Weekly Medical Review, Volume 10

J. H. Chambers & Company, 1884

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Página 131 - Tis greatly wise to talk with our past hours ; And ask them, what report they bore to heaven : And how they might have borne more welcome news.
Página 537 - ... and any such vessel which shall enter, or attempt to enter, a port of the United States in violation thereof, shall forfeit to the United States a sum, to be awarded in the discretion of the court, not exceeding five thousand dollars, which shall be a lien upon said vessel, to be recovered by proceedings in the proper district court of the United States.
Página 510 - Notices of papers to be read in any one of the Sections, together with abstracts of the same, must be sent to the Secretary of that Section before April 30, 1887. These abstracts will be regarded as strictly confidential communications, and will not be published until the meeting of the Congress. Papers relating to questions not included in the list of subjects suggested by the Officers of the various Sections will be received. Any member after April...
Página 104 - Semon (F.) .Clinical remarks on the proclivity of the abductor fibres of the recurrent laryngeal nerve to become affected sooner than the adductor fibres, or even exclusively, in cases of undoubted central or peripheral injury or disease of the roots or trunks of the pneumo-gastric, spinal accessory, or recurrent nerves.
Página 131 - Nor need we tell what anxious cares attend The turbulent mirth of wine ; nor all the kinds , Of maladies, that lead to Death's grim cave, Wrought by intemperance, joint-racking gout, Intestine stone, and pining atrophy, Chill even when the Sun with July heats Fries the scorch'd soil, and dropsy all a-float, Yet craving liquids : nor the Centaurs...
Página 77 - All members shall be elected as follows : Each candidate for admission shall first be proposed to the Executive Committee in writing (which may be done at any time), with a statement of the business or profession and special qualifications of the person so proposed. On recommendation of a majority of the committee, and...
Página 404 - In regard to bodily size or strength, we do not know whether man is descended from some small species, like the chimpanzee, or from one as powerful as the gorilla; and, therefore, we cannot say whether man has become larger and stronger, or smaller and weaker, than his ancestors.
Página 4 - II. was adopted, which provides that — Membership in the Association shall be obtainable by any member of a State or County Medical Society recognized by the Association, upon application endorsed by the President and Secretary of said Society ; and shall be retained so long as he shall remain in good standing in his local Society, and, shall pay his annual dues to the Association.
Página 281 - ... so proposed. On recommendation of a majority of the committee, and on receiving a vote of two thirds of the members present at a regular meeting, the candidate shall be declared duly elected a member of the Association. The annual fee of membership in either class shall be five dollars.
Página 496 - ... elsewhere, by topical measures. Sometimes one, sometimes two injections were required, and in some cases numerous injections were necessary ; but in all the cases thus treated, many of which had been unsuccessfully treated in other ways previously, the disease had been cured. In most cases other treatment was suspended, but in some Dover's powder or perchloride of iron, which had been. previously administered, was continued or subsequently prescribed.

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