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· DEDICATION. lisbury Plain, a tribute of respect to the · memory of a beloved Parent, a singular dream of Dr. Doddridge, a description of Romney, Rye, and Hastings, together with an extended account of Maidstone and its vicinity, are additions to the present volume. And as to the prefixed Miniature Sketch of LONDON, it will be acceptable to the juvenile reader, because it exhibits the prominent features of a METROPOLIS (the World in epitome), containing within its capacious bosom all the vices which degrade, as well as all the virtues which enrich and adorn mankind!

To prevent disappointment to the reader, allow me, my dear Sir, to declare that I write not for the LEARNED, but for the young and uninformed. Here will be found no theories of Geology, no researches into Antiquity, no lessons of Political Economy. I would wish my pages, simple and unadorned, to resemble the plain Mirror, found, on account of its utility, in the cottage as well as in the palace, reflecting back without exaggeration or diminution every object in its just proportions! I have endeavoured to exhibit as from a surface not altogether unpolished, those universally acknowledged


DEDICATION. truths which pour upon youthful minds the uncontaminating luxury of mental enjoyment, or which impel to the discharge of duties indispensably connected with honour and happiness in every departinent of society. . “ He who suffers not his faculties (says Dr. Sarnuel Johnson) to lie torpid, has a chance, whatever be his employment, of doing good to his fellow creatures.” To that chance I trust I may presume to lay some claim, without incurring the imputation of arrogance or vanity. Throughout life it has been my ambition to merit the appellation of the Friend of Youth, nor can the emblazoned pomp of heraldry devise for any human being a more honourable inscription

to decorate his tomb. :: TO YOUR FAMILY, my dear Sir, and espe.

cially to your late worthy Brother (distinguished for acts of kindness to his friends, as well as deeds of benevolence towards certain valuable institutions which embellish this great Metropolis) I acknowledge myself under high obligation. As to yourself, not wishing to offend your feelings, I shall only add, that this new and improved edition of The JUVENILE TOURIST could not have been inscribed to any other individual with



DEDICATION. greater propriety. Your being tremulously alive (as becomes a GOOD PARENT) to the welfare of your numerous and interesting Family, shews the importance you attach to every effort, however inconsiderable, which has for its object the intellectual and moral improvement of the rising generation

Thou art the nurse of Virtue, in thine arms
She smiles, appearing, as in truth she is,
Heaven-born, and destined to the skies again!

.: COWPER. Thus to adopt the language of the Psalmist

OUR SONS (well instructed and appropriately disciplined) will be as plants grown up in their youth, and OUR DAUGHTERS as corner-stones polished after the similitude of a Palace.

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I am, dear Sir,
Yours very respectfully,

Pullen's Row, Islington,

March 25, 1818.


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