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Earl of Fife. - Scottish Merk.

(Feb. of Papworth Hall in that county. what they should do with their own. What a few years ago was almost This is not under-rating the power wholly a bleak and dreary waste, vo of Princes, who may still do much which indolence, poverty, and distress, as individuals by their own example, without hope, marked the coun- and by countenancing and encourag. tenances of the peasantry, is now ing their subjects lv thiok and act as divided and subdivided by hedges, they approve. Aoy mark of Royal ditches, fences, &c. through ihe united approbation conferred on meritorious efforts of the agriculturist, the pa- individuals would not fail to excite triot, the philanthropist, and a little emulation, upless the whole elements of the planter ; so that the whole is of buman nature should happea to converted into a comparative Para- change their priociples ; ibis would dise, where industry and contentment be of inore real utility on these illumioale the face of every cottager. points than a score of Acts of Parlia

The last I shall refer to at present is ment, if they could be passed for the Earl of Fife; and in mentioning this purpose. bis name, an apology may perhaps be That others may be excited to fol. requisite for my absolute inability to low such examples, till our country do justice to his Lordship's extensive has attained a pitch of happioess and and varied, oroamental and useful, ex. prosperity hitherto unknowo, is the pensive yet profitable, improvements ardent prayer of

T. M. T. on his estates, in the counties of Moray,Bamff, and Aberdeen, or to his zeal, * We regret that our limiis will not indefatigable perseverance, and per

admit the insertion of the whole article ; sonal alleation in conductivg them.

but the remainder, which is the argumenI would farther observe, that these tative part, shall appear in our next. extensive improvements have been hitherto carried on with little more


Feb. 15. than half of his lale uncle's fortune ; IN

N Mr. Pegge's Miscellanea Curi. though he has now recovered in the

alia, under the article “ Hang. Court of Session the other parts of man's wages,” the following passage his property, after a long protracted

occurs, relative to the value of the litigation, the surprise of his friends Scottish Merk, or, as Mr. P. calls it,

Mark. and agents at his Lordship's very un. expected legal knowledge displayed “The Scottish mark (oot ideal or noin these matters, is surpassed only minal money, like our mark) was a silver by the admiration of his intrepid coin, in value thirteen pence halfpenny conduct and personal bravery in the and two placks, or two thirds of a penny';

This, Fort of Matlagorda at the siege of which plack is likewise a coin. Cadiz by the French, when shot and their pound, which is tweniy pence, as

their mark, bears the same proportion to shells were falling like hailstones

our mark does to our pound or twenty among the living, and on the mangled, shillings, being two thirds of it. By these limbs of the dead, while he, fearless divisions and subdivisions of their pevoy of danger, with unruffled composure, (for they have a still smaller piece, called excited his countrymen to deeds of a bodel, or half plack) they can reckon valour in that well-fought though with the greatest minuteness, and buy unsuccessful conflict.

much less quantities of any article than Much bas also been done by other we can." persons for the relief of the distressed, In this passage there is a trifling inby encouraging the fisheries, as well accuracy, which I beg to correct. The as agricultural improvements; yet

value of the Scottish merk was thirstill much remains to be done, that teen pence and one plack, or one third can be effected ouly by individual of a peong, which is equal to thirteen impulse, and natural stimulation. In- shillings and four pence, the value of deed it must be done freely, it must the English mark, or two thirds of u be done voluntarily, or it will not be pound. The half merk was in value done at all; for Goveroment cannot six pence halfpenny and one bodle, or interfere with private property. The ' six pence and two thirds of a penny, hereditary lapаholder, who may per- there being six bodles, or three placks haps be in possession of a whole in a penny. This was equivalent to coudly, may occupy it, if he choose, six shillings and eight pence of our as a buoling park; for Government money, which is one third of a pound. cannol utlempt to dictate to individuals



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1821.) Account of Rendlesham Church, Suffolk.


16, 1488, on the presentation of the said

Thos. Falstaff, esq. (Concluded from p. 10.) ·

JOHN STANHOUSE occurs Rector From the Register of the Lord 1539, and was buried at Rendlesham, Bishop of Norwich.

Sept. 26, 1543.

WILLIAM WISEMAN occurs Rector here HIS Rectory, in the Pope's or

at Bp. Hoptoo's Visitation, 1555. He

was also Rector of one of the Thorna was valued at 37 marks; but in the

hams. Dew one or last, made 26 Hen. VIII.

WALTER WILLET was instituted Oct. 1, at 241. 138, 4d. and the tenths are

1558, on the presentation of Thos. Howard, 9. 98. 4d.

Duke of Norfolk, Lord of Colvylle's.-Ia Rectors.

the certificate to Abp. Parker, it is said of ROBERT DE LAmper was instituted July him, " non residel, non hospitalis !3, 1304, on the presentation of Sir Jobn CHRISTOPHER Homes was instituted July de Holbrook, knt. Lord of Colvylles. 13, 1572, on the presentation of Queen

Joan Oliver was instituted Oct. 4, 1306, Elizabeth. Sed non tenuit. on the presentation of the Lady Alice de NICHOLAS Cook was instituted Feb. 19, Holbrook,

1572-3, on the presentation of William SAYER SULLIARD was instituted May 3, Dyx and Jobn Blennerhasset, esgrs. trus1319, on the presentation of Sir John de tees of Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk. Holbrook.

Nicholas Cook was instituted July 11, GODFRY LUMKIN DE BRAUNFORD was in. 1583, on the presentation of Philip Hon. stilated July 13, 1332, on the presenta ard, Earl of Arundel. tion of Sir Thomas de Holbrook.

EDWARD EGERWORTH habuit Rectoriam Joux Caperox, or CAPRON, was instituted Rendlesham sibi concessam per breve de April 22, 1349, on the presentation of the privato Sigillo, July 24, 1583. Sed non same Sir Thomas ; and by his Will, dated tenuit. on the Feast of St. Mary Magdalen, 1375, William PEMBERTON, S.T.B, was instihe bequeaths bis body to be buried in tuted Nov. 13, 1584, on the presentation the chancel here, before the image of St. of the said Earl of Arundel, and buried in Gregory; and gare 40s. towards making Rendlesham chaocel, Oct. 24, 1598. He a tabernacle for the said image, and 10s. was also Rector of Ufford. for erectiog of a Cross at the division of ALEXANDER Revell, M. A. exhibuit Rethe King's highway between Tunstall and verendo Patri Domino Episcopo præsenta. Kendlesham; and probably the monu- tionem Domioæ Reginæ ad Rectoriam de ment of the Priest in the chancel was to Rendlesham in Comitalu Suffolciæ jam the memory of this Caperon.

vacantem, et ad regiam præsentationem Joos Hexdy was instituted May 29, pleno jure, spectanlem, Jan. 17, 1598. 1375, on the presentation of Sir John de He was also Rector of Blexball, Chaplain Holbrook.

to Robert, Earl of Sussex, and living 1618. JORN DE FORDHAM was instituted June JOHN OUGHTREED. 20, 1387, on the presentation of Sir John Gervase HUBBALD, Eboracensis, was Palstaff, knt. Lord of Colvylle's. He was

instituted Oct. 11, 1621, on the presentabefore Rector of Westwick in Norfolk, tion of King James I. He was buried in wbich he exchanged with Hendy.

Rendlesham chancel, April 19, 1645. Tuomas COBBE was instituted March 28, WILLIAM REDGRAVE

Rector, 1388, on the presentation of the said Sir 1649, and was buried in the said chancel, Jobn Falstaff. Richard Rendleshain, or 1652. de Rendlesham, gent. gave three acres of

RICHARD HOOK occurs rector 1653. land in Rendlesham to Thos. Cobbe, Rec. BRIAN Smith, S.T. D. was instituted tor there, ad elargiendum clausum mansi sui. Sept. 16, 1660, on the presentation of

ROBERT Regve was instituted April 30, King Charles II. 1425, on the presentation of Maud, the EDMUND STUBB was instituted July 11, relict of Sir Hugh Falstaff, kot. ; and by 1672, on the presentation of King Charles bis Will, proved Oct. 22, 1448, he desired II. He was also Rector of Tunstall, and to be buried in his own chancel.

died in 1679. Joux S18BETON was instituted October EDWARD KEen was instituted Oct. 13, 18, 1449, on the presentation of John 1679, on the presentation of the said King Falstaff of Tunstall, esq.

Charles, and died June 17, 1697. Joux Clux was instituted June 20, 1459, JOSIAS Alsop, S. T. B. was instituted on the presentation of King Henry VI. Aug. 25, 1698, on the presentation of

WILLIAM MERSE was instituted July 24, King William III. He was also Rector of 1474, on the presentation of Thomas Fal- Sudborne, with Orford annexed.

LAWRENCE ECHARD, M. A. Archdeacon GENT. MAG. February, 1891.



staff, esq.


106 Account of Rendlesham Church, Suffolk. [Feb. of Stow, was instituted Oct. 2, 1722, on and in the centre of each of them the the presentation of King George I. letters 1. H. S. encompassed by a

James D'Eygley, instituted Nov. 11, glory. 1730, on the presentation of King George Leonard Maw, a younger son of

Simon Maw, above mentioned, was Eden Howard, instituted: March 15, born in this parish in 1573, Master of 1744, on the presentation of the said King Peter House, and afterwards Master George II. He was Rector of Chillisford.

SAMUEL Henlby, instituted April 16, of Trinity College in the University 1782, on the presentation of King George of Cambridge, and in five years' (II.

time discharged that foundation from CUTHBERT Henley, M. A. instituted a great debi. He was Chaplain to June 10, 1816, on the preseniation of King Charles I. while he was Prince King George 111. (present Rector.) of Wales, and waited on him in Spain,

by whom he was made Bishop of Bath Benefaclions.

and Wells in 1628. He was a good Before the reign of Heory VIII. scholar, grave preacher, mild man, there did belong to this parish a town genteel in his deportment, and died house, with two acres and a half of at Chiswick, Sept. 2, 1629 *. land. The house was burnt down ;

In this parish was born, July 28, but by whom the same was given, and baptised August 20, 1754, Wiland for what use is not known.

liam Henry Nassau, Earl of Rochford, John Freer of Orford, by his will, Viscount Tunbridge, and Baron of bearing date June 18, 1520, desised Eufield, son of the Hon. Richard Sato the Church of Readlesham three vage Nassau, and of her Grace Anne, acres of meadow lying in Rendlesham, Duchess Dowager of Hamilton and holden by the copy of Court Roll of Brandon, and daughter of Edward the manor of Lowdham Hall, for the Spencer of Rendlesham, esq. The payment of the King's Taske; the family estate of the Spencers descendChurch wardens to do it; and lo keep ed from the Duchess of Hamilton to once in a year a dirge and mass for her son. Lord Archibald Hamilton, him and his friends. These lands The lale Duke Hamilton, by whoin it were exchanged with Thos. Mawe,

was sold, and afterwards purchased gent. in 1615, for the present town by Sir George Wombwell, bart, and lands lying now in Soape; and the by himn sold to the late P. S. Thellususes then settled were for the pay- sou, afterwards created Baron Renment of the King's Taske, the repa- dlesham of Reodlesham, by whom the ration of the Church, and mainte- house was considerably enlarged, and dance of the Poor.

the property much added to by sucJoho Spencer, esq. by his will, cessive purchases. He died in Sept. dated Aug. 1, 1706, gave 201. towards

1808, aod was succeeded by John, repairiog the body of the Church and tbe present and second Lord. bells; 101. towards repairing of the In Camden's Britannia it is said, chancel ; and did devise half an acre, that Redwald, King of the East purchased of Robert Miles, lying Aogles, commonly kept his Court within Rendleshain town land in here; he was the first of all that peoSnape, to the trustees of Rendlesham ple that was baptized and received and their heirs for ever, to the same Christianity : but afterwards being uses that Rendlesham town land there seduced by his wife, as Bede expresses is limited. He also paved the nave it, in the self-same Church, he had of the Church with Newcastle stone. one Allar for the Religion of Christ, -Elizabeth Spencer, his widow, gave and anolher little altar for the sacria silver salver and sacramental plate fices of devils. Suidhelmus, also, to this Church, in 1712, weighing King of the East Angles, was after15ļoz. adorned with her Arms, Ar- wards baptised in this place by Cedda gent three Catherine wheels within a the Bishop border ingrailed Sable, impaled with

Bishop Gibson, in his Edition of Spencer, all within a lozenge, and Camden, gays, that in digging here enriched with a pretty compartment. about 30 years since, there was found Mary Andalusia, late Baroness Red

an antieni Crowo, weighing about 60 dlesham, also gave to this Church a bunces, which was thought to have silver flaggon with cover, a silver belonged to Redwald, or some other paten and chalice, and a silver offering dish with neatly embossed edges,

* Ath, Oxon, vol. I. 781.


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