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Monday, December 1, 1817.

of March last, respectively, produced their creThe first session of the Fifteenth Congress, dentials, which were read; and the oath preconformably to the Constitution of the United scribed by law was administered to them, and States, commenced this day, at the City of Wash- they took their seats in the Senate. ington; and the Senate assembled in their Cham- | JOHN W. EPPES, appointed a Senator by the

Legislature of the State of Virginia, for the terme PRESENT:

of six years, commencing on the fourth day of David L. MORRIL and CLEMENT STORER, from March last, stated that he had received his crethe State of New Hampshire.

dentials, but bad neglected bringing them with him, JAMES BURRILL, jr., from Rhode Island and expecting that the Executive of Virginia would Providence Plantations.

forward a duplicate thereof to the Senate, and Isaac TICHENOR and James Fisk, from Ver which he still supposed would speedily be done: mont.

whereupon, the oath prescribed by law was adDavid DAGGETT, from Connecticut.

ministered to him, and he took his seat in the Roros KING and NATHAN SANFORD, from New Senate. York.

On motion by Mr. Macon, the Secretary was JAMES J. Wilson and MAHLON DICKERSON, ordered to acquaint the House of Representatives, from New Jersey.

that a quorum of the Senate is assembled, and ABNER Lacock and JONATHAN ROBERTS, from ready to proceed to business. Penosylvania.

On motion by Mr. BARBOUR, a committee was JAMES BARBOUR and John W. Eppes, from appointed to inquire whether' any, and if any, Virgioia.

what legislative measures may be necessary, for NATHANIEL Macon, from North Carolina. admitting the State of Mississippi into the Union;

JOAN GAILLARD and WILLIAM SMITR, from and Messrs. BARBOUR, King, and WILLIAMS, of South Carolina.

Teonessee, were appointed the committee. CAARLES Tait, from Georgia.

Mr. BARBOUR presented a copy of the constituJOAN J. CRITTENDEN, from Kentucky.

tion and form of government, as adopted for the JOHN WILLIAMS, from Tennessee.

State of Mississippi; which was read, and referBENJAMIN ROGGLES, from Ohio.

red to the said committee to consider and report JAMES NOBLE and' WALLER TAYLOR, from thereon. Indiana.

Op motion by Mr. LACOCK, JOAN GAILLARD, President pro tempore, re- Resolved, That each Senator be supplied, dursumed the Chair.

ing the present session, with three such newspaCLEMENT STORER, appointed a Senator by the pers, printed in the Únited States, as he may Legislature of the State of New Hampshire, to choose, provided the same be furnished at the supply the vacancy occasioned by the resigna- usual rate, for the annual charge of such papers; tion of Jeremiah Mason; JAMES Fisk, appointed and provided, also, that if any Senator shall a Sepator by the Legislature of the Siate of Ver- choose to take any newspapers, other than daily mont, to supply the vacancy occasioned by the papers, he shall be supplied with as many such resignation of Dudley Chase'; John J. CRITTEN papers as shall not exceed the price of three daily sex, appointed a Senator by the Legislature of papers. the State of Kentucky, for the term of six years, 1 Messrs. TICHENOR and Macon were appointed commencing on the fourth day of March last; a committee, on the part of the Senate, to joia JOHN WILLIAMS. appointed a Senator by the such committee as may be appointed on the part Legislature of the State of Tennessee, for the of the House of Representatives, to wait on the term of six years, commencing on the fourth day President of the United States, and notify him

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President's Annual Message.


that a quorum of the two Houses is assembled,

Tuesday, December 2. and ready to receive any communication which | HARRISON GRAY Otis, from the State of Massahe may be pleased to make to them.

chusetts, arrived on the 1st instant, and attended A committee was appointed, agreeably to the this day. 42d rule, for conducting business in the Senate, / A message from the House of Representatives and Messrs. LACOCK, DICKERSON, and DAGGETT, linformed the Senate that the House have apwere appointed the committee.

pointed a committee on their part, to join the A committee was also appointed, agreeably to committee appointed on the part of the Senate, to the 22d rule, for conducting business in the Sen.

wait on the President of the United States, and ate; and Messrs. CRITTENDEN, DICKERSON, and

inform him that a quorum of the two Houses is RUGGLES, were appointed the committee.

assembled, and ready to receive any communicaMr. TICHENOR submitted the following motion tions he may be pleased to make to them. for consideration, which was read:

Mr. TicHENOR reported, from the joint comResolved. That a committee of three members bemittee, that they had waited on the President of the appointed, who, with three members of the House of United States, and that the President of the UniRepresentatives, to be appointed by that House, shall ted States informed the committee, that he would have the direction of the money appropriated to the make a communication to the two Houses, this purchase of books and maps, for the use of the two day, at twelve o'clock. Houses of Congress.

PRESIDENT'S ANNUAL MESSAGE. The resolution was ordered to the second read-1

The following Message was then received from ing, and on motion by Mr. Wilson, it was read a second time by unanimous consent, and con

the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES : sidered as in Committee of the Whole; and no

| Fellow-citizens of the Senate amendment having been proposed, the PRESIDENT

and of the House of Representatives : reported it to the House.

At no period of our political existence had we so On the question. “Shall this resolution be en- / much cause to felicitate ourselves at the prosperous grossed and read'a third time ?" it was deter

and happy condition of our country. The abundant mined in the affirmative. The resolution was

fruits of the earth have filled it with plenty. An ex

tensive and profitable commerce has greatly augmented then read a third time by unanimous consent, and passed ; and Messrs. ĎICKERSON, King, and

our revenue. The public credit has attained an extra.

ordinary elevation. Our preparations for defence, in Tait, were appointed the committee.

case of future wars, from which, by the experience of On motion by Mr. TICHENOR,

all nations, we ought not to expect to be exempted, Resolved. That Mountjoy Bayly, Doorkeeper are advancing, under a well digested system, with all and Sergeant-at-Arms to the Senate, be, and he the despatch which so important a work will admit. hereby is, authorized to employ one assistant and Our free Government, founded on the interest and aftwo horses, for the purpose of performing such fections of the people, has gained, and is daily gaining, services as are usually required by the Door strength. Local jealousies are rapidly yielding to more keeper of the Senate, which expense shall be paid generous, enlarged, and enlightened views of national out of the contingent fund.

policy. For advantages so numerous, and highly im. Mr. TICHENOR submitted the following motion

portant, it is our duty to unite in grateful acknowledg.

Howlog motion ments to that Omnipotent Being, from whom they are for consideration, which was read:

derived, and in unceasing prayer, that he will endow Resolved, That two Chaplains of different denomi- us with virtue and strength to maintain and hand them nations be appointed to Congress, during the present down, in their utmost purity, to our latest posterity. session, one by each House, who shall interchange I have the satisfaction to inform you, that an arweekly.

rangement which had been commenced by my predeOrdered, That it pass to the second reading.

cessor, with the British Government, for the reduction

of the naval force, by Great Britain and the United On motion by Mr. Wilson, it was read a sec

C States, on the Lakes, has been concluded; by which ond time by unanimous consent, and considered

sidered it is provided, that neither party shall keep in service as in Committee of the Whole, and no amend

on Lake Champlain more than one vessel; on Lake ment having been proposed, the PRESIDENT re- Ontario, more than one; and on Lake Erie, and the ported it to the House.

upper Lakes, more than two; to be armed, each, with On the question, “Shall this resolution be en

one cannon only; and that all the other armed vessels, grossed and read a third time?" it was deter of both parties, of which an exact list is interchanged, mined in the affirmative.

shall be dismantled. It is also agreed, that the force The resolution was then read a third time by retained shall be restricted, in its duty, to the internal unanimous consent, and passed.

purposes of each party; and that the arrangment shall A message from the House of Representatives

remain in force until six months shall have expired, informed the Senate that a quorum of the House

after notice given by one of the parties to the other of of Representatives is assembled, and have elected

its desire that it should terminate. By this arrangeHENRY CLAY, one of the Representatives for the

ment, useless expense, on both sides, and, what is of

still greater importance, the danger of collision, between State of Kentucky, their Speaker, and THOMAS

armed vessels, in those inland waters, which was great, DOUGHERTY their Clerk, and are ready to proceed

is prevented. I have the satisfaction also to state, that to business.

the Commissioners, under the fourth article of the The Senate then adjourned.

Treaty of Ghent, to whom it was referred to decide, to

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