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4. If God created all things at once and as one whole, or connected system ; then he can remove all the darkness, which now rests, or ever has rested, on his providence. It is only to bring all his intelligent creatures together and show them their relations to and connection with each other; and that will discover the various reasons of his conduct towards every individual and convince them all, that he has been holy, wise and just, in all the dispensations of his providence and grace. When they see the same reasons, that he saw for bis conduct, they will carry irresistible evidence to every created being, that he has treated him perfectly right. He has done this, partly, in a great many instances. He convinced Joseph and his brethren, that he meant it for good, that he had treated them all, as he had treated them. As God has a reason for every instance of his conduct towards every creature he has made ; so he never forgets any reason of his conduct ; and this enables him to show all his creatures, however numerous they are, why he has smiled upon them at one time and why he has frowned upon them at another ; why he has given them one thing and denied them another; and why he has treated one so differently from another. He knows all the relations and connections between individuals, nations and kingdoms; and he treats them all according to the various relations they bear to him and to each other. And he intends to make them all know all these relations, upon which all his conduct towards them is founded. It is impossible, that he should give them this knowledge, so long as they live separately and are acting the various parts on the stage of life, which he has appointed.--But when he has brought them all together and shown them all the situations, relations and connections, in which they have been placed, then he can make them see, why he has placed them, where he has placed them, why he has treated them, as he has treated them and why he has employed them, as he has employed them, to answer the wise ends for which he created them. They will then see the same reasons of his conduct, which he saw before he laid the founda. tions of the earth, or created angels and men. It is sufficient for him to tell them, that they know not now, why, or what he does, but they shall know hereafter to their perfect satisfaction.

5. If God created all things at once, to answer a certain great and good purpose ; then that day will be a glorious day, when this purpose shall be completely accomplished.

And it will be completely accomplished, at the end of the world. So that the end of the world will be a far more glorious day, than the day of creation. Then the sons of God shouted aloud for joy, though they knew but very little of the great and good designs God had in creating it. They have been very ardently engaged in looking into these designs, as they have been gradually unfolding from age to age, for nearly six thousand years. Nor has their ardor abated, but rather increased, to see the sun and stars falling and the whole frame of this lower world dissolving, and to behold the winding up of the great drama, in which all intelligent beings have been actors. And it is equally true, that good men, as well as good angels, sincerely desire to see the great result of crea. tion and the means and insiruments, by which God's ultimate end is accomplished. The things to be seen, to be heard, and to be known, at the last day, will be unspeakably pleasing to every benevolent heart.--Men are extremely fond of knowing what has been done, what is doing and what will be done in every part of the world, while they live in it. They are anxious to know the present state of Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, France, Russia and Britain ; but at the last day, they shall know all the events, which have taken place, in every part of the universe, from the beginning to the end of time; and all the agents by whom they have been brought about ; and all the motives by which they were governed ; and all the reasons, why God caused them all to do what they did to accomplish his great design in the work of creation. And this knowledge will clear up all the dark things in providence and all the dark and mysterious parts of God's conduct in the creation and government of the heavens and the earth, with all their hosts of men and angels. And in this light, all holy beings will see nothing but light to all eternity ; which will fill them with joy unspeakable and full of glory.

6. If the end of the world will exhibit such a blaze of perfect light ; then we may be sure, it will fix all intelligent creatures in their final and unalterable state. Those, who are happy in the light of the last day, must necessarily be happy forever ; and those, who are unhappy in that light, must be unhappy and completely miserable forever. None will be saved, or lost after that day. Those, who then love light, will always love it, and those, who then hate light, will always bate it. God's purposes will then be so fully answer. ed and things will be brought to that perfect state ; that no alteration can be made for the better. And the whole universe will be convinced, that the sentences pronounced, at that day, are absolutely decisive and irreversible.




ISAIAH, VI. 3. --- And one cried unto another and said, Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts ; the whole earth is full of his glory.

The death of a great and good ruler is cften ominous and forbodes great public calamities. The death of Uzziah, king of Judah, seems to be represented in this light. He had reigned fifty and two years; and had done much to promote the glory of God and the good of his subjects. But they were unthankful for this rich and extensive blessing; and God determined io punish them for their ingratitude under the smiles of his providence. Just before, or just after the king died, he sent his prophet, Isaiah, to admonish them of the danger, to which they were exposed. And to prepare him to deliver this solemn message to his people, Lie favoured him with a clear and lively vision of heaven and of its holy inhabitants. This vision he relates, before he predicts the tokens of the divine displeasure.

The representation of what he saw is extremely solemn. “In the year that king Uzziah died, I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne high and lifted up ; and his train filled the temple. Above it stood the seraphims, each one had six wings ; with twain he covered his face ; and with twain he covered his feet; and with twaio he did fly.” And one cried to another and said, Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts ; the whole earth is full of his glory.

Some have supposed and perhaps justly, that the heavenly host meant, by thrice saying holy, holy, holy, to pay distinct homage to each of the divine Persons in the sacred Trinity, who are all concerned in the dispensations of providence.--But however this may be, it is certain from the language of these holy beings, that they delightfully contemplate the glory of God ; and especially in this world, where it is most clearly displayed. Hence there is reason to conclude,

That the angels of heaven have always discovered more of the glory of God in this world, than in any part of the universe, I shall,

I. Show that the angels of heaven have always been well acquainted with this world ; And,

II. Show that they have always discovered more of the glory of God here, than any where else.

I. Let us consider, that the angels of heaven have always been well acquainted with this world. All we know about these invisible spirits, we derive from divine Revelation. The Bible assures us, that they are the first, the greatest and the best of created beings. God created them before he created this lower world. He endued them with superior power, wisdom and goodness. He has, from the beginning, preserved them in holiness and happiness and given them great opportunities of surveying and exploring all parts of his vast dominions. And there is reason to conclude, that they have made constant and rapid advances in intellectual and moral excellence ever since their creation. Though these noble and exalted spirits have always been invisible to mankind, except on particular occasions ; yet we have abundant evidence from scripture, that they have always been acquainted with the objects and events of this world. When God laid the foundation of the earth, they sang together and shouted for joy. And from that day to this, they have been more or less concerned in executing the purposes of God respecting mankind. It has always been their proper business to serve the Church of God in this world. We

e are expressly told that “ they are ministering spirits, sent forth to minister unto them, who shall be heirs of salvation.” we are not to suppose, however, that they are all here at the same time ; but

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