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Printed by H. WOODFAL

For J. Nourse opposite to Catberine-street,

and P. VAILLANT facing Southampton-ftreet,
in the Strand.


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To the Right Honourable PHILIP Lord HARDWICKE, Lord High Chancellor of Great



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My Lord,

S no one has exercised

the Powers of Speech with juster and more universal applause, than yourself ; I have presumed to infcribe the following Treatise to your Lordship, its End being to investigate the Principles of those Powers. It has

It has a farther claim to your Lordship’s Patronage, by being connected in some degree with that politer Literature, which, in the most important scenes

of Bufiness, you have still found time to cultivate. With regard to myself, if what I have written be the fruits of that Securityand Leisure, obtained by living under a mild and free Government; to whom for this am I more indebted, than to your Lordship, whether I consider you as a Legislator, or as a Magistrate, the first both in dignity and reputation ? Permit me therefore thus publicly to assure your Lordship, that with the greatest gratitude and respect I am, My Lord,

Your Lordship’s most obliged,

and most obedient humble Servant.

Sulijb:ry, 037, 1,


James Harris.



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HE chief End, proposed by the

Author of this Treatise in making it public, bas been to excite bis Readers to curiosity and inquiry; not to teach them bimself by prolix and formal LeEtures, (from the efficacy of which be bas little expectation,) but to induce them, if possible, to become Teachers to themselves, by an impartial use of their own understandings. He thinks nothing more absurd than the common notion of Instruction, as if Science were to be poured into the Mind, like water into à cistern, that pasívely waits to receive all that

The growth of Knowlege be rather thinks to resemble the growth of Fruit ; however external causes may in some degree co-operate, 'tis the internal vigour, and virtue of



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