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Página 27 - Kynge Henry the eyght. Imprynted at London in Flete Strete at the Sygne of the Sonne by Wynkyn de Worde".
Página iv - SOCIETY desire it to be understood that they are not answerable for any opinions or observations that may appear in the Society's publications; the Editors of the several Works being alone responsible for the same.
Página 213 - LOVE me little, love me long, Is the burden of my song. Love that is too hot and strong Burneth soon to waste: Still, I would not have thee cold, Not too backward, nor too bold; Love that lasteth till 'tis old Fadeth not in haste. Love me little, love me long, Is the burden of my song.
Página 253 - THE CHESTER PLAYS. A Collection of Mysteries founded upon Scriptural Subjects, and formerly represented by the Trades of Chester at Whitsuntide, edited by THOMAS WRIGHT, Vol.
Página 214 - While that life endures : Nay, and after death, in sooth, I to thee will keep my truth, As now when in my May of youth This my love assures. Love me little, love me long, &c.
Página 203 - A Theatre wherein be represented as well the Miseries and Calamities that follow the Voluptuous Worldlings as also the greate Joyes and Plesures which the Faithful do enjoy. An Argument both Profitable and Delectable to all that sincerely loue the AVord of God. Deuised by S. John Vander Noodt.
Página 210 - Wherefore, Sir Pope, In England you have lost your hope. Curse on, spare not, Your knights are like to go to pot; and ends with a defiance: Now do I end, I came to show you as a friend: Whether blesse or curse You send to me, I am not the worse. To the same tune and in the same style is A Lamentation from Rome how the Pope doth bewayle That Rebelles in England can not prevayle...
Página 13 - The Courte of Venus, newly and diligently corrected, with many proper ballades, newly amended, and also added thereunto, whiche have not before bene imprinted," has come down to us. It consisted of love songs and light productions in verse, which occasioned some scandal at the time; and it was severely censured by divines as early as 1572, when Edward Dering denounced it from the pulpit as one of " the lewd books
Página 214 - I will it restore. A suit of durance let it be For all weathers that for me, For the land or for the sea, Lasting evermore. Love me little, love me long, &c.
Página 156 - A new Enterlude, never before this ' tyme imprinted, entreating of the Life and Repentaunce of Marie

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