg. The following loscriptions remaja

and Az. surmounted of a beod Gul. to the memory of this family :

charged with 3 roses Argent, barbed Against the North wall is a fine old

and seeded proper. Crest: a stag at monument composed of alabaster and gaze, Arg. Motto: "Duwn Digon" coloured marbles, with a man ja arm

--(God and enougb). our, and a lady kneeling at an allar,

Oo the North side: with much gilding aod ornament, “ Here lies er Thomas Stradling, the ga agreeably to the custom of the time. Bart. of England, and the last of the name. On it are the Arms of Stradling and

He was the second soo of St Edw. Strad. Gage, with Ibis ioscription :

ling, bart. by Elizabeth, daughter of S! “ Edward' Stradling', 5 Maioru : Fil:

Edward Mansel of Margam, bart. aod et Hieres 17' Equestris Ordiois 16'. Hic in

younger brother to Edw. Stradling, esq.

deposited within this tomb. He died at D'ao obdormiscit, qui Juvenis Gallia, Ger. mania et Italia Peragratis, Redux Patriæ

Monpellier, the 27th of September, 1738,

N. S. and was buried here the 19th of principi suis semper charus fidelis amantissim' vixit s octogenarius obiit 15 Maii,

March following. By his death the title 1609. Agnetam D’oi Edw, Gage, mil. fil.

and family, after its continuance here habuit in uxore' qua' mæstissima' viduam

near 700 years, became extinct. Ætatis sobole orbam relinquens, Jo. Stradlingum

suæ 28." mil. Francisci natum e multis juniorem Arms: Party per pale Stradling and bli avopi. Elisabethæ Gage, uxoris nep'ti, Mansel. Stradling, as above. Mar

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