Beispielsammlung zur Theorie und Literatur der Schönen Wissenschaften: Bd. Beispeiele prosaischer Schriftsteller I. Abth. Briefe. Gespräche. Abhandelnde Schfriftsteller. II. Abth. Historische Schrifsteller. Geschichteschreiber. Redner

F. Nicolai, 1794
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Seite 402 - with very whimfical burdens compofed of darts and flames; but what was very odd, though they fighed as if their hearts would break under thefe bundles of calamities, they could not perfuade themfelves to caft them into the heap, when they came up to it; but after a few
Seite 403 - of his paflions, prejudices, and frailties. I took notice in particular of a very profligate fellow , who I did not queftion came loaden with his crimes; but upon fearching into his bundle, I found that inftead of throwing his guilt from him, he had only laid
Seite 119 - laws, would prove of fmall ufe, if there were no examples to enforce them. To attack vices in the abftract, without touching perfons, may be fafe fighting indeed, but it is fighting with fhadows. General propofitions are obfcure, mifty, and uncertain, compared with plain, full and home examples: precepts only apply to our reafon, which in
Seite 405 - beard and had like to have knocked his brains out; fo that meeting the true father, who came towards him with a fit of the gripes, he begged him to take his Fon again, and give back his cholic; but they were incapable either of them to recede from the choice they had made. A poor
Seite 406 - not omit my own particular adventure. My friend with the long vifage had no fooner taken upon him my fhort face, but he made fuch a grotefque figure in it, that as I looked upon him I could not forbear laughing at myfelf,
Seite 403 - of it, which now appeared to me in its utmoft aggravation. The immoderate breadth of the features made me very much out of humour with my own countenance; upon, •which I threw it from me (like a malk. It happened very
Seite 395 - have fomething both fublime and juft, amazing and agreeable. There muft be a great agitation of mind to invent, a great agitation: of mind to invent, a great calm to judge and correct; there muft be upon the fame tree, and at the fame time, both flower and fruit. To work up this metal into
Seite 131 - may have the worft confequences upon the peace of any ftate. As to what is called a revolution - principle, my opinion was this: That whenever thofe evils which ufually attend and follow a violent change of government, were not in probability fo pernicious as the grievance we fuffer under a prefent power, then the
Seite 411 - to a kind of momentary jollity, by the help of wine and riot, and confider it as the firft bufmefs of the night to ftupify recollection, and lay that reafon afleep, which difturbs their gaiety, and calls upon them to retreat from ruin. But this poor broken fatisfaction is of
Seite 122 - of that approbation. But if it be the will of God, (which, I know, will alfo be yours) that we muft feparate; I hope it will be better for you than it can be for me, You are fitter to live, or to die, than any man I know. Adieu,

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