Report of the Commissioner of Education Made to the Secretary of the Interior for the Year ... with Accompanying Papers, Volume 1

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1907
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Página 8 - The power to provide instruction under the Elementary Education Acts, 1870 to 1900, shall, except where those Acts expressly provide to the contrary, be limited to the provision in a public elementary school of instruction given under the regulations of the Board of Education to scholars who, at the close of the school year, will not be more than sixteen years of age...
Página 8 - elementary school " means a school or department of a school at which elementary education is the principal part of the education there given, and does not include any school or department of a school at which the ordinary payments in respect of the instruction, from each scholar, exceed ninepence a week.
Página 325 - ... in every school year to ascertain whether he is suffering from defective sight or hearing or from any other disability or defect tending to prevent his receiving the full benefit of his school work...
Página 447 - An institution to be ranked as a college must have at least six professors giving their entire time to college and university work, a course of four full years in liberal arts and sciences, and should require for admission not less than the usual four years of academic or high school preparation, or its equivalent, in addition to the preacademic or grammar school studies.
Página xliv - Papers prepared for the World's library congress held at the Columbian exposition; ed.
Página 9 - The council may also delegate to the education committee, with or without any restrictions or conditions as they think fit, any of their powers under this Act, except the power of raising a rate or borrowing money.
Página 564 - The object of said college of agriculture shall be to improve the agricultural methods of the state, to develop the agricultural resources of the state in the production of crops of all kinds, in the rearing and breeding of live-stock, in the manufacture of dairy and other products, in determining better methods of handling and marketing such products, and in other ways; and to increase intelligence and elevate the standards of living in the rural districts.
Página 124 - Department of the administration for education, (2) the institution of Universities at the Presidency towns, (3) the establishment of institutions for training teachers for all classes of schools, (4) the maintenance of the existing Government colleges and high schools and the increase of their number when necessary, (5) the establishment of new middle schools, (6) increased attention to vernacular schools, indigenous or other, for elementary education ; and (7) the introduction of a system of grantsin-aid.
Página 598 - California, or can not furnish to said board of examiners a certificate from the State board of dental examiners, or similar body of some other State in the United States, showing that he or she has been a licensed practitioner of dentistry in that State for at least five years.
Página xxviii - ... and four: provided, that the cost of such department shall not exceed the sum of five thousand dollars in any one year, and that at least fifteen candidates present themselves for such instruction.

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