A collection of poems, by several hands [ed. by R. Dodsley].


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Página 215 - Tis her corrective part, To calm the wild diforders of the heart. 90 She points the arduous height where Glory lies, And teaches mad Ambition to be wife...
Página 227 - SATIRE'S bow refign'd the founding lyre : Each arrow polifh'd in his hand was feen, And as it grew more polifh'd, grew more keen. His art, conceal'd in ftudy'd negligence, 365 Politely fly, cajol'd the foes of fenfe : He feem'd to fport and trifle with the dart, But while he fported, drove it to the heart.
Página 53 - Peace resort, And Venus keeps her festive court, Where Mirth and Youth each evening meet, And lightly trip with nimble feet, Nodding their lily-crowned heads, Where Laughter rose-lip'd Hebe leads...
Página 184 - Heroes are much the fame, the point's agreed, From Macedonia's madman to the Swede...
Página 9 - No more, the rofy bloom in fweet difguife Mafks her diflembled looks : each borrow'd grace Leaves her wan cheek ; pale ficknefs clouds her eyes Livid and funk, and paffions dim her face, As when fair Iris has awhile difplay'd Her watry arch, with gaudy painture gay ; While yet we gaze, the glorious colours fade, And from our wonder gently fteal away : Where fhone the beauteous phantom erft fo bright, NOW lowers the low-hung cloud ; all gloomy to the [fight, I XXVI.
Página 152 - And fift the matter from the form. Virtue and focial love, he faid, And honour from the land were fled ; That patriots now, like other folks, Were made the butt of vulgar jokes ; While OPPOSITION dropp'd her creft, And courted pow'r for wealth and reft.
Página 90 - Dolly's fofter charms, For wither'd lean right honourable arms ; He bows with reverence at her facred fhrine, And treats her as if fprung from race divine, Which fhe returns with infolence and fcorn, Nor deigns to fmile on a plebeian born. Ere long by friends, by cards, and lovers crofs'd, Her fortune, health, and reputation loft ; Her money gone, yet not a tradefman paid, Her fame, yet...
Página 120 - Reclaim'd, her wild licentious youth Confefs'd the potent voice of TRUTH, And felt its juft controul : The Paffions ceas'd their loud alarms, And Virtue's foft perfuafive charms O'er all their fenfes ftole. Thy breath infpires the POET'S fong, The PATRIOT'S free, unbiafs'd tongue, The HERO'S gen'rous ftrife; Thine are Retirement's filent joys, And all the fweet engaging ties Of ftill domeftick life. No more to fabled Names confin'd, To the fupreme all-perfeft Mind My thoughts direft their flight:...
Página 203 - Thrice hail, thou heav'n-taught warbler ! last and best " Of all the train ! Poet, in whom conjoin'd " All that to ear, or heart, or head, could yield " Rapture ; harmonious, manly, clear, sublime.
Página 131 - Follow the pleafurable road, That fatal Siren reckons good, 'Twill lead thee to the gloomy cell, Where Pain and Melancholy dwell. Health is the child of Abftinence, Difeafe, of a luxurious fenfe ; Defpair, that hellifh fiend, proceeds From loofen'd thoughts, and impious deeds; And the fweet offspring of Content, Flows from the mind's calm government.

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