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Immediately after the tribulation of days shall the 'sun be darkened, and the shall not give her light, and the stars shall om heaven, and the powers of the " heavens be shaken : And then shall appear the "sign of the Son h in heaven : and then shall all the tribes of

3 kindreds. Co. Ma. Cr. Ud. Bi.

1. vii. 11, 12: I beheld then, because of the voice of the ords which the horn spake: I beheld even till the beast i, and his body destroyed, and given to the burning flame. erning the rest of the beasts, they had their dominion ray: yet their lives were prolonged for a season and time. xiii. 10: The sun shall be darkened in his going forth, moon shall not cause her light to shine. Ezek. I will cover the sun with a cloud, and the moon shall her light. Joel, ii. 10, 31, ii. 15 : The sun and the all be dark, and the stars shall withdraw their shining. hall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, great and the terrible day of the LORD come. Amos. all not the day of the LORD be darkness, and not en very dark, and no brightness in it. do. viii. 9: It e to pass in that day, saith the Lord God, that I will sun to go down at noon, and I will darken the earth ar day. Zeph. i. 15: That day is a day of wrath, a able and distress, a day of wasteness and desolation, arkness and gloominess, a day of clouds and thick

MARK, xiii. 24. Acts, ii. 20 : The words as above .31. Luke, xxi. 25: There shall be signs in the n the moon, and in the stars. Rev. vi. 12: The e black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became

iii. 10: But the day of the LORD will come as a e night, in the which the heavens shall pass away t noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent arth also and the works that are therein shall be

13: I saw in the night visions, and behold, one like man came with the clouds of heaven, and came ent of days, and they brought him near before i. 12: The land shall mourn, every family apart, of the house of David apart, and their wives

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the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory:

31 And he shall · send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.

32 Now learn a parable of the 'fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves,

know that summer is nigh :

33 So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.

34 Verily I say unto you, "This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled. 35 Heaven and earth shall

pass away, words shall not pass away.

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P MAT. xvi. 27: For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels; and then he shall reward every man according to his works. MARK, xiii. 26: And then shall they see the Son of man coming in the clouds with great power and glory. Rev.i. 7: Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him.

4 Mat. xiii. 41: The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom, &c. 1 Cor. xv. 52; At the last trump, (for the trumpet shall sound) and the dead shall be raised, &c. 1 Thes. iv. 16: The Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God.

LÚKE, xxi. 29: And he spake to them a parable ; Behold the fig tree, and all the trees.

JAMES, v. 9: Behold, the judge standeth before the door, * Mat. xvi. 28 : Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom. do. xxiii. 36: Verily I say unto you, All these things shall come upon this generation. MARK, xiii. 30 : Verily I say unto you, that this generation shall not pass, till all these things be done. LUKE, xxi. 32: Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass away till all be fulfilled.

u See on Luke, xvi. 17.


Į But vof that day and hour knoweth no no, not the angels of heaven, "but my only. But as the days of Noe were, so shall also ning of the Son of man be. or as in the days that were before the flood vere eating and drinking, marrying and in marriage, until the day that Noe entered e ark, Ind knew not until the flood came, and nem all away; so shall also the coming of 1 of man be.

9 regarded. Co.

K, xiii. 32: But of that day and that hour knoweth no not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, ather. 1 Thes. v. 2: For yourselves know perfectly day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. 1.10: But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in ; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a se, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the ) and the works that are therein shall be burned

xiv. 7: It shall be one day which shall be known to the t day, nor night; but it shall come to pass, that at me it shall be light. Acts, i. 7: It is not for you the times or the seasons, which the Father hath put - power. 1.3–5: The LORD said, My spirit shall not always man, for that he also is flesh : yet his days shall be and twenty years.

There were giants in the earth ays, and also after that, when the sons of God came daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the ne mighty men, which were of old, men of renown. aw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, ery imagination of the thoughts of his heart was ontinually. do. vii. 5: Noah did according to all RD commanded him. LUKE, xvii. 26: As it was

of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the · 1 Pet. iii. 20: When once the long-suffering ted, in the days of Noah, while the ark was a

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40 Then shall 'two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left.

41 Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left.

42 Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.

43 But know this,lo that if the good man of the house had known in what watch 11 the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken

up 44 Therefore be ye also "ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.

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to pass,

3 LUKE, xvii. 34, &c: I tell you, in that night there shall:be.two men in one bed; the one shall be taken, and the other shall be left.

2 Mark, xiii. 33: Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is. LUKE, xii. 39,40 : And this know that if the good man of the house had known what hour the thief would come, he would have watched, and not have suffered his house to be broken through. Be ye therefore ready also: for the Son of man cometh at an hour when


think not. do. xxi. 36: Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come and to stand before the Son of man.

1 Cor. xvi. 13: Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong. 1 Thes. v. 6: Let us not sleep as do others; but let us watch and be sober. 1 Pet. v. 8: Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, &c.

al Tues. v. 2: Yourselves know perfectly, that the day of the Lord'so cometh as a thief in the night. 2 Pet. iii. 10: The day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night, in which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, &c. Rev. ii. 3: If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee. do. xvi. 15: Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.

MAT. xxv. 10, 13: And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came, and they that were ready, went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut. "Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour, wherein the Son of man cometh. 1 Thes. v. 6: The words under ver. 42.


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Nho then is a 'faithful and wise servant, his lord hath made ruler over his houseo give them meat in due season? Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when Leth shall find so doing. Ferily I say unto you, That he shall make aler over all his goods. ut and if that evil servant shall


in his My lord delayeth his coming ; nd shall begin to smite his fellow servants, eat and drink with the drunken ; The lord of that servant shall come in a day, he looketh not for him, and in an hour is not aware of, nd shall cut him asunder, 12 and appoint : portion 13 with the hypocrites : there

weeping and gnashing of teeth. 12 cut him off. A. V. 13 reward. Co. Ma. ii. 15: I will give you pastors according to mine ch shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.

52: Then said he unto them, Therefore every Scribe nstructed unto the kingdom of heaven is like unto a is an housholder, which bringeth forth out of his hings new and old. Luke, xii. 42: Who then is ul and wise steward, whom his lord shall make ruler ousehold. Acts, xx. 28: Take heed therefore unto , and to all the flock, over the which the Holy Ghost - you overseers, to feed the church of God.

1 COR. reover it is required in stewards, that a man be found Heb.iii. 5: Moses was verily faithful in all his house. evi. 15 : The words under ver. 44.

xxii. 29: I appoint unto you a kingdom, as my h appointed unto me. -. v. 3: For when they shall say, Peace and safety ; en destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a h child; and they shall not escape. Rev. iii. 3 : If chou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, halt not know what hour I will come upon

thee. 6: Upon the wicked he shall rain snares, fire and and an horrible tempest: this shall be the portion p. Mar. viii. 12.

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