Annual Report - Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, Volumes 1-2

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Página 39 - The form of examination will usually be the writing of a paragraph or two on each of several topics, to be chosen by the candidate from a considerable number — perhaps ten or fifteen — set before him in the examination paper. The treatment of these topics is designed to test the candidate's power of clear and accurate expression.
Página 44 - ... and the more common irregular verbs, the inflection of nouns, adjectives and pronouns, and the elementary rules of syntax; (3...
Página 43 - The work should comprise, in addition to the elementary course, the reading of about 400 pages of moderately difficult prose and poetry, with constant practice in giving, sometimes orally and sometimes in writing, paraphrases, abstracts, or reproductions from memory of selected portions of the matter read; also grammatical drill upon the less usual strong verbs, the use of articles, cases, auxiliaries of all kinds, tenses and modes (with special reference to the infinitive and subjunctive), and likewise...
Página 77 - ... shall serve for one year, two for two years, and two for three...
Página 40 - The four fundamental operations for rational algebraic expressions. Factoring, determination of highest common factor and lowest common multiple by factoring; fractions, including complex fractions, and ratio and proportion; linear equations, both numerical and literal, containing one or more unknown quantities; problems depending on linear equations; radicals, including the extraction of the square root of polynomials and of numbers; exponents, including the fractional and the negative.
Página 40 - ... quadratic equations, both numerical and literal ; simple cases of equations, with one or more unknown quantities, that can be solved by the methods of linear or quadratic equations; problems depending on quadratic equations; the binomial theorem for positive integral exponents; the formulas for the nth term and the sum of the terms of arithmetical and geometric progressions, with applications.
Página 43 - ... abundant easy exercises, designed not only to fix in the memory the forms and principles of grammar, but also to cultivate readiness in the reproduction of natural forms of expression; (4) the reading of from...
Página 39 - Tennyson's Gareth and Lynette, Lancelot and Elaine, and The Passing of Arthur; Browning's Cavalier Tunes, The Lost Leader...
Página 71 - That Congress may from time to time alter, repeal, or modify this act of incorporation, but no contract or individual right made or acquired shall thereby be divested or impaired.
Página 44 - The study of at least one standard textbook, to the end that the pupil may gain a comprehensive and connected view of the most important facts and laws of elementary chemistry.

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