Ticknor and Fields, 1856 - 284 Seiten

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Seite 253 - THE world goes up and the world goes down, And the sunshine follows the rain ; And yesterday's sneer and yesterday's frown Can never come over again, Sweet wife ; No, never come over again. For woman is warm though man be cold, And the night will hallow the day ; Till the heart which at even was weary and old Can rise in the morning gay, Sweet wife ; To its work in the morning gay.
Seite 235 - Though storms be sudden, and waters deep, And the harbor bar be moaning. Three corpses lay out on the shining sands In the morning gleam as the tide went down, And the women are weeping and wringing their hands For those who will never come...
Seite 233 - O Mary, go and call the cattle home, And call the cattle home, And call the cattle home Across the sands of Dee!
Seite 278 - The merry brown hares came leaping Over the crest of the hill, Where the clover and corn lay sleeping Under the moonlight stilL Leaping late and early, Till under their bite and their tread The swedes, and the wheat, and the barley, Lay cankered, and trampled and dead. A poacher's widow sat sighing On the side of the white chalk bank, Where under the gloomy fir-woods One spot in the ley throve rank.
Seite 112 - Oh! that we two were Maying Down the stream of the soft spring breeze; Like children with violets playing In the shade of the whispering trees. Oh ! that we two sat dreaming On the sward of some sheep-trimmed down, Watching the white mist steaming Over river and mead and town. Oh! that we two lay sleeping In our nest in the churchyard sod, With our limbs at rest on the quiet earth's breast, And our souls at home with God!
Seite 289 - PROFUNDIS. With Portrait. Price 75 cents. BIOGRAPHICAL ESSAYS. Price 75 cents. MISCELLANEOUS ESSAYS. Price 75 cents. THE CAESARS. Price 75 cents. LITERARY REMINISCENCES. 2 Vols. Price $1.50. NARRATIVE AND MISCELLANEOUS PAPERS. 2 Vols. Price $1.50. ESSAYS ON THE POETS, &c. 1 vol. 16mo. 75 cents. HISTORICAL AND CRITICAL ESSAYS. 2 vols.
Seite 280 - When, packed in one reeking chamber, Man, maid, mother, and little ones lay ; While the rain pattered in on the rotting bride-bed, And the walls let in the day. " When we lay in the burning fever On the mud of the cold clay floor, Till you parted us all for three months, squire, At the dreary workhouse door.
Seite 276 - But Scripture saith, an ending to all fine things must be; So the King's ships sailed on Aves, and quite put down were we. All day we fought like bulldogs, but they burst the booms at night; And I fled in a piragua, sore wounded, from the fight.
Seite 281 - She looked at the tuft of clover, And wept till her heart grew light ; And at last, when her passion was over, Went wandering into the night. But the merry brown hares came leaping Over the uplands still, Where the clover and corn lay sleeping On the side of the white chalk hill.
Seite 275 - Spanish main. There were forty craft in Aves that were both swift and stout, All furnished well with small arms and cannons round about ; And a thousand men in Aves made laws so fair and free To choose their valiant captains and obey them loyally.

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