Polish Immigrants and Industrial Chicago: Workers on the South Side, 1880-1922

University of Chicago Press, 2003 - 298 páginas
How did working-class immigrants from Poland create new communities in Chicago during the industrial age? This book explores the lives of immigrants in two iconic South Side Polish neighborhoods—the Back of the Yards and South Chicago—and the stockyards and steel mills in which they made their living. Pacyga shows how Poles forged communities on the South Side in an attempt to preserve the customs of their homeland; how through the development of churches, the building of schools, the founding of street gangs, and the opening of saloons they tried to recreate the feel of an Eastern European village. Through such institutions, Poles also were able to preserve their folk beliefs and family customs. But in time, the economic hardships of industrialization forced Poles to reach out to their non-Polish neighbors. And this led, in large part, to the organization of labor unions in Chicago's steel and meatpacking industries.

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Poland Chicago and the New Economic System
Working and Living in Packingtown Back of the Yards 18901914
Working and Living in Steel City South Chicago 18901914
Remaking the Polish Village The Communal Response
Defending the Polish Village The Extracommunal Response
Years of Crisis 19181922
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Dominic A. Pacyga is a faculty member in the Liberal Education Department at Columbia College. He is the author, coauthor, or editor of numerous books on the history of Chicago, including The Chicago Bungalow, Chicago: City of Neighborhoods, and Chicago's Southeast Side.

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