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many places where he unqualifiedly gives expression to his belief in the overruling power of divine providence, and of his reliance on God for support and guidance. This feeling evidently strengthened, as he advanced in life. I am one of those who believe that God can and does convert men from the error of their ways, to be living epistles of the truths contained in His word; and that He did touch and turn the heart of Abraham Lincoln, his own words abundantly testify.

That wonderful funeral journey, which has no parallel in human history, except that of the Israelites carrying the body of the patriarch Jacob up out of Egypt, is delineated in detail.

The characteristics which distinguish this book from all others, touching the life of Abraham Lincoln, are: the Map, showing the course of his life and funeral ; and the full and minute account of the building and dedication of the National Lincoln Monument, erected by a grateful people as a visible symbol of their desire to commemorate his virtues.

J. C. P. SPRINGFIELD, ILL., Dec. 1874.

monstrations of rejoicing throughout the loyal States;

Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and demonstrations

of mourning throughout the Union; A striking con-

trast between April 10 and April 15, 1865; Preparations

for the funeral of President Lincoln.

CHAPTER X.......

.... 113

Commencement of funeral services at the Executive Man.

sion, and in the Rotunda of the Capitol of the nation,

on the nineteenth of April–also at towns and cities all

over the Union, and in the Dominion of Canada.


... 120

Multitudes view the remains at the Capitol; Preparations

for the Funeral Cortege; Selection of the Guard of

Honor; Congressional Delegation; Illinois Delegation

and others.



Closing scenes at Washington, and departure of the Fu-

neral Cortege; Arrival at Baltimore, and demonstra-

tions of respect and mourning in that city; Journey to

Harrisburg, and manifestations of reverence and sorrow

at that place; From Harrisburg to Philadelphia, and

incidents connected therewith.


The funeral train arrives in New York; Magnificent re-

ception and gorgeous procession; Ceaseless living tide

through the City Hall, for more than twenty-four hours,

night and day, to see the face of the dead President;

Another grand procession escorts the remains through

the streets; Jewish, Catholic and Protestant divines

vie with each other in demonstrations of respect to the

memory of Abraham Lincoln; Oration of George Ban-

croft, Prayer by a Jewis Rabbi, and ode by William

Cullen Bryant, all in Union Square; General Scott at

the depot.



Departure of the train from New York; Demonstrations

opposite West Point, at Poughkeepsie and other places;

torchlight procession across the Hudson river; Arri.

val at Albany; The remains lying in state at the Capi.

tol; Immense number of people visit the remains;

Capture and death of Booth, the assassin; Gigantic

procession escort the remains to the depot; Departure

of the Funeral Cortege.



Incidents of the journey from Albany to Buffalo; A

panorama of torch lights, musical societies and bands,

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