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Solomon's prayer at the


dedication of the temple.

A. M: 3000.
B. C. 1004.

B. C. 1004.


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14 And said, O LORD God of Israel, | 22 T If a man sin against his neigh- A. M. 3000

there is no God like thee in the bour, and an oath be laid upon him heaven, nor in the earth ; which keepest cove to make him swear, and the oath come before nant, and showest mercy unto thy servants, thine altar in this house; that walk before thee with all their hearts : 23 Then hear thou from heaven, and do, and

15 i Thou which hast kept with thy servant judge thy servants, by requiting the wicked, by
David my father that which thou hast promised recompensing his way upon his own head: and
him; and spakest with thy mouth, and hast | by justifying the righteous, by giving him ac-
fulfilled it with thy hand, as it is this day. cording to his righteousness.

16 Now therefore, O LORD God of Israel, 24 4 And if thy people Israel 6 be put to the
keep with thy servant David my father that worse before the enemy, because they have
which thou hast promised him, saying, “Therea sinned against thee; and shall return and con-
shall not fail thee a man in my sight to sit upon fess thy name, and pray and make supplication
the throne of Israel ; 'yet so that thy children before thee ' in this house ;
take heed to their way to walk in my law, as 25 Then hear thou from the heavens, and
thou hast walked before me.

forgive the sin of thy people Israel, and bring
17 Now then, O LORD God of Israel, let thy them again unto the land which thou gavest to
word be verified, which thou hast spoken unto them and to their fathers.
thy servant David.

26 9 When the heaven is shut up, and there 18 But will God in very deed dwell with men is no rain, because they have sinned against on the earth? m Behold, heaven and the hea-thee; yet if they pray toward this place, and ven of heavens cannot contain thee; how much confess thy name, and turn from their sin, when less this house which I have built !

thou dost afflict them;
19 Have respect therefore to the prayer of thy 27 Then hear thou from heaven, and forgive
servant, and to his supplication, O LORD my the sin of thy servants, and of thy people Israel,
God, to hearken unto the cry and the prayer when thou hast taught them the good way
which thy servant prayeth before thee: wherein they should walk; and send rain upon

20 That thine eyes may be open upon this thy land, which thou hast given unto thy peo-
house day and night, upon the place whereof ple for an inheritance.
thou hast said, that thou wouldst put thy name 28 If there be dearth in the land, if there
there; to hearken unto the prayer which thy be pestilence, if there be blasting, or mildew,
servant prayeth 3 toward this place.

locusts, or caterpillars; if their enemies besiege
21 Hearken therefore unto the supplications them in the cities of their land; whatsoever
of thy servant, and of thy people Israel, which | sore, or whatsoever sickness there be:
they shall · make toward this place: hear thou 29 Then what prayer, or what supplication
from thy dwelling-place, even from heaven; || soever shall be made of any man, or of all thy
and when thou hearest, forgive.

people Israel, when every one shall know his

h Exodus xv. 11; Deut. iv. 39; vii. 9. 1 Chron. xxii. 9. • Or, in this place. — Heb. pray. 5 Heb, and he require * 2 Samuel vii. 12, 16; 1 Kings ii. 4 ; vi. 12; Chapter vii. 18. an oath of him.- * Or, be smitten. - ? Or, Kings a Heb. There shall not a man be cut off.- - Psalm cxxxii. 12. || xvij. 1.- • Chapter xx. 9. - Hebrew, in the land of their Chap. ii. 6; Isa. lxvi. 1; Acts vii. 49.



Verse 14. O Lord God of Israel, &c.—Solomon, | without their praying for themselves, but that God in the foregoing verses, had signed and sealed, so to would help them in answer to their prayers. Even speak, the deed of dedication, by which the temple Christ's intercession does not supersede, but encourwas appropriated to the honour and service of God. ages our supplications. Now here in the prayer by which it was, as it were, Verse 22. And the oath come before thine altarconsecrated, it is made a figure of Christ, the great By this it appears that the man who was to clear Mediator, through whom we are to offer up all our himself of any trespass, whereof he was accused, prayers, and to expect all God's favours, and to whom against his neighbour, by an oath, was to do it at the we are to have an eye in every thing wherein we temple, before the altar of that God from whom he have to do with God.

looked for the remission of his sins. Verse 21. Hearken to the supplication of thy peo- Verse 27. When thou hast taught them the good. ple, &c.--He asks not that God would help them I way-Or, seeing thou hast taught them the good

Solomon's prayer at the


dedication of the temple.

B. C. 1004.

B. C. 1004.


A M.3000. own sore, and his own grief, and shall || man which sinneth not,) and thou A. M. 3000.

spread forth his hands ' in this house; be angry with them, and deliver them 30 Then hear thou from heaven thy dwelling-over before their enemies, and they carry place, and forgive, and render unto every man them away captives unto a land far off or near; according unto all his ways, whose heart thou 37 Yet if they 15 bethink themselves in the knowest; (for thou only Pknowest the hearts land whither they are carried captive, and turn of the children of men ;)

and pray unto thee in the land of their captivity, 31 That they may fear thee, to walk in thy | saying, We have sinned, we have done amiss, ways, so long as they live 11 in the land which and have dealt wickedly; thou gavest unto our fathers.

38 If they return to thee with all their heart 32 | Moreover, concerning the stranger, and with all their soul in the land of their cap? which is not of thy people Israel, but is come tivity, whither they have carried them captives, from a far country for thy great name's sake, and pray toward their land which thou gavest and thy mighty hand, and thy stretched-out | unto their fathers, and toward the city which arm ; if they come and pray in this house; thou hast chosen, and toward the house which

33 Then hear thou from the heavens, even I have built for thy name; from thy dwelling-place, and do according to all 39 Then hear thou from the heavens, even that the stranger calleth to thee for; that all from thy dwelling-place, their prayer and their people of the earth may know thy name, and supplications, and maintain their 16 cause, and fear thee, as doth thy people Israel, and may forgive thy people which have sinnedagainst thee. know that 12 this house which I have built is 40 Now, my God, let, I beseech thee, thine called by thy name.



and let thine ears be attent 17 unto 34 1 If thy people go out to war against their the prayer that is made in this place. enemies by the way that thou shalt send them, 41 Now therefore arise, O LORD God, into and they pray unto thee toward this city which thy "resting-place, thou, and the ark of thy thou hast chosen, and the house which I have strength: let thy priests, 0 LORD God, be built for thy name;

clothed with salvation, and let thy saints "re35 Then hear thou from the heavens their joice in goodness. prayer and their supplication, and maintain 42 O Lord God, turn not away the face of

thine anointed: * remember the mercies of 36 T If they sin against thee, (for there is no David thy servant.

their 13


Or, toward this house.- -P1 Chron. xxviii. 9. 10 Heb. all 1 John i. 8. _14 Heb. they that take them captives carry them

away. the days which. Heb. upon the face of the land. - John

17 18 Heb. bring back to their heart.

_16 Or, right.

Heb. to the 11. 20; Acts siii. 27. 1. Heb. thy name is called upon

this house.

prayer of this place.- -s Psa. cxxxii. 8, 9, 10, 16. 11 Chron. **Or, right. - Proverbs xx. 9; Eccles. vii. 20; James iii. 2; || xxviii. 2.- u Neh. ix. 25. * Psa. cxxxii. 1; Isa. lv. 3.

way, or instructed them in the knowledge of thyself, || selves in better language to God, than in that of his and of the worship and service in which thou de- own Spirit? But these words were peculiarly prolightest.

per and suitable to be expressed now, because they Verse 33. May know that this house is called by had a reference to this very occasion on which Sothy name—That it is truly the house of the Al-lomon used them. And, in quoting them, he prays mighty Jehovah. Solomon knew that the goodness that God would take and keep possession of the of God was so immense, that the extending it, how | temple for himself, and make it, as it were, his restmuch soever, toward other people, neither would noring-place, where he would continue to dwell. Thou, could lessen the exercise of it toward Israel. and the ark of thy strength-Thou, in and by the

Verse 40. Now, my God, &c.—Solomon sums up | ark, which is the sign and instrument of thy great all in beseeching God, that the prayers which should power, put forth from time to time in behalf of thy be presented there, for any blessing, of what sort people. Let thy priests be clothed with salvationsoever it was, might be graciously accepted and an- Let them be saved from their sins, restored to thy swered by him.

favour and image, and be encompassed on every side Verse 41. Arise, O Lord, into thy resting-place, || with thy protection and benediction. And let thy &c.—Thus he concludes his prayer with some ex- | saints rejoice in goodnessLet them have cause of pressions borrowed from one of his father's Psalms, rejoicing and thanksgiving for the effects of thy namely, Psa. cxxxii. The whole word of God in goodness imparted to them. general, and the Psalms in particular, are of use to Verse 42. O Lord, turn not away the face of thine direct us in prayer: and how can we express our-ll anointed-Of me, who by thy command was anointGod answers by fire.


Solomon's sacrifices.

ed the king and ruler of thy people: do not deny my Hos. iii. 5. Lord, remember his merits, and accept request, nor send me from the throne of thy grace of us on the account of them. Remember the prowith a dejected countenance. Remember the mercies mises of the everlasting covenant, which are called of David—Those which thou hast promised to Da- the sure mercies of David, Isa. lv. 3. T must be vid, and to his house for ever. And thus may we all our desire, all our hope, all our prayer, and all plead, with an eye to Christ, who is called David, ll our plea; for it is all our salvation.

A. M. 3000.
B. C. 1004.

CHAPTER VII. God answers by fire, the people worship, 1-3. Solomon's sacrifices, 4–7. After keeping the feast he sends the people away,

8–11. . God appears to him in a vision, 12–22. NOW when Solomon bad made || ing, For he is good ; ' for his mercy B. M: 2009

an end of praying, the bfire came endureth for ever.. down from heaven, and consumed the burnt- 498 Then the king and all the people offered offering and the sacrifices; and the glory of sacrifices before the LORD. the Lord filled the house.

5 And King Solomon offered a sacrifice of 2 d And the priests could not enter into the twenty and two thousand oxen, and a hundred house of the LORD, because the glory of the and twenty thousand sheep. So the king and Lord had filled the Lord's house.

all the people dedicated the house of God. 3 And when all the children of Israel saw how 6 h And the priests waited on their offices : the fire came down, and the glory of the LORD the Levites also with instruments of music of upon the house, they bowed themselves with the Lord, which David the king had made to their faces to the ground upon the pavement, praise the LORD, because his mercy endureth and worshipped, and praised the LORD, .say- for ever, when David praised by their minis

a 1 Kings viii. 54. Lev. ix. 24 ; Judges vi. 21 ; 1 Kings xviii. 38; 1 Chron. xxi. 26.- 1 Kings viii. 10, 11; Chap. v. 13, 14; Ezra x. 3, 4.

Chap. v. 14. - Chap. v. 13; Psa. cxxxvi. 1.-i Chron. xvi. 41, Chap. xx. 21.-51 Kings viii. 62-hl Chronicles

- Heb. by their hand.

xv. 16.


accept their sacrifices offered there, hear their prayers, Verse 1. The fire came down from heaven, and and bestow his blessings upon them. They bowed consumed theburnt-offering, &c.—This circumstance themselves with their faces to the ground upon the is added to what is recorded in the first book of Kings. pavement-Fell prostrate upon the ground, thus exHereby, and by the cloud filling the whole house, pressing their awful dread of the divine majesty, was shown God's gracious acceptance of Solomon's their cheerful submission to the divine authority, and prayer and sacrifices; and an assurance was given the sense they had of their utter unworthiness to that he would be present in this place, and grant all enter into his presence. And worshipped and praised their lawful petitions. By the former of these, it is the LordAs they had great reason to do, having generally thought, the first sacrifice that we read of seen such manifest tokens of his presence among in Scripture, that of Abel, was declared to be accept- them. Saying, For he is good, &c.—Thus using the able to God. And when the tabernacle was erected same words in which the priests had just before and dedicated, and Aaron was consecrated, there was praised him: a song never out of season, and for the same testimony given of God's presence there which our hearts and tongues should never be out of as here, Exod. xl. 34, 35; Lev. ix. 24. The surest tune. evidence of God's acceptance of our prayers is

, the Verses 4, 5. "Then the king and all the people ofdescent of his holy fire of love upon us. And the fered sacrifices—They had offered sacrifices before; heart which is filled with a holy awe and reverence but now they renewed them, and offered more, in of the divine majesty, (as the glory of the Lord filled | acknowledgment of these new assurances of God's this house,) the heart to which God manifests his love to them. Twenty and two thousand oxen, and greatness, and (what is no less his glory) his good- | a hundred and twenty thousand sheep-It is probable ness, is thereby owned as his living temple. that many of these sacrifices were burned in all the

Verse 3. The glory of the Lord upon the house-courts of the temple, and in different places upon the The cloud first came down upon the house, and then mount, as it was scarce possible that they should all entered into the house, and was seen both within it be consumed upon one altar. by the priests, and without it by the people; who by Verse 6. Instruments of music of the Lord-So this evident token of the divine presence, and the called, because David had made them to praise the sudden and miraculous descent of the fire, were fully Lord withal. See I Chron. xv. 16. When Darid satisfied that it was God's house, and that he would || praised by their ministryFor David composed the 312


God appears to Solomon


in a vision by night.

B. C. 1004.

B. C. 1004.

A. M. 3000. try; and the priests sounded trum-|| Lord, and the king's house: and all A. M. 3000.

pets before them, and all Israel stood. that came into Solomon's heart to 7 Moreover Solomon hallowed the middle make in the house of the LORD, and in his of the court that was before the house of the own house, he prosperously effected. LORD: for there he offered burnt-offerings, and 12 4 And the Lord appeared to Solomon by the fat of the peace-offerings, because the brazen | night, and said unto him, I have heard thy altar which Solomon had made was not able to prayer, and have chosen this place to myself receive the burnt-offerings, and the meat-offer- || for a house of sacrifice. ings, and the fat.

13 9 If I shut up heaven that there be no 89 Also at the same time Solomon kept the rain, or if I command the locusts to devour feast seven days, and all Israel with him, a very the land, or if I send pestilence among my great congregation, from the entering in of Ha- people ; math unto the river of Egypt.

14 If my people, 3 which are called by my 9 And in the eighth day they made ? a so- name, shall humble themselves, and pray, lemn assembly : for they kept the dedication and seek my face, and turn from their wicked of the altar seven days, and the feast seven ways; "then will I hear from heaven, and will days.

forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 10 And "on the three and twentieth day of 15 Now ' mine eyes shall be open, and mine the seventh month he sent the people away ears attent * unto the prayer that is made in into their tents, glad and merry in heart for this place. the goodness that the Lord had showed unto 16 For now have “I chosen and sanctified David, and to Solomon, and to Israel his this house, that my name may be there for ever: people.

and mine eyes and my heart shall be there 11 Thus Solomon finished the house of the perpetually.

i Chapter v. 12. ki Kings viii. 64. 11 Kings viii. 65. > Joshua xiii. 3. -2 Heb. a restraint. n1 Kings viji. 66. * 1 krogs ix. 1, &c.— Deut. xii. 5.—Chap. vi. 26, 28.

3 Hebrew, upon whom my name is called. .-r James iv. 10. Chap. vi. 27, 30. - Chap. vi. 40. Heb. to the prayer of

- Kings ix. 3; Chap. vi. 6.

this place

psalms or hymns, and appointed them to be sung by || appeared to in the night, as he had done once the Levites, and instruments of music to be joined before, (chap. i. 7,) and gave him a particular answer to their voices.

to his prayer. See notes on 1 Kings ix. 2-9. Verse 10. On the three and twentieth day of the Verse 13. If I command the locusts to devour the setenth month, he sent the people awayThey kept land–That is, use my authority and power over the feast of the dedication of the altar seven days, them to cause them to do so. A metaphor elsefrom the second to the ninth; the tenth day was the where used in reference to irrational animals, as day of atonement, when they were to afflict their 1 Kings xvii. 4, Amos ix. 3, which are not properly souls for sin, and that was not unseasonable in the capable of receiving a command, or of paying obemidst of their rejoicings: then on the fifteenth began dience to it. Other national judgments are here the feast of tabernacles, which continued to the supposed, such as famine, war, and the ravages of twenty-second, and thus they continued to be em

savage beasts. ployed in sacred services, and did not part till the Verse 14. If my people shall humble themselves, twenty-third. We ought never to grudge the time and pray, &c.—Thus national repentance and rethat we spend in the worship of God, and in com- | formation are required. God expects, that if his munion with him, nor think it long, or grow weary | people, who are called by his name, have dishonourof it. Glad and merry in heart for the goodness, || ed his name by their iniquity, they should honour &c.—That is, according to the Targum, "for the it by accepting the punishment of their iniquity. goodness of the Lord shown unto Darid, in opening | They must humble themselves under his hand, must the doors of the sanctuary; and unto Solomon, || pray for the removal of the judgment, must seek whose prayer God had accepted, and had honoured his face and favour : and yet all this will not be with his presence in the house which he had built; | sufficient, unless they turn from their wicked ways, and unto his people Israel, in his acceptance of their || and return to him from whom they have revolted. sacrifices, and sending down fire from heaven to National mercy is then promised, Then will I consume them."

hear from heaven, &c.—God will first forgive Verse 12. The Lord appeared to Solomon, and their sin, which brought the judgment upon them, said, I have heard thy prayerThat God had ac- and then will heal their land, and redress their cepted his prayer was shown by his sending fire grievances. from heaven. But a prayer may be accepted, and Verses 15, 16. My eyes shall be open, fc., unto yet not answered in the letter of it. God therefore the prayer that is made in this place-Or, that

The buildings


of Solomon

A. M. 3000.
B. C. 1004.

B. C. 1004.

17 * And as for thee, if thou wilt || this house, which I have sanctified A. M. 3000.

walk before me, as David thy father for my name, will I cast out of my walked, and do according to all that I have sight, and will make it to be a proverb and a commanded thee, and shalt observe my sta- | by-word among all nations. tutes and my judgments:

21 And this house, which is high, shall be an 18 Then will I establish the throne of thy astonishment to every one that passeth by it; kingdom according as I have covenanted with so that he shall say, "Why hath the LORD David thy father, saying, y There shall not fail done thus unto this land, and unto this thee a man to be ruler in Israel.

house? 19 But if ye turn away, and forsake my sta- 22 And it shall be answered, Because they tutes and my commandments, which I have set forsook the LORD God of their fathers, which before you, and shall go and serve other gods, brought them forth out of the land of Egypt, and worship them;

and laid hold on other gods, and worshipped 20 Then will I pluck them up by the roots them, and served them: therefore hath he out of my land which I have given them; and brought all this evil upon them.

__ Heb. There shall

* 1 Kings ix. 4, &c. - Chapter vi. 16.

not be cut off to thee.

2 Lev. xxvi. 14, 38; Deut. xxviii. 15, 36. Deut. xxix. 24;

Jer. xxii. 8, 9.

shall be made in, or toward, this place ; for he they might be drawn aside to worship other gods. speaks of the answers which he would give to the For he knew how prone they were to backslide prayers which should afterward be made there. into that sin. And he threatens, if they did so, it For now have I chosen and sanctified this house, would certainly be the ruin of both church and &c.—There will I make myself known, and there state. That though they had been long in that will I be called upon.

good land, and had taken deep root in it, he would Verses 17, 18. If thou wilt walk before me, &c. pluck them up by the roots, would extirpate their - He promises to establish and perpetuate Solo- | whole nation, as men pluck up weeds in a garden, mon's kingdom, on condition that he persevered in and throw them out upon the dunghill. And that his duty; assuring him, that if he hoped for the this sanctuary would be no sanctuary to them to benefit of God's covenant with David, he must imi- | protect them from the judgments of God, as they tate the example of David.

imagined ; but that this house, which was so high, Verse 19. But if ye turn awayThou or thy not only for the magnificence of its structure, but seed, and forsake my statutes, &c.—Thus God sets for the intended ends and uses of it, should be before him death as well as life, the curse as well | brought down, laid in ruins, and made a cause of as the blessing. He supposes it possible, that though || wonder and astonishment to every one that passed they had this temple built to the honour of God, yet || by, and to all the neighbouring nations.

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Solomon's buildings, 1-6. His workmen and officers, 7–10. He settles his wife, 11. Fizes the method of the temple-se? -

vice, 12-16. His trade, 17, 18. A. M. 3012.


ND a it came to pass at the end 3 And Solomon went to Hamath- A. M. 3012. B. C. 992.

B. C. 992. of twenty years, wherein Solo- zobah, and prevailed against it. mon had built the house of the LORD, and his 4 b And he built Tadmor in the wilderness, and own house,

all the store-cities, which he built in Hamath. 2 That the cities which Huram had restored 5 Also he built Beth-horon the upper, and to Solomon, Solomon built them, and caused | Beth-horon the nether, fenced cities, with walls, the children of Israel to dwell there.

gates, and bars;

a 1 Kings ix. 10, &c.

• 1 Kings ix. 17, &c.

is, rebuilt them, and placed his own subjects in Verse 2. The cities which Huram had restored them. -Which Solomon gave to Hiram, but which, not Verse 4. He built Tadmor-For the explanation being pleased with them, he restored to him of this and the following verses, see notes on again, i Kings ix. 12. Solomon built them-That || 1 Kings 1x. 17, 18, &c.


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