Making Your Case: A Practical Guide to Essay Writing

Rebecca Stott, Rick Rylance, Anna Snaith
Longman, 2000 - 158 páginas
Although the essay is central to achievement in college, it is something that goes on outside the tutorial/seminar rooms and can be difficult for students to grasp. This is a practical book designed to demystify the processes of academic writing through careful explanation and a series of practical and engaging exercises. Making Your Case: A Practical Guide to Essay Writing outlines skills central to academic essay writing, emphasizes drafting, redrafting, adaptation and correction as essential processes in the transformation and communication of ideas and provides a guide to three different systems of referencing currently used in academic writing. The book also contains practical examples and exercises. For the first year college student, or someone preparing to attend college, wishing to increase his/her essay skills.

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Sobre o autor (2000)

Anna Snaith, Lecturer in English, Anglia Polytechnic University

Rick Rylance, Professor of Modern English Literature, Anglia Polytechnic University

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