The Day of Doom: Or, A Poetical Description of the Great and Last Judgment : with Other Poems

American News Company, 1867 - 119 páginas

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Página 71 - Would you have griev'd to have receiv'd through Adam so much good, As had been your for evermore, if he at first had stood? Would you have said, 'We ne'er obey'd nor did thy laws regard; It ill befits with benefits, us, Lord, to so reward?
Página 24 - No heart so bold, but now grows cold And almost dead with fear: No eye so dry, but now can cry, And pour out many a tear. Earth's potentates and pow'rful states, Captains and men of might Are quite abasht, their courage dasht At this most dreadful sight.
Página 110 - Threatnings might it fray, All these, and more, had still surviving been: But all are gone, for Death will have no Nay. Such is this World with all her Pomp and Glory, Such are the men whom worldly eyes admire: Cut down by Time, and now become a Story, That we might after better things aspire. Go boast thy self of what thy heart enjoyes, Vain Man!
Página 26 - Both sea and land, at His command, Their dead at once surrender: The fire and air constrained are Also their dead to tender. The mighty word of this great Lord Links body and soul together Both of the just, and the unjust, To part no more forever. 19 The same translates, from mortal states To immortality, All that survive, and be alive, I...
Página 70 - If he had stood, then all his brood had been established In God's true love never to move, nor once awry to tread ; Then all his Race my Father's Grace should have enjoy'd for ever, And wicked Sprites by subtile sleights could them have harmed never.
Página 71 - Since then to share in his welfare, you could have been content, You may with reason share in his treason, and in the punishment. Hence you were born in state forlorn, with natures so depraved; Death was your due because that you had thus yourselves behaved. "You think, 'If we had been as he, whom God did so betrust, We to our cost would ne'er have lost all for a paltry lust.
Página 23 - Viewing this light, which shines more bright then doth the Noon-day Sun. Straightway appears (they see't with tears) the Son of God most dread; Who with his Train comes on amain To Judge both Quick and Dead. Before his face the Heav'ns gave place, and Skies are rent asunder, With mighty voice, and hideous noise, more terrible than Thunder.
Página 21 - Still was the night, Serene and Bright, when all Men sleeping lay; Calm was the season, and carnal reason thought so 'twould last for ay. Soul, take thine ease, let sorrow cease, much good thou hast in store: This was their Song, their Cups among, the Evening before.
Página 73 - A crime it is, therefore in bliss you may not hope to dwell; But unto you I shall allow the easiest room in Hell. The glorious King thus answering, they cease, and plead no longer: Their Consciences must needs confess his Reasons are the stronger.
Página 81 - For day and night, in their despite, Their torment's smoke ascendeth; Their pain and grief have no relief, Their anguish never endeth. There must they lie and never die, Though dying every day; There must they, dying, ever lie. And not consume away.

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