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This edition has been carefully read with the former, and again compared with the Public Advertisers, in order to render these elegant written papers ftill more correct, and to obtain the same opinion in favour of this edition of the Letters of JUNIUS (from the press of Dryden Leach and George Bigg) as hath been shewn by the Public to the two preceding editions.


A Monody, or the Tears of Sedition, on the

supposed death of Junius, by Poetikastos 53 Letter X. Junius's answer to the Monody.

A vindication of his own conduct 55 Letter XI. Junius to Mr. Edward Weston,

on his defence of Macquirk’s pardon 56 Letter XII. Junius to the Duke of Grafton

on his conduct, and the Middlesex election 58 LETTER XIII. Junius to the Duke of Graf

ton, on his character and conduct, as a subject of curious speculation

64 Letter XIV. To the same in continuation 74 Letter XV. Junius on the expulsion of

Mr. Wilkes, and subsequent appointment of Mr. Luttrell

83 Letter XVI. Junius to Dr. Williams

Blackstone, in answer to his letter to Sir
William Meredith's pamphlet, entitled,
The Question stated, on the nature of ex-

pulsion from the house of commons 90 Postscript to a Pamphlet intitled, An Answer

to the Question flated, supposed to be writ-
ten by Dr. Blackstone, in answer to Ju-
nius's letter

97 Letter XVII. Junius's reply to a Poft

fcript subjoined to An Answer to the Question
eftcted, on expulsion creating an incapacity
of being re-elected



Page LETTER XVIII. Junius in explanation of

some passages misunderstood in his last letter


115 Letter XIX. Junia's challenge to Junius 117 Letter XX. Junius in answer to Junia 122 LETTER XXI. Junius to the Duke of Bedford

on his character and conduct, minifterial

quarrels, and intrigues of the cabinet 123 Letter XXII. Sir William Draper to Junius, on seeing a republication of these Letters.

Calls upon him to prove his charge against him with respect to the Manilla ransom

134 LETTER XXIII. Junius to Sir William

Draper, in vindication of his conduct
with regard to Sir William, and hoping
to conclude this correspondence

137 Letter XXIV. Sir William Draper's Word

at parting to Junius, wherein he reflects
on Junius's Letter to the Duke of Bed-
ford, and endeavours to vindicate that
nobleman's character

142 LETTER XXV. Junius in support of his

character of the Duke of Bedford against

the reflections of Sir William Draper 147 Letter XXVI. Junius on the rescue of Major General Gansel

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Page Letter XXVII. Frances in vindication of

the Duke of Bedford's munificence 162 Letter XXVIII. Junius applauds Frances

in advancing one benevolent action by the Duke of Bedford

164 Letter XXIX. Modestus to Junius, on his

challenging any tool of administration to defend the conduct of the ministry.--A

Defence of general Gansel's rescue 195 Letter XXX. Junius in answer to Modestus

170 Letter XXXI. Junius to the Duke of Graf

ton, charging him with having sold a pa

tent place in the customs at Exeter 172. Letter XXXII. Junius to the same, in

confirmation of the above charge. Character of Colonel Burgoyne

174 Letter XXXIII. Junius to the King, repre

senting the state of the nation, and his Majesty's situation with respect to the acts

of government, and conduct of ministers 158 Letter XXXIV. Junius to the Duke of

Grafton.-Retrospect on his conduct 2ce Letter XXXV. Junius on his Majesty's

answer to the Remonftrance of the city of London, considered as the minister's answer



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