The Strand Magazine, Volume 65

G. Newnes, 1923

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Página 489 - From all evil and mischief ; from sin, from the crafts and assaults of the devil ; from thy wrath, and from everlasting damnation, Good Lord, deliver us.
Página 457 - I have a technical objection to making sexual infatuation a tragic theme. Experience proves that it is only effective in the comic spirit. We can bear to see Mrs Quickly pawning her plate for love of Falstaff, but not Antony running away from the battle of Actium for love of Cleopatra.
Página 224 - When I have written to this man and told him that I hold him criminally responsible for the poisons which he circulates, we will have no more trouble. But it may recur. Others may find a better way. There is danger there — a very real danger to humanity. Consider, Watson, that the material] the sensual, the worldly would all prolong their worthless lives. The spiritual would not avoid the call to something higher. It would be the survival of the least fit. What sort of cesspool may not our poor...
Página 222 - It's surely time that I disappeared into that little farm of my dreams. Look out, Watson ! Here he is ! We shall have the chance of seeing for ourselves.
Página 376 - See, what a grace was seated on this brow; Hyperion's curls; the front of Jove himself; An eye like Mars, to threaten and command; A station like the herald Mercury, New-lighted on a heaven-kissing hill; A combination, and a form, indeed, Where every god did seem to set his seal, To give the world assurance of a man : This was your husband.
Página 224 - When one tries to rise above Nature one is liable to fall below it. The- highest type of man may revert to the animal if he leaves the straight road of destiny.
Página 224 - ... special reasons for the treatment, I would none the less enjoin caution, as my results have shown that it is not without danger of a kind. It is possible that the serum of anthropoid would have been better. I have, as I explained to you, used black-faced langur because a specimen was accessible. Langur is, of course, a crawler and climber, while anthropoid walks erect and is in all ways nearer.
Página 219 - Mercer is since your time," said Holmes. "He is my general utility man who looks up routine business. It was important to know something of the man with whom our professor was so secretly corresponding. His nationality connects up with the Prague visit.
Página 212 - A dog reflects the family life. Whoever saw a frisky dog in a gloomy family, or a -sad dog in a happy one ? Snarling people have snarling dogs, dangerous people have dangerous ones. And their passing moods may reflect the passing moods of others.
Página 211 - The relations between us in those latter days were peculiar. He was a man of habits, narrow and concentrated habits, and I had become one of them. As an institution I was like the violin, the shag tobacco, the old black pipe, the index books, and others perhaps less Vol Uv.

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