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Página 299 - A good man ther was of religioun, That was a poure PERSONE of a toun : But riche he was of holy thought and werk. He was also a lerned man, a clerk, That Cristes gospel trewely wolde preche. His parishens devoutly wolde he teche. Benigne he was, and wonder diligent, And in adversite ful patient : And swiche he was ypreved often sithes.
Página 365 - Oxford. Third Edition, with Portrait. 6s. Remains of Bishop Copleston. With Reminiscences of his Life. By the Archbishop of Dublin. With Portrait. 10s. 6d. Memoir of Bishop Copleston. By W. J.
Página 364 - Octavo. With 100 Illustrations. 12s. Use and Management of Artificial Teeth. By the same Author. 3s. 6d. Practical Chemistry for Farmers and Landowners.
Página 362 - Labaume's History of Napoleon's Invasion of Russia. 2s. 6d. Historical Sketch of the British Army. By GR GLEIG, MA, ChaplainGeneral to the Forces. 3s. 6d. Family History of England. By the same Author.
Página 363 - Edition. 6s. World of Waters; or, Recreations in Hydrology. By the same Author. 4s. 6d. Recreations in Geology. By the same Author.
Página 363 - With a Map. 4s. The Holy City. By G. WILLIAMS, BD Second Edition, with Illustrations and Additions, and a Plan of Jerusalem. TwoVols. £2 5s. History of the Holy Sepulchre. By PEOFESSOE WILLIS. Reprinted from Williams's 'Holy City.
Página 275 - It may please your grace to understand that witches and sorcerers within these few last years are marvellously increased within your grace's realm. Your grace's subjects pine away, even unto the death ; their colour fadeth, their flesh rotteth, their speech is benumbed, their senses are bereft. I pray God they never practise further than upon the subject.
Página 365 - Wiimorr. 5s. Lives of English Sacred Poets. By the same Author. Two Vols. 9s. Life and Services of Lord Harris. By the Right Hon.
Página 362 - BECKER'S GALLUS ; or, Roman Scenes of the Time of Augustus : with Notes and Excursuses illustrative of the Manners and Customs of the Ancient Romans.
Página 365 - Professor DANIELL. With Plates. Two Volumes. Octavo. 32s. On Thunder Storms, and on the Means of Protecting Buildings and Shipping against the Effects of Lightning. By Sir W. SNOW HAEEIS, FRS 10s. 6d. Connexion of Natural and Divine Truth. By BADEN POWELL, MA, FRS, Professor of Geometry, Oxford. 9s. Undulatory Theory as applied to the Dispersion of Light.

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