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1871. Dec. 5.–Agricultural congress at Selma, Alabama.

6.-National Board of Trade meets at St. Louis. " 11.—Expense of the United States Census reported to be $3,287,600. " 14. --The Apportionment Bill passed by Congress, the House to consist of 283 meinbers.

18.--Bill introduced into Congress to incorporate a Company who are to girdle the earth with a telegraph,

20.-Gold 1088; the lowest since 1862. " 27.—Tweed, of the New York Ring, disappears. " 30.-The New York Ring entirely broken up.

Some imprisoned. 1872. Feb. 2.-Congress reports a bill for carrying into effect

the treaty with Great Britain. March 28.--The Tariff Bill passes the United States Sen

ate. The income tax is abolished. April 2.-Death of Prof. S. F. B. Morse, aged 81 years. June 4.—Passage of the Tax and Tariff Bill, causing a diminution in the revenue of $53,000,000. 66 17.—Grand Musical Festival and Peace Jubilee at Boston; 2000 instruments, 20,000 singers. “ 20.-Indirect claims ruled out by Geneva Board. United States Government assents. July 29.--Geneva Tribunal decides in favor of the United States in the Florida case.

31.—Two new asteroids discovered by Dr. Peters at Utica. Aug. 23.–First vessel of Japan to an American port

reaches San Francisco. Sept. 6.—The Geneva Board conclude their arbitrament.

"14.-Geneva award announced-$15,500,000 in gold., Oct. 21.-Verdict of Emperor William of Germany on the San Juan question, in favor of the United States. 9–10.--The great fire in Boston. 80 acres burned

Loss $80,000,000. Nov. 29.-Death of Horace Greeley, aged 61 years. 1873. Jan. 2.-Militia preparing to attack the Modocs in Ore


6.-Opening of testimony in Credit Mobilier trial. 7.-Stokes sentenced to be hung Feb. 28.

27.–First repeal of the Franking Privilege. Feb. 6.—Discovery of a planet of the tenth magnitude

by Dr. Peters, of Clinton, N. Y. March 2.—Passage of “Salary Grab.”




1873. April 1.- Steamship "Atlantic” wrecked off Nova Sco

tia; 546 lives lost. April 11.-Gen. E. R. S. Canby and Rev. E. Thomas, D. D., treacherously murdered by the Modoc Indians at a peace conference in Northern California.

30.—Three acres of the business part of Boston
May 9.-Loss of the steamer Polaris, and death of Capt.

June 5.-Arrival of the Polaris' survivors in Washing-
Sept. 18.--Suspension of Jay Cooke & Co.

19.-Failure of nineteen banking firms in New
York and eleven in Philadelphia.
Oct. 31.-Capture of the Steamer Virginius by the Span-

ish gun-boat Tornado, near Jamaica. Nov. 4-1.-Massacre of many of the officers and passengers of the Virginius.

14.-United States war steamers sailed for Cuban waters.

27.-The Hoosic Tunnel opened. Dec. 8.---Repeal of the Tron-clad Oath in the United States House of Representatives.

11.-Sen. Carpenter, of Wisconsin, elected pro tem. President of the United States Senate.

14.--Death of Prof. Agassiz. 1874. Jan. 10.—The miners' revolt at Pottsville, Pa. 9000 men

protest against the monopolists.

13.--Political excitements in Louisiana. Feb. 7.-Women's temperance crusade begins in Ohio.

11.-Grangers' National Convention at St. Louis. March 8.--Ex-president Millard Fillmore died.

11.-Death of Sen. Sumner. April 15.-Destructive floods in the Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers. 21.--Grant vetoes the Finance Bill.

--A pitched battle fought between the Brooks and Baxter forces in Arkansas. May 5.-Two hundred thousand people made homeless by the Louisiana floods.

8.-Devout Catholics, of New York, prepare for a pilgrimage. * 17.-—Bursting of Goshen (Mass.) reservoir. 150 lives lost; $1,500,000 worth of property destroyed.

22.--United States Senate passes the Civil Rights

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1874. June 10.-Military ordered to scene of Hocking Valley

(Ohio) coal strikers.

24.-Fall of church in Syracuse, N. Y. 20 killed, 150 wounded. July 1.-Abduction of Charlie Ross at Germantown.

4.-Opening of the Great Bridge at St. Louis.

7.-Serious outbreak of Comanches and Cheyennes in Indian Territory. " 14.-Second great conflagration in Chicago. " 27.-Great flood in Pittsburg. Immense loss of life. Aug. 22.-Serious riot between the whites and blacks

at Lancaster, Ky. Sept. 14.-Insurrection in Louisiana. Attempt to over

throw the State Government. 20 persons killed. Oct. 15.-Unveiling of Lincoln Statue at Sprinfield, Ill.

24.-Heavy mercantile fáilures in Boston. Nov. 1.-Riot at Pottsville, Pa. " 17.-Terrible fires raging in the coal mines under Pittsburg, Pa. “ 29.-Arrival of King Kalakaua in San Francisco. Dec. 7.–Vicksburg is attacked by 700 negroes who are defeated, with 20 killed.

9.--The transit of Venus. 1875. Jan. 4.-Louisiana Legislature taken possession of by

United States troops.

5.-Opening of Beecher-Tilton trial.

26.–Attempt to burn the Navy Department at
Feb. 6.--Civil Rights Bill passed by United States
House of Representatives.

24.-Colorado admitted as a State.
" 26.-Ann Eliza Young obtains a divorce from
Brigham Young, with alimony.
March 15.-Archbishop McCloskey created a Cardinal.

16.--Virginius matter settled with Spain for $80,000 in gola.

28.-The fifth anniversary of the American Tract Society, celebrated in New York. April 23.-Lieut. Henley fights the Red Skins in Kan

27 killed.
" 26.--Fifty-sixth anniversary of "I. O. O. F."
May 10.-Gigantic whisky frauds brought to light by

Secretary Bristow.
June 10.-The new cable of the “Direct United States

Cable Co." completed.


1875. June 17.-Great demonstration in Boston at anniversary

of Battle of Bunker Hill.

18.-Slight shock of earthquake through parts of Ohio and Indiana. July 2.—Disagreement of jury in Beecher trial. Nine

for acquittal; three for conviction.



1789-97. 8 YEARS.


1789. George Washington, Virginia, President.

John Adams, Massachusetts, Vice President.

1797-1801. 4 YEARS.


1797. John Adams, Massachusetts, President.

Thomas Jefferson, Virginia, Vice President.

1801-9. 8 YEARS.


1801. Thomas Jefferson, Virginia, President.

Aaron Burr, New York, Vice President. 1805. George Clinton, New York, Vice President.

1809-17. 8 YEARS.


1809. James Madison, Virginia, President.

George Clinton, New York, Vice President. 1813. Elbridge Gerry, Massachusetts, Vice President.

1817-25. 8 YEARS.


1817. James Monroe, Virginia, President.

Daniel D. Tompkins, New York, Vice President.

1825-29. 4 YEARS.


1825. John Q. Adams, Massachusetts, President.

John C. Calhoun, South Carolina, Vice President.


1829-37. 8 YEARS.

1829. Andrew Jackson, Tennessee, President.

John C. Calhoun, South Carolina, Vice President. 1833. Martin Van Buren, New York, Vice President.


1837-41. 4 YEARS.

1837. Martin Van Buren, New York, President.

-Richard M. Johnson, Kentucky, Vice President.


1841-45. 4 YEARS.

1841. William H. Harrison, Ohio, President.

John Tyler, Virginia, Vice President.

Became Pres'te


1845–49. 4 YEARS.

1845. James K. Polk, Tennessee, President.

George M. Dallas, Pennsylvania, Vice President.


1849–53. 4 YEARS.

1849. Zachary Taylor, Louisiana, President. 1850. Millard Fillmore, New York, Vice Prest. Became Prest.


1853–57. 4 YEARS.

1853. Franklin Pierce, New Hampshire, President,

Wm. R. King, Alabama, Vice Pres't. (Died April 18.)


1857-61. 4 YEARS.

1857. James Buchanan, Pennsylvania, President.

John C. Breckinridge, Kentucky, Vice President.




1861. Abraham Lincoln, Illinois, Pres't. (Assassinated 1865.)

Hannibal Hamlin, Maine, Vice President. 1865. Andrew Johnson, Tennessee, Vice Prest. Became Prest.


1869–77. 8 YEARS.

1869. Ulysses S. Grant, Illinois, President.

Schuyler Colfax, Indiana, Vice President. 1873. Henry Wilson, Massachusetts, Vice President.

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