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od palasso among the Tlalians, these pa- | portraits of the Sforzas in fresco, by Berlares do not commonly bear so superb an nardino Luini, the Raphael of the Milaappellation, but, unless devoted to some nese school, also five other portraits of the public service, they are, in general, more Sforzas in marble, by Professor Marchesi, bodestly called houses.

an able living sculptor. The arcbite ture of the court of the Among the Milanese antiquities and Archiepiscopal palace is ingenious. curiosities of the house of Origo, there is The ortazonal building of the stables, in the garden a coarse basso-relievo rewibits Greek vestibule, a beagtisul work presenting, it is said, the empress, wife ur of the great Bolognese painter and ar- Barbarossa, crowned with her diadem, chitect Peliegripi, were by Saint Charles and occupied in one of the most secret drebind worthy of a nobler use, as they duties of her toilet (in atto di depilarsi), indeed are. In the square. in front of an indecent production, formerly exthe palace, the Syrens of the fountain, posed to the public gaze, till Saint Charles by the sculplor of Carrara, Joseph Fran- Borromeo had it laken down from the ei, are reckoned among the best perfor. Porta Tosa. baders of recent times.

The most extensive of the palaces of In the corsia de Servi is the antique Milan is that of Marini, remarkable for statue called by the people the Stone its fine front, built in 1525 by the skilful Man l'omo di pietra, the Marforio of architect Galeas Alessi, for the farmerMilan, who has been taken for Cicero, general of Milan whose name it bears; it Marius and eveo Menclozzi, archbishop is still occupied by the minister of finances of Milan in the lesitb century; it appears and the administration of the customs. to be a Roman scalue, and must always At the end of the Strada Marino is the be regarded as one of the most ancient house of Patellani, the abode or Pellemonuments of the town.

grino Tibaldi, in which he died on reThe new De-Cristoforis gallery, fi- Turning from Spain, after having, as it Disbe in 1-3%, from the clegant design were, founded the art of painting there. of s Pumla, is lined with shops and co

The ancient house of Bossi, al present vered in with glass, the first of this de- Vismara, given by duke Francesco Sforza STILO erecled in Italy; this commer- to Cosmo, ihe father of his country, precual nument may be compared with serves on ils front two superb figures of the forte of its kind, and, for the richness armed women, of the richest sculplure, of us materials tbe pavement is of bar- the workmanship of the able Florentine digito and white Carrara marble) must statuary and architect, Micholezzo Mipina sorpass ibem.

chelozzi, who was the first that got clear The Durini palace, by Francesco Rice of the Gothic taste in Lombardy. chann, a Milanese architect, has a ma- The other principal palaces are those Per arcade. The house of Stampa del Goberno, of Brera (palace of the arts (attiglont, now dilapidated, was one and scicnces), and the houses of Serbelof the first works of Bramante at Milan, Ioni, Pezzoli, Belgioso, Cusani. Dow Dithe paintings in claro-obscuro on the the casino of the merchants, which has fren sere esecuted by him.

been thought worthy of Palladio ; Litta, The part of the seminary, by the of very bad taste 'not withstanding its Lombard pinter and architect, ředa, magnificence ; Annoni, Melleri, Siamis Bable and clever structure.

pasoncino, where there are some very The palace della Contabilità (the an- One paintings; and Trivulzio, once the rippi Heisetian college) by Fabius Man- abode of a noble and amiable family, who Beata Mianese architect of the seven- had preserved the old bâton of marshal le mh century, and Ricchini, passes for of France, not less precious than all the the finest in shian: if the front is worth inasterpieces of ibeir rich museum aud less, the two courts produce great effect rarities of their library. and recall the majesty of the plans of an- The new gate of Porta Orientale, reqasty.

cently finished, the work of S. Vantini, The palace of Erba Odescalchi, the is superb, and perhaps the finest of those aprent residence of the Sforza Visconti. monuments belonging to the revenge and sunt and elegant ; It is by Pellegrino police, placed at the entrance of modern Toldi or some one of his school, great cities, and a prelly decisive charac

Al ibe bewuse of Pianca are fourteen ieristic of their kind of civilisation.


sculptured and cast with great care and

ability. Duomo.-Columns.-Statue of Saint Bartholomew.

The seventeen basso-relievos of the - Tomb of St. Chirles.- Mausoleum of Cardinal upper part of the wall surrourding the Caracciolo. -Chapel of Giovanol Jacopo Medicl.- choir, designed by the same artist, are Baptistry.-ambrosiau rite.-Chapel dell' Albero. of a rare delicacy of touch; he also made - View.

the model of the grand and rich taber

nacle of bronze gilt on the high-altar. The Duomo, with its hundred pin- Over this last is the brilliant reliquary nacles, and the three thousand statues of the Santo Chiodo (one of the nails of perched on it, is but an enormous loy, the true cross), a venerated relic, which, with more boldness and singularity than on the 3rd of May every year, the annibeauty; all this marble crowd seems versary of the terrible plague of 1576, is alike in form and expression, and its carried in procession by the bishop of whiteness, like that of the building, is Milan, in imitation of Saint Charles, painful 10 the eye.' In realily there is after being withdrawn from the roof by no steeple; the temporary tower, a kind some of the dignitaries of the chapter, of pigeon-house which supplies its place, theatrically raised to the place in a painted is ugly and ill-placed. The Gothic of the machine, in the form of a cloud surDuomo is delicient in naïveté; teing at rounded with little angels. The wooden the same time vague and elaborate, and stalls of the choir are covered with sunot the Gothic in all its primitive gran-perb sculptures from ihe designs of Peldeur of the cathedral of Cologne.: The legrino, Brambilia, Figini, and Meda, gates, wbich are of the Roman order, representing divers incidents of the lise and by no means in unison with the gene of Saint Ambrose, and other bishops of ral character of the edifice, are decorated Milan, with fine basso-relievos and ornaments The celebrated statue, said to be St. by Cerani and Fabius Mangoni. The Bartholomew, now placed bebind the iwo gigantic columns, each of a single choir, seems to me bui little worthy of the piece of red granite, standing one on each chisel of Praxiteles, in spite of the inscripside of the principal entrance, were tion rather presumptuously engraved bedrawn from the quarries of Baveno, near neath by the artist. This sort of reality is Lago Maggiore ; they are perhaps the horrible, nor can I think that the Greeks, highest ever employed in any building. who made so many statues of Apollo. The architectonic painting of the roof, ever represented the skeleton of Marsyas.. a kind of decoration, doubtless well It would be difficult to avoid emotion execuied and suitable enough for a new on seeing in the subterranean chapel the tuilding, has a disagrecable effect in these body of Saint Charles, who is in a manner old monuments where all is commonly the hero of this country; the memory of so real. Several windows of stained glass, this vast, ardent, unbending genius, This manufactured at Milan after the solid kind of governing saint, as also that of and economical method of Bertini, have his family, is pre-eminent there above been since repaired, and their effect that of emperors and kings. The holy equals, if it does not surpass, that of the archbishop is clothed in his pontifica old which were desiroyed.

dress enriched with diamonds; his miThe four evangeiists and the four tred head reposes on a gold cushion; fathers' of the Church, in bronze, of the the sarcophagus is of transparent rock iwo pulpits, by Francesco Brambilla. (rystal, and the features even of the great notwithstanding some affectation and man may be easily contemplated. It is confusion in the crapery, are figures true that the word humilitas, the family device of the Borromeo family, which is / group, a Deposing from the Cross, is of written on the tomb, is rather in contrast admirable expression, notwithstanding with so great a display of riches. the smallness of the figures: lastly, the

1 Should the edifice be completed, the number of 4 The antique statue, knowo by the name of statues will amount to four thousand Ove boo- Marsyas, formerly at the Vilia Burgbese, but now dred; the front alone has nearly two hundred and in the Royal Museuin, does not belong to the best 1.

Times of ibe art; it is a Faun bung to a tree by tbe * Some persons have supposed that the Duomo of hands, and does not represent Marsyas skinned. Milan is an imitation of Ibis cathedral; like ali imi- 5 The Borromeo family was origioally from Tus tations, it must fall short of its model, vor dees the cans aud San-Miniato : their establishment at Milag impression left on my mind by the Ducmo of Vilan dales from the inarriage of Philip, head of the contradict this general role.

Emily, with Talda, sister of the unfortunate Bcausis Non me Praxiteles, sed Marcus finxit Agrales. Tenda, a relation of dute Pbilip Maria Viscon i.

The lomb of Cardinal Federico Bor- celebrated Pallium is bere preserved, romeo. not less worthy of remembrance representing the Birth of the Virgin, than bis cousio lhe saint, is less magni- embroidered by Louisa Pellegrini, a frent and even too simple. Cardinal painter in needlework of the earlier part Ferlenico ought to have been canonized as of the seventeenth century, who obtainwell as Saini Charles; but it seems thaled by her skill the surname of the Mithe expenses attending the canonization nerva of Lombardy. of the later were so great that the family The statue of St. Ambrose is by Cesare was oblized to decline this new honour. Procaccini, equally great as statuary or The interesting Promessi Sposi of Man- painter; that of si. Satyrus, by Andreo Bogi. of which Cardinal Federico is, in Billi, after a model by Brambilla. The a sense, the hero, have since made him great basso-relievo in marble of the amends and compensated for the injus. chapel of the Presentation, so full of Lire of fate.

grace, nature, and truth, is by Bambaja; Under a glass cover, in a chapel, is the a fine statue of St. Catherine, by CrisTadbx which was carried in procession toforo Lombardo, a clever Milanese arby Saint Charles, as the inscription im-chitect and sculptor of the sixteenth cenportts, during the plague of 1576 ; this tury. monument of the great archbishop's cha- The chapel of Giovanni Jacopo Medici, rity is wohly esposed, as a real trophy, marquis of Marignan, has been thrown on an allar of his catbedral.

open by taking down the iron railing that The mausoleum of Otho the Great and enclosed it; this alteration allows a much Giovanni Visconti, uprle and nephew, beller view of the splendid mausoleum, ari hbishops and lords of Milan in the from the design of Michael Angelo, erectthirteenth and fourteenth centuries, is ed by Pope Pius IV, his brother, to this surmounied by an esteemed work of bold caplain, a mixture of hero, corsair Brambila, ibe statue, sealed, of Pius IV., and bandit, the unworthy uncle of Saint maierna ancie of Saint Charles, one of Charles. The statues and basso-relievos the benefactors of the cathedral.

in bronze wbich adorn it are an esteemed The magnificent mausoleum of Car- production of Leone Leoni, a good sculpdital Marino Caraeciolo, who died in ior, founder, and engraver of Tuscany in 1835, appears to be the last performance the sixteenth century. of Bantaja, an excellent sculplor of The Baptistry, by Pellegrino, is eleMiaowbo first succeeded in working gant and graceful; the great baptismal ther tur i Darble of the quarries of Lom- basin, of porphyry, passes for having

belonged to the hot baths of Maximian On a console of nowers interlaced is Hercules at Milan. As in the primitive the statue of the illustrious pope Mar- church, the Ambrosian rite, which is to . seated and giving his benediction, followed in the diocese of Milan and by the famous Jacopino da Tradate, who differs in many points from the Roman is also compared to Praxiteles in the in- rites, bas preserved baptism by immer. $710.0 on the high altar, which he sion. This rite not only dates from a era itd in 1618, so much does this evagge period as remote, asis generally supposed, raled comparison seem connected with as that of Saint Ambrose, who at most the orderal lapidary style of tbe Duomo, only reformed it, but it seems to have

The southern sacristy exhibits the borrowed its pompous liturgy from the rums of the rich and antique treasury of ancient ceremonies of the East. thus catheiral. The fine statue of Christ The chapel dell' Albero, tbus named bound to the pillar is by Gobbo; a great froin the superb bronze chandelier in the painting of St. Charles blessing the form of a trec, presented by the archCr.3, by Cerano: two chalices orna- priest of the cathedral, Giambattista Tri. mening with little figures of children | vulzo, is ornamented with numerous and divers groups are of wonderful very pretty basso-relievos by Brambilla,

imanship; a gold patine is a mas- Andreo Fusina, Gobbo, and other excel. brukere of chasing, attributed to the lent artists. Udbese Caradosso, and the principal The colossal statues of St. Ambrose

and St.Charles are esteemed productions the Christ in the garden of Olives, of Iwo good Italian sculptors of the pre- Lomazzo, an illustrious Milanese pain sent day, ss. Marchesi and Monti of poet, scholar, geometrician, Datural Ravenna.

losopher, and distinguished author,wh From the top of the enormous pyramid premature blindness was foretold by of the Duomo, a sort of marble mountain, dan from astrological calculations, the view is truly admirable; the culti- beautiful old Assumption, by an vated plains of Lombardy appear an known author. The paintings of the chocean of verdure beneath the azure sky: by Pamfilio Nuvolone, are very go the eye discovers at once the Alps and and an Adoration of the Magi, in the Apennines, and this immense horizon sacristy, has been ihought worthy it like a new and superb panorama of Bernardino Luini. Italy.

Santa Maria della Passione, by Near the Duomo, in the piazza dei architect Gobbo, with the exception Mercanti, is a colossal statue of St. Am- the ridiculous front by his obscure se brose, by the young Milanese sculptor cessor, is one of the best churches Ludovico Scorzini; it was erected in 1834, Milan, and perbaps the richest in pictur and is the present of another generous An Assumption in fresco by Pamfi Milanese, S. Fossani. Saint Ambrose is Nuvolone adorns the cupola. The De represented in the simple episcopal cos Christ, and the Virgin weeping, is tume of his day; the statue is expressive Bernardino Luini; a small Descent fra and the drapery good, in spite of the the Cross, by Cesare Procaccini; a. hardness of ihe marble, which is the Francis, by his brother Camillo. 1 same as that of the Duomo ; it nobly organ is by Carlo Urbini and Dan replaces a worthless statue of Philip II., Crespi, who have besides executed formerly placed in the same dark dingy different subjects of the Passion, in niche, and on the same pedestal as that best Titianesque taste, the fine painuir of the courageous and independent arch of the nave, and a St Charles Borrom bishop of Milan.

breakfasting on bread and water, who

lerrible physiognomy would make o CHAPTER II.

think that he is meditating some viole

fanatical act. A fine Last Supper is ! Santa Maria della Passione.—Mausoleum of Birago. Gaudenzio Ferrari. The Christ in ti -Chalcondylas.--Nostra Signora di San Celso. garden of Olives, and a Flagellation, a Statues of Lorenzo Stoldi.-Cupola of Appiani. ihe best works of Talpino. The Infa Salat Nazarius.-Trivulzio.

Jesus escaping from the Virgin's boso

to run into the arms of St. Joseph, The design of the front of Saint Ra one of the best holy families of Federi phael's church is by the great Pellegrino. Bianchi. The paintings in the sacris Several of the pictures in this church are by unknown authors, are remarkabl remarkable : the sublime St. Matthew and exhibit the beauties of the ancie of Ambrosio Figini; St. Jerome, by Lombard style. A St. Monica is by G Cesare Procaccini; Elijah sleeping, by seppe Vermiglio, reckoned by Lanzi! Morazzone ; Jonah refusing to obey his first painter of Piedmont and one of 1 father, by Cerano.

best of the seventeenth century. The new steeple of Santa Maria dei The mausoleum of bishop Daniel E Servi, is in horrible taste, and the cla. rago, erected by the great hospital mour of the bells is so annoying that it Milan, to which he bequeathed all E has diminished the value of the houses property, is a noble, elegant, and grad near it. The inside of the church is ful monument by Andreo Fusina, o richly decorated : the Virgin with the of the first Lombard sculptors in il Infant Jesus and some angels is by fifteenth century. Ainbrosio Borgognone; the Baptism of The tomb of Demetrius Chalcondyla St. John by one of the brothers Campi ; bears the simple and touching inscriptio the St. Philip Benizzi, by Daniel Crespi, of his pupil Trissino. »

The ashes of th 'Lomazzo lost bis sight at the age of thirty-three, tence, and even superior to the fragments of loc If not twenty-tbree, years; he wrote poetry, com

nardo di Vinci, whicb are collected under Ibat iltlposed several works, and dictated bis Treatise on Painting, regarded as the most complete lo exis Demetrio Chalcondylæ Albeniensi

P. N.

Athesian fagitive among the Lombards, the violation of the rules of perspective ; of this first editor of Homer, who taught the second good Holy family, by Bianchi; Grekio Benedetto Giovio, the brother of the painting of the Trivulzio chapel, by Paolo; to Gregorio Giraldi, count Casti- Camillo Procaccini; a St. John the gwne, and other learned Italians; to the Evangelist, by his brother Cesare. German Reuchlin, the English Linacer, Saint Barnabas is of a good architecthe celebrated founders of Grecian learn- ture, allributed to the Father Antonio ing in their respective countries, and Morigia, a great preacher, asierwards ibe gratitude of Trissino, the first restorer bishop and cardinal. A Dead Christ is of ihe tragic art in Europe, show how an esteemed work of Aurelio Luini, who much is due to this nation, and are, on has not always prescrved the nature and ibe ibreshold of Italy, like an advanced grace of his father Bernardino. The mocumeat of the services she has ren- Virgin with the Infant Jesus, St. Cadered.

therine, and St. Agnes is superb, by There are some fine paintings at Saint Antonio Campi; St. Bartholomew, si. Peter s in Sessate : St. Maur by Daniel | Francis, St. Bernardin, of a beautiful Crespi; several incidents in the life of composition, by Lomazzo. the same saint, by Moncalvo; an image Santa Maria della Pace, which was of the Virgin, under a glass cover, by converted into a military magazine, and Bernardino Luini. Althe chapel of Saint subsequently into a factory, has still Ambroise, the works of Bernardino da some remains of the frescos of Marco Treviso and Botioone, painters of the d'Oggiono, the pupil and friend of Leofirepth century, are remarkable for nardo, of Gaudenzio Ferrari, and other their perspective; there is a Virgin al- clever painters. At the ancient refectributed to Bramante,

tory of the convent are a Crucifirion by The old church of Saint Stephen Major this same artist, and the copy of the Last was the rene of one of the mosi terrible Supper, cxecuted at twenty-cwo years of cala troç hrs in Italy during the fifteenth age by the learned and unfortunate Locentury, be marder of Galeas Maria, the mazzo, perhaps some lillle time before uuwirthy son of the great Francesco his cruel blindness. Skrua, assassinated in the midst of his Nostra Signora di San Celso, with gourds, the day after Christmas 1176, by the marble columns, fine statues, and three courageous young men, Carlo Vis- sculptures decorating its front, the magCooki, Lampugnano, and Olgiati, at the niticent paintings and frescos of the roof instization of their masier, the gram- and chapels, the richness of the ormamariao Colas, of Mantua ; another in- ments, has already all the grandeur and sance of tyrannicide sterile for liberty. splendour of the churches of Rome. The Vyeronti and Lampugnano were killed majestic court is by Bramante, the front in the wollte, being abandoned by those by Galeas Alessi. “At the entrance, the

were to bive seconded them: Olgiati two stalues of Adam and Eve, by the Was sabe quently arrested and perished | Tuscan sculptor Lorenzo Stoldi, have the at the aze of twenty-three by the hand grace and purity of the statues of antiof the eierutionerafter the torture, quity. The two Sibyls of the fronton, obra naked upon the scaffold, ready to the four stalues of the prophets, the Prebe maogled with boi pincers and cut insentation of J.C., the angels on the top pieres, the skin of his chest being toru of the church, are excellent productions wi, be ouered these proud and melan- of Annibale Fontana. A Repose in charly motds : Hors acerba, fama per- | Egypt, a very fine picture of Raphael, peina; stabil telus memoria facli. now at Vienna, must have made the re

T bor peseot church of Saint Stephen, semblance greater formerly. The silver embeli-bed by Cardinal Federico Bor- cross and six silver candlesticks given by romeo, has some valued paintings : St. Joseph II. are a feeble compensation for Gertase and st. Protase, by Bevilac- such a loss. It is not positively known qua, ia a wlerably good style, despite whether the plan of tbis building is by fa stadiis litterarum græcarum

Præceptori oprimo et sanctissimo

al pirit annos LUXVII mens. V.

This Repore in Egypt has been engraved in a Et obiit anno Christi MUVI.

superior manner by a pupil of Longhi, S. Ado Pla Bounna Goorgius Trissious, Gasp. Allus, ront, and it procured bim, in 1829, the gold medal

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