How to Get a PhD - 4th Edition: A Handbook for Students and Their Supervisors

McGraw-Hill Education, 2005 - 220 páginas
Since the first edition of this innovative book appeared in 1987 it has become a worldwide bestseller. Through it many thousands of students in all faculties and disciplines have been helped to gain their PhDs. Practical and clear, this book examines everything students need to know about getting a PhD through research in any subject. Also helps supervisors and examiners to better understand their role in the process. Key Features: * Completely updated throughout. * New section on increasingly p.

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Getting into the system
The nature of the PhD qualification
How not to get a PhD
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Estelle M. Phillips is an independent educational consultant based in the United Kingdom.

Derek S. Pugh is emeritus professor of international management at the Open University Business School, United Kingdom.

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