Passing thoughts in sonnet stanzas, with other poems original and translated [by B.G. Babington].

Arthur Hall, 1854 - 245 páginas

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Página 250 - This is a charming little book; and whether we regard its subject, cleverness, or delicacy of sentiment and expression — to say nothing of its type and orthography — it is likely to be a most acceptable present to young or old, be their peculiar taste for religion, morals, poetry, history, or romance.
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Página 250 - It ends with musical melancholy, a strain of exquisitely simple beauty, referring to the judicial slaying of one of England's worthiest sons. There are some fine portraits ably limned herein. There are family pictures so graphically described that they possess the mind for ever."— Church and State Gazette.
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Página 254 - The book is a pleasant one ; a collection of a great deal of curious information about a number of curious places and persons, cleverly and readily put together, and combined into an elegant volume.

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