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David prays


for deliverance.

B. C. 1042.

A. M. 2962
B. C. 1042.

A Psalm of David.

7 For without cause have they h hid A. M. 2962. PLEAD * my cause, O Lord, with for me their net in a pit, which with

them that strive with me: bfight out cause they have digged for my soul. against them that fight against me.

8 Let i destruction come upon him 2 at un2 • Take hold of shield and buckler, and awares; and k let his net that he hath hid stand up for my help.

catch himself: into that very destruction let 3 Draw out also the spear, and stop the way him fall. against them that persecute me: say unto my 9 And my soul shall be joyful in the Lord: soul, I am thy salvation.

lit shall rejoice in his salvation. 4 d Let them be confounded and put to shame 10 m All my bones shall say, LORD, who is that seek after my soul: let them be e turned | like unto thee, which deliverest the poor from back and brought to confusion that devise my him that is too strong for him, yea, the poor and hurt.

the needy from him that spoileth him? 5 Let them be as chaff before the wind : and 11 3 False witnesses did rise up; they laid let the angel of the Lord chase them.

to my charge things that I knew not. 6 Let their way be ' dark : and slippery: and 12 They rewarded me evil for good to the let the angel of the Lord persecute them. 5 spoiling of my soul.

a Psa. xliii. l; cxix. 154; Lam. iii. 58.- Exod. xiv. 25. c Isa, xlii. 13.- Verse 26; Psa. xl. 14, 15; lxx. 2, 3. -e Psa. cxxix. 5. f Job xxi. 18; Psa. i. 4 ; lxxxii. 13; Isa. xxix. 5; Hos. xiii. 3.—Heb. darkness and slipperiness.—– Psa. lxxiii. 18; Jer. xxvi. 12. h Psa. ix. 15.-il Thess. v. 3.

2 Heb. which he knoweth not of.- k Psa. vii. 15, 16; lvii. 6; cxli. 9, 10; Proverbs v. 22.- Psa. xii. 5. - m Psa. li. 8. n Exod. xv. 11; Psa. Ixxi. 19.—_ Heb. Witnesses of urong.

Psa. xxvii. 12. — * Heb. they asked me.-- Psa. xxxviii. 20; cix. 3, 4, 5; Jer. xviii. 20; John x. 32. -5 Hebrew, depriving.


before the windThat is, dispersed and chased from Verses 1-3. Plead my cause, O Lord, &c.—Take place to place, finding rest and safety nowhere. And my part, and maintain my cause against those that let the angel of the Lord-Whom God employs to contend with me, and have raised war against me; defend his people, and to destroy his enemies; chase for I am not able to defend myself, and have nonethem-Drive them forward to their destruction, as else to appear for me. Take hold of shield and chaff is driven by a fierce wind. buckler- Wherewith to cover and defend me; that Verses 6, 7. Let their way-By which they flee, iz, Be thou my protector, and preserve me under the being chased, as was now said ; be ark and slipshield of thy almighty providence. And stand up pery-So as that they can neither discern the for my help-Oppose thyself to them, and keep right path, nor be able to stand in it, and much less off all their assaults. Draw out also the spear—Thy to escape, especially from so swift a pursuer as an offensive as well as defensive weapons. Strike them angel. For without cause-Out of mere malice, through, as well as defend me. He alludes to the without any injury or provocation on my part; have practice of soldiers in battle. Stop the way, &c. they hid, &c.—The sundry expressions used in this -In which they are advancing directly and furiously clause, aggravate their sin, and signify that their against me. Let them run upon the spear and the persecution of him was not the effect of a sudden sword, if they continue to pursue me. Say unto my passion, but of a deep and habitual hatred and masoul-That is, unto me, either, 1st, By thy Spirit as- lice, carried on in a constant and continued course, suring me of it; or, 2d, By thy providence effecting with deliberation, craft, and deceit, and that against it. Confirm my soul in this belief, that thou wilt at David's soul, or life; for nothing less would satisfy last deliver me from this persecution.

them. Verse 4. Let them be confounded— That is, frus- Verses 8-10. Let destruction come upon himtrated and disappointed in their wicked designs and Upon each of thine and mine implacable enemies, of hopes against me. Or, they shall be disappointed : | whom he had hitherto spoken. Or, rather, by this for this and the following verses, to verse 9, may be change of the plural number into the singular, he considered as a prediction of the ruin and destruction points at Saul, his chief and most implacable enemy. which were about to come on the enemies of David, And my soul shall be joyful in the Lord-In and for and on those of the Messiah and his church. Ac- || his glory and service, which, by these means, will cordingly, Dr. Waterland renders them all in the fu- | be advanced, and for his favour to me. All my bones ture, whereas our translation by putting them in the shall say--My whole body, with all its members, as optative mood, has given them too much the appear-well as all the faculties of my soul, shall be affected ance of imprecations, dictated by an implacable and with a deep sense of thy goodness toward me, and revengeful spirit: Lel them be turned back, or, they thereby shall set forth thy praise. The expressions are shall be turned back, that is, stopped, or hindered figurative, as where the bones are said to be vexed, in their wicked designs, or discomfited and put to and to rejoice, Psa. vi. 2, and li. 8, and the loins to flight.

bless, Job xxxi. 20. Verse 5. Let them be-Or, They shall be; as chaff Verses 11, 12. They laid to my charge things I David complains


of his enemies.

A. M. 2962.
B. C. 1012.

B. C. 1012.

13 But us for me, 9 when they were | jects gathered themselves together A. M. 2962.

sick, my clothing was sackcloth : 1 against me, and I knew it not; they 6 humbled my soul with fasting ; "and my || did * tear me, and ceased not : prayer returned into mine own bosom.

16 With hypocritical mockers in feasts, they 14 I behaved myself 8 as though he had been gnashed upon me with their teeth. my friend or brother: I bowed down heavily, 17 Lord, how long wilt thou - look on ? resas one that mourneth for his mother.

cue my soul from their destructions, 10 myy 15 But in mine 9 adversity they rejoiced, and darling from the lions. gathered themselves together : yea, the ab- 18 ? I will give thee thanks in the great con

9 Job xxx. 25; Psa. Ixix. 10, 11. - Or, afflicted.- - Matt. 9 Job xxx. 1, 8, 12.- Job xvi. 9.-u Job xri.9; Psa. xxxvii. x. 13; Luke x. 6. -> Hebrew, walked.

:--- Hebrew, as a friend, || 12; Lamentations ii. 16. - Hab. i. 13. 10 Heb. my only one. as a brother to me. - Heb. halting, Psalm xxxviii. 17.

y Psalm xxii. 20. Psalm xxii. 25, 31; xl. 9, 10; cxi. l.


knew not—They accused me to Saul of treacherous been in danger of losing a friend or brother. I bowed designs against his crown and life, and of other crimes down heavily-Went hanging down my head as of which I was wholly innocent and ignorant. They mourners used to do, Isa. lviii. 5; as one that mourneth rewarded me evil for good—For the good offices for his mother-I could not have looked more dejectwhich I performed to divers of them when I had ed if I had bewailed the death of the dearest mother. favour and power in Saul's court and camp. To the Verses 15, 16. But in mine adversityHebrew, spoiling of my soul—That is, to the stripping of my '58), betzalgni, in my halting, that is, when I was person of all my comforts and hopes, and of my life in great danger of falling into mischief. When I had itself. This interpretation of the passage, the reader any sickness or ill success in my affairs, and was alwill observe, is given according to the present trans- most lost, for such are often said to halt, in the Scriplation. But the Hebrew verbs, 1317, 1589, 1990"; || ture; they rejoiced and gathered themselves together jeshallemu, jishalu, jekumu, are all in the future: - These very men (such was their inhumanity !) tense, and the clauses are more properly rendered, could not dissemble the joy they conceived when False witnesses will rise up, fc.; They will lay to the news was brought of any evil that befell me, but my charge, fc.; They will reward me, &c., which ran to tell one another, and assembled themselves seems to intimate that the prophet was speaking of together that they might publicly testisy how glad what was then future, and in the person of him they were to hear it. Yea, the very abjects-Heagainst whom false witnesses did arise, to whose brew, D'I), neechim, loripedes, the bow-legged, or, charge they laid things he knew not, and whom they lame. It means, properly, percussi aut læsi pedirewarded evil for good ; “who, because our souls bus, persons wounded or hurt in their feet. The were sick, clothed himself with the sackcloth of our sense is, vile persons, the very scum of the people, flesh ; mourning at the very thought that his pray- persons so mean that I did not so much as know ers, in any measure, should return into his own there were such men in the world, met together to bosom.” See Fenwick.

revile me; nay, the cripples, who could not walk Verse 13. When they were sick–Or in any other without trouble and pain, were as forward as any great misery; my clothing was sackcloth-Which others to go to these meetings on this occasion. was the habit of

I humbledHe- || They did tear me—That is, my good name, with brew, I afflicted, my soul with fastingAnd with scoffs, and calumnies, and reproaches, and curses; compassion and fervent prayers for them; and, or and ceased notHebrew, 1976, velo damu, were but, my prayer returned into mine own bosom-My not silent, that is, they acted thus unweariedly and fastings and prayers did them no good, neither continually ; with hypocritical, or profane, mockers abated their malice, nor prevailed with God for them, | - Whose common practice it was to scoff at, and deso far as I desired; but returned to me without suc- ride, others; in feasts—Hebrew, 2133 27:, sanniones cess, like a gift sent to an uncivil person, who dis-placentæ, vel cibi, buffoons, or jesters, for a cake, or dainfully rejects it, and returns it to the giver. But morsel of bread ; namely, parasites, qui gulæ causa this clause may be rendered, And my prayer in my aliis adulantur, says Buxtorf

, who flatter others for bosom returned ; that is, I daily and frequently re- the sake of their belly. They made themselves bufpeated my prayers for them, and that not only in | foons and jesters, and accustomed themselves to public, when I joined with others, but also in secret, | mock and deride David, that they might gain admitbetween God and my own soul; and that with a sin- | tance to the tables of great men, where they might cere and hearty affection. For what is done secretly, I fill their bellies, which was all that they sought, or and affectionately, is said to be done in the bosom. got by such conduct. They gnashed upon me with Others render it, My prayer rested, or, settled in my their teethThey used all expressions of rage and bosom— That is, “I never was without a prayer for hatred against me, which they did to curry favour them in my breast.” So Mudge.

with my great and powerful adversaries. The inVerse 14. I behaved myselfHebrew, nabang, dignities and outrage which the Lord Jesus endured hithhalacti, I caused myself to walk, namely, to visit from the Jews seem to be plainly foretold in these and comfort him; or, I conducted myself toward him, two verses. See Mark xiv. 65. as though he had been my friend, &c.—As if I had Verses 17, 18. Lord, how long wilt thou look on


David complains


of his enemies.

B. C. 1042.

B. C. 1042.

o We

A. M. 2962. gregation: I will praise thee among 24 * Judge me, O LORD my God, A. M. 2962. 11 much people.

I according to thy righteousness; and 19 - Let not them that are mine enemies m let them not rejoice over me. 12 wrongfully rejoice over me: neither b let them 25 Let them not say in their hearts, 13 Ah, wink with the eye c that hate me without a so would we have it : let them not say, cause.

have swallowed him up. 20. For they speak not peace : but they devise | 26 "Let them be ashamed and brought to deceitful matters against them that are quiet in confusion together that rejoice at my hurt: let the land.

them be 9 clothed with shame and dishonour 21 Yea, they dopened their mouth wide that 'magnify themselves against me. against me, and said, • Aha, aha! our eye hath 27 “Let them shout for joy, and be glad, that seen it.

favour 14 my righteous cause : yea, let them 22 This thou hast f seen, O LORD: 5 keep || * say continually, Let the Lord be magnified, not silence: 0 Lord, be not h far from me. u which hath pleasure in the prosperity of his

23 i Stir up thyself, and awake to my judg- servant. ment, even unto my cause, my God and my 28 * And my tongue shall speak of thy rightLord.

eousness and of thy praise all the day long.

11 Hebrew, strong. wa Psalm xij. 4; xxv. 2; xxxviii. 16. k Psalm xxvi. 1.--2 Thess. i. 6. m Verse 19. n Psalm 12 Hebrew, falsely, Psalm xxxviii. 19. -b Job xv. 12; Prov. vi. || xxvii. 12; Lxx. 3; cxl. 8.-13 Heb. Ah, ha, our soul.--- Lam. 13; X. 10.- -c Psa. Ixix. 4; cix. 3; cxix. 161 ; Lam. ill. 52 ; ii. 16.——p Verse 4 ; Psa. xl. 14. -9 Psa, cix. 29 ; cxxxii. 18. John xv. 25.- Psa. xxii. 13. - Psa. xl. 15; liv. 7; lxx. 3. Psalm xxxviii. 16. - Rom. xii. 15; 1 Cor. xii. 26.

14 Heb. I Exod. 11. 7; Acts vii. 34.—Psa. xxviii. 1. Psa. x. 1; my righteousness, Prov. viii. 18. _' Psalm lxx. 4. u Psalm xxii, 11, 19; xxxviii. 21 ; Ixxi. 12. -i Psa. xliv. 23; \xxx, 2. cxlix. 4. - Psalm 1. 15; li. 14 ; lxxi. 24.


-Like an idle spectator, without affording me any Verses 22–24. Thou hast seen, O Lord-As they pity or help? Rescue my soul from their destruc- || say they have seen, so my comfort is, that thou also tions-Be pleased, at length, to vindicate my inno- | hast seen, and dost observe all their plots and threats, cence from those who have already despoiled me of and all my distresses and calamities, which I suffer my peace and good name; my darling from the lions for thy sake. Keep not silence--Or, Be not deaf, - Namely, my soul or life, as it is in the former namely, to my prayers. Be not far from me-Do clause. Hebrew, my only one, for I am left alone, and not withdraw thy favour and help from me. Awake forsaken by my friends, and have none to trust in unto my causes-At last undertake to plead my cause but thee: (see on Psa. xxii. 21 ;) and now they seek, | against my adversaries. According to thy righteouslike so many rapacious lions, to devour me. I will --Whereby thou usest to defend the innocent give thee thanks in the congregation-When I shall and punish their oppressors. be restored to the liberty of the public assemblies Verses 25-27. Let them not say, Ah! so would we and solemn feasts.

have itHebrew, Aha, our soul; an expression of Verse 19-21. Neither let them wink with the eye | mirth, as before, verse 21, or, Aha, we have our –That is, mock me, or insult over me, as this phrase | wish, or desire. We have swallowed him up-Dasignifies. For they speak not peace--They are ene- || vid is now as low as we could wish him. Let them mies to all peaceable counsels; they breathe out no- be brought to confusion together-As they gathered thing but threatenings and war. They devise de- || themselves together to deride and reproach me, so ceitful matters--They use, not only open violence, I do thou gather them together to confound them; or, but deceit and subtle artifices; against them that are as 175°, jachdav, may be rendered, in like manner, quiet in the landAgainst me and my followers. l) that is, one as well as another. Let the proud and who desire nothing more than to live quietly and great ones of them be disappointed and ashamed, as peaceably under Saul's government. They opened well as the meanest among them. That magnisy their mouth wide-To pour forth whole floods of themselves against me-

--That extol themselves, and scoffs, slanders, and contumelies. Or, to devour me. their power, and look upon me with scorn and conIt is a metaphor taken from wild beasts, when they | tempt. Let them be glad that favour my righteous come within reach of their prey. And said, Aha, || cause--That wish well to it, although they want Aha!--An expression of joy and triumph. Our eye either strength or courage to plead it. Let them say, hath seen it-Namely, what we have long desired | Let the Lord be magnifiedThat is, exalted and and hoped for. Or, as Bishop Patrick paraphrases it, ll praised for his righteousness, truth, and goodness, “So, so, we have found him out; his treasonable | manifested in my deliverance. The great design of practices are discovered; we ourselves are eye-wit- || my enemies is to magnify themselves, verse 26, but nesses of it.”

my chief desire is that God should be magnified. 2


David extols


God's mercy.

PSALM XXXVI. This Psalm, as the preceding, and many others, seems to have been composed by David during the persecution he

suffered from Saul, and probably at, or near, the beginning of it, while Saul outwardly professed kindness to him, but yet gave evident proofs that he desired, and was secretly plotting his ruin. This malice and treachery David here describes, (without naming Saul, toward whom he conducted himself with due reverence,) and opposes there. unto the fidelity and goodness of God, who governs the whole world, and takes care of all his creatures, of beasts as well as men. Whence he inferred, that he would not desert or neglect him, or any that depended on him, and were his faithful servants, as he in an especial manner professed himself to be, and prayed that he might continue. The Psalm has three parts : (1,) He describes the false and treacherous contrivances of the wicked, 1-4. (2,) Extols the mercy, faithfulness, and loving-kindness of the Lord, 5-9. (3) Prays for a continuation thereof to himself

and the church, and foretels the downfall of the wicked, 10-12. To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David, the || setteth himself in a way tnat is not A. M. 2962.

B. C. 1042. servant of the Lord.

good; he abhorreth not evil. 1. X: 2962. THE transgression of the wicked 5 & Thy mercy, O LORD, is in the heavens;

saith within my heart, that and thy faithfulness reucheth unto the clouds. a there is no fear of God before his eyes. 6 Thy righteousness is like 3 the great moun

2 For the flattereth himself in his own eyes, tains; b thy judgments are a great deep: 0 1 until his iniquity be found to be hateful. LORD, 'thou preservest man and beast.

3 The words of his mouth are iniquity and de- 7 * How 4 excellent is thy loving-kindness, O ceit: d he hath left off to be wise, and to do good. God! therefore the children of men "put their 4. He deviseth 2 mischief upon his bed; he trust under the shadow of thy wings.

a Romans jii. 18. wb Deut. xxix. 19; Psalm x. 3; xlix. 18. 'Heb. lo find his iniquity to hate. . Psalm xii. 2. d Jer. iv. 22.- Prov. iv. 16; Mic. ii. 1.

-2 Or, vanity.

Isa. lxv. 2. & Psalm lvii. 10; cviii. 4.

3 Heb. the mountains of God. -b Job xi. 8; Psa. lxxvii. 19; Rom. xi. 33. -i Job vii. 20; Psa. cxlv. 9 ; 1 Timothy iv. 10. k Psa. xxxi. 19.-- Heb. precious.-Ruth ii. 12; Psa. xvii. 8; xci. 4.


and from whence it is extended to the sinful and miVerses 1, 2. The transgression of the wicked serable children of men, who peculiarly need it. saith, &c.—When I consider the great and manifold | And thy faithfulness—The truth, both of thy threattransgressions of ungodly men, I conclude, withinenings against thine enemies, and of thy promises myself, that they have cast off all fear and serious made to good men; reacheth unto the clouds- Is far belief of the Divine Majesty. For he flattereth him-above our reach, greater and higher than we can apself in his own eyes-He deceiveth himself with vain prehend it. As if he had said, Mine enemies are and false persuasions, that God does not notice or cruel and perfidious, but thou art infinite in mercy mind his sins, or that he will not punish them. Un- and faithfulness, and in righteousness and lovingtil his iniquity be found to be hateful—That is, until kindness, as it here follows: and, therefore, though God, by some dreadful judgment, undeceive him, I despair of them, yet I trust in thee, as other men and find, or make him and others to find by experi- do for these reasons. Thy righteousness- In all ence, that his iniquity is abominable and hateful, and thy counsels and ways in the government of the therefore cannot, and does not, escape a severe pun-world; is like the great mountainsSteadfast and ishment. “ The last day,” says Dr. Horne, “ will immoveable: eminent and conspicuous to all men. show strange instances of this folly."

Thy judgments—The executions of thy counsels, or Verses 3, 4. The words of his mouth are iniquity | the administration of the affairs of the world, and of and deceit - Are wicked and deceitful. Ile hath left thy church; are a great deep-Unsearchable as the off to be wise and to do good_Once he had some

O Lord, thou preservest man and beastdegrees of wisdom, and did things that were appa- The worst of men, yea, even the brute beasts have rently good, and seemed to be under the government experience of thy care and kindness, and therefore I of religion : but now he is an open apostate from that have no reason to doubt of it. which he once professed. He deviseth mischief upon Verses 7, 8. How excellent is thy loring-kindness his bed--Freely from his own inclination, when none —Or thy mercy: for it is the same word which is so are present to provoke him to it. He setteth himself | rendered, verse 5. The sense is, though all thine in a way that is not good-He doth not repent of attributes be excellent and glorious, yet, above all, his wicked devices, but resolutely proceeds to exe- thy mercy is most excellent, or precious and amiacute them, and persists therein. He abhorreth not ble, as being most necessary and beneficial unto us, evilThough he sometimes professes to feel re- poor sinful miserable men. Therefore the children morse for his conduct, and desists for a time from of men put their trust, &c.-Cheerfully commit his evil practices, yet he does not truly repent of, themselves to thy care and kindness, notwithstandnor abhor them, and therefore is ready to return to ing their own sinfulness, and the rage and power of them when any occasion offers itself.

their adversaries; against all which thy mercy is a Verses 5, 6. Thy mercy, O Lord, is in the hea- sufficient security. They shall be abundantly satisvens- Where it reigns in perfection and to eternity; fiedThat is, those children of men who irust in


God is declared to be


the fountain of life.

A. M. 2962.
B. C. 1012.

B. C. 1042.

8 m They shall be 5 abundantly sa-l them that know thee; and thy right- A.M. 2962.

tisfied with the fatness of thy house ; ||eousness to the s upright in heart. and thou shalt make them drink of the river 11 Let not the foot of pride come against • of thy pleasures.

me, and let not the hand of the wicked re9 P For with thee is the fountain of life : 9 in | move me. thy light shall we see light.

12 There are the workers of iniquity fallen: 10 0 6 continue thy loving-kindness ' unto they are cast down,' and shall not be able to rise.

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thee, as he now said, though they are straitened, op- saints consists in the vision and fruition of him, and pressed, and persecuted; yet they shall not only be in the immediate communications of his love, withprotected and supported for the present; but in due out interruption, or fear, or cessation. This glorious, time shall have all their wants and desires fully sa- blessed, and endless life is alone worthy of the name tisfied. Hebrew, 1'7', jirvejun, shall be watered, or of life: this present temporal life being only a pasmaile drunk, that is, shall be, as it were, overwhelm- sage to death, and a theatre of great and manifold ed with the abundance of its blessings. With the fat-calamities. In thy light-In the knowledge of thee ness of thy house-With those rich and delighsul in grace, and the vision of thee in glory; especially provisions which thou hast prepared for them in the in the latter; in the light of thy countenance, or gloplace of thy worship on earth, thy tabernacle, where rious presence, which then shail be fully manifested thou displayest thy glory, communicatest thy bless- unto us, when we shall see thee clearly and face to ings, and acceptest the prayers and praises of thy face, and not through a glass and darkly, as we now people. The benefit of holy ordinances is the fat- | see; shall we see light- The light of life, as it is ness of God's house here below, sweet to a sanctified called, John viii. 12; light in this clause being the soul, and strengthening to the spiritual and divine same thing with life in the former: pure light withlise ; with this God's people are abundantly satisfied; out any mixture of darkness; knowledge without they desire nothing more in this world than to live ignorance, holiness without sin, happiness without a lise of communion with God; and to have the com- misery. The word light is elegantly repeated in fort of the promises. But the full, the complete satis- another signification; in the former clause it is light faction is reserved for the future state, and the house discovering, in this, light discovered or enjoyed. not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. Every Verse 10. O continue thy loving-kindness unto vessel will be perfectly full there. Thou shalt make them that know theeThat is, that know thee so as them drink of the river of thy pleasures-Pleasures sincerely to love thee, for every one that loveth is that are truly divine; which not only come from born of God, and knoweth God: whereas he that thee, as the author of them, but which terminate in loreth not, knoweth not God, for God is love, 1 John thee as the matter and centre of them; which, being | iv. 7. As thou hast begun, so continue the manifestapurely spiritual, are of the same nature with those tion and exhibition of thy loving-kindness to such, of the glorious inhabitants of the heavenly world, both in this life and the next. Hebrew, 7701 703, and bear some analogy even to the delights of the meshok chasdecha, extend, or draw forth thy lovingEternal Mind. There is a river of these pleasures kindness, or mercy: let it not be like a fountain always full, always fresh, always flowing. There is sealed, but let it be drawn forth for their comfort. enough for all, enough for each, enough for ever- And thy righteousness to the upright in heart-By more, Psa. xlvi. 4. God has not only provided this giving them that protection and assistance, which river for his people, but he makes them to drink of thou art by nature inclined, and by thy promise enit; works in them a gracious appetite for these spi- gaged to give them. ritual enjoyments, and, by his Spirit, refreshes their Verse 11. Let not the foot of pride- That is, of my souls with them. In heaven they shall for ever drink | proud and insolent enemies; come against me-Or of them, and shall be satiated with a fulness of joy. upon me, namely, so as to overthrow or remove me,

Verse 9. With thee is the fountain of life-From | as it is in the next clause; either, 1st, From my trust which those rivers of pleasure flow. Life is in God in, and obedience to thee: or, 2d. From my place as in a fountain, and from him is derived to us. As and station; from the land of my nativity, and the the God of nature, he is the fountain of natural life; || place of thy worship. Or as '3737, tenedeeni, may in him we lire, and move, and have our being. As be rendered, shake me, or cast me down, that is, subthe God of grace, he is the fountain of spiritual life: || due and destroy me. Some translate the former all the strength and comfort of sanctified souls; all clause; Let me not be trampled under the foot of their gracious principles, powers, and performances, pride. “There seems," says Dr. Dodd, “to be a are from him. He is the spring and author of all particular beauty in this expression, by which David their sensations of divine things, and of all their mo- elegantly intimates the supercilious haughtiness and tions toward them; and he invites all that thirst, nay, disdainful insolence of his enemy; who, if he had and whosoever will, to come and partake of these been in his power, would spurn him under his foot, waters of life freely. As the God of glory, he is the and trample on him.” fountain of eternal life: the happiness of glorified Verse 12. There are the workers of iniquity

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