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EACH DAY'S PRICE OF STOCKS IN APRIL, 1821. Bank Red. 13 pr.Ct. 34 per 4 pr.Ct. 5 perCt. B.Long Imp. 31 lodia N.S. $.10.S.S, India


Ex. Bills. Bk. Ops.lodia Ops
Stock, 3pr. Ct. Con. Ct. Con. Con. Navy. Ann. p. cent.

Stock, Ann. Aon. Bonds.


41 42 pr. (1 pr. 1dis. 715 2224
1725 13


43 45 pr.1 pr. par 727 $
724 17
106% 8

724 +5 46 pr. par 2 pr. 72 %
April | Sunday
1064 7

45 46 pr.12

1 pr.172 3 1723 106371

47 pr. 12


pr. 726 $ 2244 227 4 1724

1063 7 171 2

46 48 pr. 4

2 pr. 724 225 5 1063

45 47 pr. 2 4 pr.172

2254 62204 14713 172 $803 169841061 * 183

48 49 pr. 14



71 $71% 2 884 1064 # 184

49 47 pr. 4


8 Sunday
9221 271
* 8847106f 184

+7 49 pr. 6

4 pr. 713 24 102211 2471 4724 81 804 88% 9107


49 47 pr.

4 5 pr. 724 13223 1713 3724 21 80% 887 9107 183 714

6 4 12 223 4,713 1724 ) 807 897 87|107

46 47 pr. 4

5 pr.724 IS 223 24713 472 $804 189 87107 183 715

47 pr. 4

5 pr. 724 14 2224 1713 4711 25 89 87 107 418 4

45 46 pr. 4

6 pr. 723
15 Sunday
:71 $71; 2 89 87 1073 4114


46 45


4 6 pr. 724 228 172222 371 1712801 3883 9j 1073 118$

2294 9 45 46 pr.14

5 18/223 1714 1723 381 894 1107] 4 18% 714

46 pr. 4 6

pr. 723 ) 19 2234 4,714 4724 814807 891 31074 $ 183


4. pr.1724
20 Holiday
21 2234
3 714 724 893 11074


4 pr. 721
22 Sunday
23 Holiday
24 Holiday
25 Holiday

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pr. 72

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pr. 721

46 43 pr.

RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, and Co. Stock Brokers, at their Old Established Office, Bank-Buildings, Cornhill.


9 London Gazette

Gloucester 2-Hants2 Times --New Times

Hereford 1.-Hull 3 M. Chronicle-Post

Huuts 1--Ipswich M. Herald--Ledger

Kent 4--Lancaster BritPress-M.Advert.

Leeds 3- Leicester 2 Courier-Globe

Lichfield Liverpool 6|| Sao-Star---Statesm.

Macclesfi.-Maidst. . Gen. Eve-Travel.

Manchester 6 St.James--Bag Chro.

Newcastle 2 Com. Chron, E.Mail

Norfolk-- Norwich 2 London Packet

N.Wales Northamp. London Chronicle

Nottingham 2-Oxf. 2 Lit.Gaz-Lit Chron.

Plymouth 3-- Preston Courier de Londres

Reading- Salisbury B. Mercury-M.

Salop...Sheffield 19 Weekly Papers

Sherborne..Shrewsb. 14 Sunday Papers

Stafford.. Stamford 2 Bath Berwick

Suff..Surrey...Sussex Birmingham 3

Taunton... Tyne Blackburn Boston

Wakefield. Warwick Brighton 2--Bristol 5

West Briton (Truro) Bury--Cambrian

Westeru (Exeler) Cambridge-Carlisle2

Westmoreland 2 Carmarth. Chelms. 2


Whitehaven. Winds. Cheltenham-Chest.3

Wolverhampton Colchester Cornwall

Worcester 2..York 4 Coventry? Cumberl.

Mantes 2...Jersey Derby-Devizes

Guernsey 4 Doncaster Dorchest.

Scotland 25
Durham-Exeter 3

Ireland 43
MAY, 1821.

Miscellaneous correspondence.

Heview of New Publications.
Minor CORRESPONDENCE.—Questions, &c.386 Archæologia, Vol. XIX. Part ................423
Historical Errors in romance of Kenilworth.387 Robinson on the Mexican Revolution........426

Origin of the Padouca Indians, in America..390 Hunter's History of the Parish of Sheffield 430
Description of Blackhall, Paisley, Scotland.391 Turner's Account of a Tour in Normandy..434
Account of Oliver Goldsmith's Family.......392 Dibdin's Tour in France and Germany .....437

Account of Flitton Church, Bedfordshire...393 Campaigns in America under General Ross. ib.
Silsoe, co. Bedford.—Gardiner Family......395 Barnabæ Itinerarium, by J. Haslewood...
Account of the City of Agrigentum, in Sicily.396 On the Report relative to Timber Trade....442
Custom of Whitewashing among Americans.399 Fisher's Journal of Voyage of Discovery... ib.
Runic Motto at Cleasby, co. York, explained.402 Residence: two Letters in Verse ............444
Remarks on the Provision for the Poor...... ib. LITERARY INTELLIGENCE.-New Publications445
Decision on Funeral Cloth at Margate......403 ANTIQUARIAN RESEARCHES.-Belzoui's Tomb447
Letters from the Continent, in 1818........ ib. Select Poetry...

..451 Descriptive Account of Rio de Janeiro .....408

Historical Chronicle.
Etymology of Towns in Bedfordshire........410 Proceedings in present Session of Parliament 455
Mermaids noticed, 410.–Marmion Arms...411 Foreign News, 457.–Domestic Occurrences460
On the real Origin of Pointed Architecture.. ib. Sir W. Scott's Judgment on Iron Coffins...462
Observations on Farming in America ........414 Promotions, &c.-- Births and Marriages....466
Progress of Literature in different Ages..... ib. OBITUARY ; with memoirs of the Earl of
Letter to Sir W.W.Wynn on Welsh Language417 Carhampton, the Marchioness of Worces-
On the Crowded State of City Burial Grounds419 ter, Sir Rodney Bligh, Dr. Outram, Dr.
Anecdotes of Dr. Busby, Westminster School420 Bateman, Mrs. Piozzi, &c. ........ ......468
Retrospections on the rapid Progress of Time421 Meteorological Diary, 478.-Bill of Mortality479
Ancient Anecdotes, from Valerius Maximus422 Prices of the Markets, 479.-The Stocks.....480
Embellished with Views of Flitton CHURCH, co. Bedford ; and the old Hall IN THE

Ponds, Sheffield.
Also Representations of an Ancient Drinking Horn, of Queen's College, Oxford ;

and of the Entrance of an Egyptian TOMB.

[ 386 ]


Mr. SHEPHARD, of Doctors' Commons, A CORRESPONDENT states, “In a little informs us, “ that the Government has volume, entitled • Percy Anecdotes,' p. 8, lately, with its usual liberality and at comprising Memoirs of George III. is the tention to the public interest, purchased following paragraph:- The King was a the remaining Books, containing the ori- seven months' child, and from that circumginal Entries of Marriages and Births, so- stance, so weakly at the period of his birth, lemnized in the Fleet Prison, and its Rules, that serious apprehensions were entertained from the year 1686 to 1754, together with that it would be impossible to rear him. It those celebrated at the Mint and May Fair was, in consequence, thought advisable to Chapel; and it having been determined to waive the strict etiquette hitherto maindeposit them for safe custody and easy

re- tained, of having for the royal infant a nobly ference, in the Bishop of London's Re- descended nurse, in favour of one in the gistry, where the others have been for some middle ranks of life, the fine healthy freshtime placed, they have been lately trans- coloured wife of the head-gardener of one of mitted there, under an Order from Lord the palaces.' The Querist knows the etiSidmouth, the Secretary of the Home De- quette of a Lady Governess, as was Lady partment."

Charlotte Finch (Ordinances of Royal As an order has been issued prohibiting Households, p. 127. Lel. Collect. iii. p. Jewels in the Coronets of Peers, and as cer- 183), but he has never heard of dry and tain regulations appeared a few days ago to wet-nurses being (according to etiquette) prevent Knighthood being surreptitiously strictly required to be of noble descent. obtained, an Advocate for adhering to The query is then, whether the paragraph strict propriety in all matters of this kind, is founded upon actual precedent." suggests the necessity of issuing a similar Mr. V. Yonge remarks, “that in looking order or injunction to put an end to the over some family records, he discovered a unwarranted assumption of bearing family Grant of Free Warren, by Edward the Semottoes in gold letters and edges on a deep cond, to Reginald (Yonge) de Chavemes, blue circle, with a gold buckle, &c. in imi- alias Charnes, in the County of Stafford. tation of the Order of the Garter. The Likewise a Grant from Henry the Eighth, circular, or oval method, should be re- to fish in Copmere, as far as a man can stricted to the Orders of Knighthood. See throw a twopenny hatchet.” Should any of vol. LXXVII. ii. p. 627.

our ingenious and Antiquarian CorrespondE. I. C.

says, permit me to correct an ents possess information respeeting that error in the Compendium of the History of family, or point out the source of obtaining Shropshire (p. 211). My ancestor, Col. it, they would oblige our Correspondent. William Carlos, who was a partner in his A YORKSHIRE FEMALE CORRESPONDENT Sovereign's misfortunes after the battle of would be obliged if any Antiquary could Worcester, is there called Col. Careless. inform her ~ what is the reason of the The truth is, his name was altered, and a Cornish Fishermen's Wives, after their coat of arms conferred as a mark of royal Husbands are gone to Sea, calling out, favour, but his name never was Careless be- Eve to the lea, the boats are gone to fore that event. The book entitled Bos- Sea ?' It appears a relic of some antient cobel,' contains some account of the Co- custom, the origin of which is now lost. lonel. Any information of the life of this A custom also prevails in the Western parts Gentleman, or particulars of his family, of Cornwall, of making large bonfires in which formerly resided at Broom-hall, co. some principal part of the Town, parading Stafford, would be esteemed a favour." the streets with lighted torches, and with

A CORRESPONDENT, actuated by a com- garlands of flowers on the head, and thrown passionate regard for the sufferings of the as a scarf over the shoulders, on the Eve brute species, and lamenting in common of Midsummer and St. Peter's day. It was with every feeling mind, the wanton cru- some years back the custom to swing childelties which are so frequently practised with ren over the bonfire when it was nearly out, impunity, earnestly suggests the formation in order, as the old people said, to make of a Society, by, whose united exertions, them grow, also to make them fortunate some check may be applied, if practicable, throughout the following year." to an evil which is equally repugnant to the A CONSTANT Reader would be greatly dictates of humanity, and to the benevolent favoured by obtaining a correct descent of spirit and precepts of the Christian religion. the family of Scudamore of Wilts, before Persons whose sentiments accord with those the younger branch of that family married of the writer on this subject, and who are the heiress of Ewyas, and settled at Homewilling to aid the cause he recommends, are Lacy; and also of the elder branch, which requested to address a few lines to CLERUS, remained in Wil. Ivy Lano, Patornoster-row.

[ 387 ]



For M A Y, 1821.



May 3. Forster, Esq. of Iplelhe, in Salop : AS

S your Reviewer of the admired at what time he removed to Cuin,

Novel of Kenilworth' has con- nor is not known, but the death of tented himself, like most others, with Amicia, Lady Leicester, happened in laudatory remarks upon it, I trust 1560, and is stated by all authori. that a few observations, relative lo ties to have taken place io his house its errors, as well as to the real his there. Ashmole says, that, after that tory of its persons, may be interest- event, le "being a man formerly ading and serviceable to your readers. dicted to bospitality, company, mirth, Posterity will perhaps wonder, in re- and musick, was afterwards observed curring to your pages, that research to forsake all this, with much melan. should have been employed to eluci. choly and pensiveness (some say with date a Novel; but the wonder will madness) pin'd and droop'd away." cease when they consider its merit, If this is true, he must have lanand the fame of its principal charac: guished for fifteen years, as he was ter. But the work betrays carelesg- living in 1575. ness and error, however otherwise He married Anne, daughter of Reelaborate, and no one can fiod fault ginald (or Rainold) Williams, elder with the exposure of wilful misre. brother to John, Lord Williams of presentation. In the course of this Thamet; by whom he bad three letter I shall endeavour to point out sops, Jobn, Robert, aod Hepry: his mistakes in the biography, genealogy, daughter Janette, mentioned in the and time of which the author treats. novel, appears to be the creation of

To commence, therefore, with that fancy, as ao mention whatever is abused and calumniated geotleman, made of her.-Mr. Forster was buAuthony Forster, of Coinvor Hall. ried in Comoor Church, near the One of your Correspondents bas en North wall, uoder a monument of deavoured to trace bis descent, for grey marble, with the brazeo figures which the thanks of every reader of a man in armour, and his wife, are due ; but, although the name of and three sons kneeling behind ber. Anthony occurs in the pedigree of His epitaph, which does not mention the Forsters of Harpden, that per the time of his death, is as follows: son is not the 'Tony' of the Novel.

" Antonius Forster, generis generosa proFrom that family were descended the

pago, Forsters of Aldermaston*, of whom Cumneræ Dominus Bercheriensis erat. Humphrey Forster, esq. was created a Armiger, Armigero prognatus patre Ribaronet, May 20, 1620; he joined the cardo, Parliament in the succeeding troubles, Qui quondam Iplethæ Salopiensis erat. and was active in promoting their Quatuor ex isto fluxerunt & stemmate nati, cause in Berkshire." The author of Ex isto Antonius stemmate quartus erat, • Kenilworth' has unfairly stated, that “ Tony's father was Reeve to + Sir John Williams, of Burfield, marthe Abbot of Abingdon," a fiction ried Elizabeth, daughter and coheir to not immediately detected, because Richard More, of Burfield, Esq. by whom it adds to the supposed attachment he had two sons, Reginald, and John, of that man to the Catholic Reli- created Lord Williams by Queen Mary, gion. The story of his kindling the Lord Chamberlain of the Household to Martyrs' pile must be false. AD

Philip II. ; he was also appointed, 1569, tbony was fourth son to Richard President of the Council in the Princi

pality of Wales, in whicb year be died Pedigree, Harl. MSS, 1081. at Ludlow Castle.


Historical Errors in "Kenilworth."

(Mayi Mente sagax, animo precellens, corpore The author of Kenilworth states promptus;

that Amy, Lady Leicester, was daughEloquii dulcis, ore disertus erat,

ter to Sir Hugh Robsart, of LidcoteIn factis probitas; fuit in sermone vepus.

hall, Devon; the family is correct, tas,

but not the immediate father : this In vultu gravitas, religione fides, In patriam pieras, in egenos grata vo.

was Sir John Robsart, koight, if the Juntas,

concurrence of all genealogists be Accedunt reliquis annumeranda bonis. authority. James Yorke (the blackSi quod cuncta rapit, rapuit non omoia smith of Lincolo), in bis • Union of Lethum ;

Honour,' 1640, (a work, says Fuller, Si quod mors rapuit, vivida fama de. • of singular nise, though he has not dit."

hit the nail on the head in every par. Although the above character is ticular thereio contained,') speaking absurd, (for who ever approached so

of Lord Leicester, bas these words near to the cbaracter of Sir Charles ! He married two wives, the first Grandison ?) it warrants our rejec

was Anne, daughter and heir of Sir tion of the name of “ Tony-fire-ihe. John Robsart, koight, who died witbfaggot."

out issue.' Aubrey calls him Sir John

Robersett; and 'Dugdale expressly Then follows the epitaph of his says, be first married Anne, the wife; from her relationship to the daughter and heir to Sir John Robcourtier of Queen Mary, there is sari, koight.' So much for the Amy some reason to doubt whether she and Hugh of the novel. was the puritan the oovel represents It is remarkable tbat Anthony her to bave been :

Forster is no where directly charged Aona Rainoldo Williams fuit orla pa. with the Countess's deatb, The whole rente,

falls on Varney. In • Leycester's Evasit meritis Armiger ille suis,

Commonwealth,' 1641, 4to, is an acSed ininor huic frater, præstante laude count scarcely differing from that of

Thamensis viguit gloria magna soli.

Ashmole; it is as follows:-"Wheo Armiger ergo pater, Dominus sed avun.

his Lordship was in full hope to culus Anna,

marry her Majesty, and bis owne Clara erat his meritis, claruit Anna suis.

wife stood in his light, as he supCasla viro, studiosa Dei, dilecta propin- posed: hee did but send ber aside, quis,

to the house of his servant Forster Siirpe beata satis, prole beata satis. of Cumner by Oxford, wbere shortly Mater Joannis, mediaque ætate Roberti, after sbee had the chance to fall

Et demun Heurici nobilis ille Parens downe a paire of staires, and so to Cynthia Penelope tumulo clauduntur in break ber neck, but yet without bort

isto. Anna sed hoc tumulo sola sepulta head. But Sir Richard Parney, who

ing the hood that stood upon her jacet."

by commandment remained with her After which appears a tribute to that day alone with one man opely, the accomplishments of Aotbody and had sent away perforce all her Forster :

servants from her, to a market two " Argute resonans, Cithare pretendere miles off, hee (I say) with his mag chordas

can tell how shee died, which man Novit, et Aonià concrepuisse Lyra. being afterward [lakenj for a felGaudebat terre teneras defigere plantas; lony in the Marches of Wales, and Et mirâ pulchras construere arte do. offering to publish the mapoer of

the said murder, was made away priComposità varias linguâ formare loquelas Doctus, et edoctá scribere multa manu. vily in prison.” Varoey died about

the same time in London, crying out Mr. Forster bore, as appears by piteously and blaspheming, saying his escutcheon, the same arms with ihat “all the Devils of Hell did tear the rest of that oame, particularly him in pieces.” of Hanslape (Bucks) and Aldermas.

Jo • Leycester's Ghost,' 410, 1641, tontbree hunters' horns stringed; is this poetical account of the Lady's the chief difference is in his crest, death : as he gives a slag couchant, vulned

My first wife fell downe from a paire of through the neck by an arrow; in staires his side'a martiet for difference. And brake her neck, and so al Cromnet




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