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1688 Dr. Ralph Cutworth, Somersetshire : Intelle&tual System. 89 Dr. Thomas Sydenham, Dortctthire : history of Phyfic.

Dr. Bonet, Geneva: eleven tragedies - Barclay, Edinburgh : apology for the Quakers. 91 Robert Boyle, natural and experimental philofophy, &c.

Sir George M.Kenzie, Dundee : antiquities and laws of Scotland. 05 John Tillotson, Archbishop of Canterbury; Halifax: 250 sermons.

Antonietta de la Gardie Des Houlieres, Paris : poetry. -- Marcellus Malpighy, Bclogna: discovered the circulation of sap in plants -- Puffendorf, Upper Saxony: jurisprudence and history, 95 H'Herbelot, Paris : Bibliotheque orientale. - Huygens, Hague : mathematics and altronomy. 96 John de la Bruyere, France : characters. - Marchionefs De Sevigne, France : letters. 97 Sir W. Temple, London: politics and polite literature. 98 John Dryden, Northamptonshire : 27 tragedies and comedies, fatyric

poems, ode on Saint Cecilia's day, &c. -- Thomas Creech, Dorferihire : translations, 1703 Mafcaron, Marseilles : funeral orations.

4 John Locke, Someriethire : philosophy, government and theology. - Bocconi, Palermo : natural history. -- Boffuet, Dijon : discourse upon universal history, funeral orations, &c. -- Boudalouc, France : fermons. 5 John Ray, Eflex : botany, natural philofophy and divinity. 6 Bailer, Picardy: judgments of the learned, biography, &c. ! 7 George Farquhar, Londonderry : 8 comed:es.

Rev. James Saurin, Sermons, tra&ts, fit. 8 John Philips, Oxfordshire : Splendid Shilling and other poems. 9 Thomas Cornicle, brother to Peter : tragedies. 12 Boileau, Paris : satires, epiltles, art of poetry, the Lutrin, &c. - Caffini, Italy : astrononiy. 13 Ant. Ath. Cooper. E. of Shaftsbury : characteristics. 14 Gilbert Burnet, Edin. Bithop of Salisbury : history, biography, &c. 15 Malebranche, Paris, philof phy. 16 Francis de Salignac De la mothe Fenelon, archbp. of Cambray, Perigord :

Telemachus, dialogues ef the dead, demonstrations of the being of God. -- Leibnits, Leiplic : philosophy &c. 18 Nicholas Rowe, Devonshire, 7 tragedies, translat. of Lucan's Pharsalia. 19 Rev. John Flamstead, Derbyshire : mathematics and aitronomy. - Joseph Addison, Wiltshire : Spectator, Guardian, tragedy of Cato, &c. - Dr. John Keill, Edinburgh: mathematics and astronomy. 19 Sir Samuel Garth, Yorkthire : poetry. 26 Anne Dacier, France: translation of Homer, Terence, &c. 21 Matthew Prior, London : poems and politics. 23 Fleury, Paris : history.

- Bayle, Foix : historical and critical diftionary. 25 Kapin de Th yras, Languedoc : history of England. 27 Sir Isaac Newton, Lincolnshire, mathematics, geometry, astronomy, &c. 28 Father Daniel, Rouen : history of France. 29 Rev. Dr. Samuel Clarke, Norwich: mathematics, divinity, &c.

Sir Richard Steele, Dublin : four comedies, papers in Tatler, &c. - William Congreve, Staffordshire : seven drama ic pieces. 32 John Gay, Exeter : poems, fables and eleven dramatic pieces. 34 Dr. John Arbuthnot, Mearnthire : medicine, coins, politics. 35 Vertot, France : revolutions of Rome, Portugal, Sweden, &c. 38 Dr. Boerhave, Leyden: botany, &c. 40 Ephraim Chambers, England : Cyclopædia. 41 Rollin, Paris : history, belles-letters. - John Baptiste Rousseau, Paris : odes, epistles, epigrams, comedies, letters - Le Sage, Britaney: Gil Blaís, &c. 42 Dr. Edmund Halley, Lordou, natural philofophy, astronomy, navigation. 43 Masillon, France : fermons.

Richard Savage, London: tragedy, &c. 44 Alexander Pope, London: poems, letters, translations of Homer,

1745 Rev. Dr. Jonathan Swift, Dublin : prems, politics and letters. 46 Colin M’Daurin, Argylethire : Algebra, view of Newton's philosophy. 47 Rev. Jonathan Dickinson, president of Princeton College : divinity. 48 James Thompson, Roxburyihire, Seasons and other pieces. - Rev. Dr. Ifaac Watts, Southampton : logic, philofoply, Pfalms, &c. - Dr. Francis Alutcheson, Ireland : system of moral philosophy. 50 Rev. Dr. Conyers Middleton, Yorkihire: life of Cicero, &c.

Andrew Baxter, Old Aberdeen : metaphyfics and natural philofophy. 51 Lord Bolingbrobe, Surry : philofophy, metaphytics and politics. 52 Rev. Dr. Doddridge : family expolitor, lectures, fermons, &c. 54 Dr. Richard Mead, London : on peiton, plague, small-pox, medicine, - Henry Fielding, Somersethire : Tom Jones, Joseph Andrews, &c. 55 Montesquieu, Buurdeaux : fpirit of laws, grandeur and declension of the

Romans, Priian letters, &c. 56 W. Collins, Chichester : poetry. - Weil, England : tranilation of Pindar, poems. 57 Reaumur, Rochelle : natural history of Insects. - Rev. Aaron Burr, president of Princeton College : Answer to Emyin's

Humble Inquiry, Sermons. - Colly Cibber, London : plays. 58 Rev. Jovarhan Edwards, president of Princeton college : divinity, me

taphyfics. 60 Rev. Samuel Davies, president of Princeton college : fermons. 61 Sherloch, bishop of London : fermons. - Houdley, bishop of Winchester : fermons. - Richardton, London : Grandifon, Clarilla, Pamela. - Rev. Dr. Juhui Leland, Lancashire : answer to deittical writers. 63 Wm. Shenkone, Shropshire : poems. 64 Rev. Chas. Churchill, England: Rofiad, satires. 65 Rev. Dr. Edward Young: Night Thoughts, and other poems, &c.

Robert Sinton, Glasgow : Conic Sections, Elucliad, Apollonius. 66 Rev. Dr. Samuel Finley, president of Princeton college : fermons, tra&s - Rev. Thomas Clapp, prelident of Yale college : fermons, tracts. 67 Dr. Alexander Monro, Edinburg: anatomy of the bones, anatomical .

and medical essays. - Metastatio, Italy : dramatic pieces, A. 68 Rev. Laurence Sterne, Dublin : 45 sermons, Sentimental Journey, Tris.

tram Shandy, - William Cunningham, Ireland : pastorals, &c. 69 Robert Smith, Lincolnshire ; harmonies and optics. 78 Dr. Marit Akenfide, Newcaitle upon Tyne: poems.

Dr. Tobias Smollet, Dumbartonshire : history of England. 71 Thomas Gray, London : poems. 23 Earl of Cheilerfield : leiers.

George lord Littleton, Worcestershire : history of England. 74 Oliver Goldsmith, Roscommon, in Ireland : History of the Earth and

animated nature, Citizen of the World, efl'a.s. - Hon. Peyton Randolpa, fir proficient of the American congress. 75 Dr. John Hawkefwerth: etiais. 76 David Hume, Merse, Scotlard: history of England, efsays. -- James Ferguson, Aberdeenshire : alirunemi, 77 Samuei Foote, Cornwall: play's. 78 Voltaire, Paris: the Henriad, an epic poem, dramatic pieces, poetry,

history, literature in gene.dl. - Rev. Dr. Elliot, Boston: fernirs. 79 David Ganik, Heri ford : an. - W li arburton, wiwp of Girucefer : divine lega'ion of Moses, and

Vari. us other worn. 8o Sir William Blackstone, jeste of the court of common pleas, London:

commentaries on the laws <f Erland Dr. Jolin Fothergili, Yor: tnire : philofophy and medicine. - Jas. Harris : Hernies, philological enquiries, philofophical arrangements - Guv. Hucchinion, Maliaciulets i hitory.

1782 Thomas Newton, bishop of Bristol, Litchfield: discourses on the pro

phecies, and other works. - Sir John Pringle, bart. Koxborougshire : diseases of the army. - Henry Home, lord Kaimes, Scotland: elements of criticism, sketches of

the history of Man, principles of equity, of morality, art of think.

ing, hints on education, gentleman farmer, &c. 83 Dr. William Hunter, Lanerkshire : anatomy. John James Rosseau, Geneva : Emilius, a treatise on education, di&tion.

ry of Music, new Heloise, &c. 84 Dr. Samuel Johnson, Litchfield : English di&tionary, biography, died

Dec. 13. aged 71. 85 Wm. Whitehead, poet laureat : poems and plays. -- Dr. Thomas Leland, Ireland : history of Ireland, &c. 86 Dr. Gilbert Stuart, Edinburg: history of Mary queen of Scots, hiftory

of the reformation, &c. 87 Rev. Dr. Chauncey, Boston: complete view of the episcopacy from the

fathers, falvation for all men, Termons, tra&s, &c. 88 The count de Buffon, Paris : natural history. 90 James Bowdoin, gov. Massachusetts : philofophy, politics. --- William Livingston, gov. New Jersey : eslays, poetry, politics. - Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Boston: ele&ricity, natural philosophy: died

Aug. 17, aged 84. 91 Rev. John Wesley, divinity, miscellanies. 92 Henry Laurens, South Carolina : president of congress, died Dec. 20. 93 George Campbel, D. D. Aberdeen: on the miracles of Jesus, rhethoric. 94 John Hancock, one of the first presidents of congress, and afterwards

gov. of Massachusetts. - Marquis de Beccaria : on crimes and punishments, died Nov. 27. - Rev. John Witherspoone, president of Princeton college, sermons 97 David Rittenhouse L. L. D. President of the philosophical society at

Philadelphia, died June 20 98 Rev Samuel Buell D. D. Eait-Hampton Long Island - Rev Mr Manning D D president of Rhode Illand college - Benjamin Foster D D pattor of first Baptist church N York, August 26 - Dr E. H. Smith, of New York, eminently diftinguished as a Physician

and a general scholar, died September 19 - Dr Cooper of Philadelphia, physician

Dr Sayre, do do - Rev Jeremy Belknap D D at Boston, historian - Rev John Clark D D Boston, fermons, essays - John B. Hicks D M. eminent for his skill in surgery and anatomy, died

September at New-York 99 Rev John Blair Smith D Dlate president of Union college, Schenectady

died August 22 - Patrick Henry, efq of Virginia, one of the American envoys to France - Increase Sumner, governor of Massachusetts - Dr Perkins eminent for his metallic points, died Sept 5th New York











Page Beasts and birds in N. America 37 Beunos Ayres


Beaufort city

430 Acapulco 460 Bethlehem

333 Albany, city

Beaver, description of

13 Alatamaka, river

Black river Alexandria, city

Block island

262 Allegany mountains 336 Bolton city

240 Allegany river 335 Boquet river

297 Amazonia 484 Brazil

477 Ambuscade and Boston frigates Bridge-town, Barbadoes 492 engaged

161 · Britilla doninions in America 11 America in general 1 Brunswic, New-Jotey

324 - south

4 ---- - Georgia
JO Burlington

323 American navy

201 Annapolis, city


455 Antigua illand 493 Camden

430 Appamatoc river


II Aquequipa

Caniaderago Lake

399 Augusta, city

Canonicut Illand American revolution, its rise 52 Cape Breton

22 Meeting of the first congress 61.Com.

Ann mencement of hoftilities 65 Battle of Henlopen Lexington do. Asion of Bunker-bill - May 66. Conference with Indians 71. Af Carlisle

333 fault of Quebec 74 Declaration of Catoque lake

299 independence 78 Action at Flat. Cayenne

480 buíh 84 White plains 86 Tren Chili

471 ton 86 Brandy wine Creek 89 Chesapeak bay

379 Bennington 91 Sullwater 92 Sur Chenreliee river

299 render of Gen. Bugoyne 93 Phila Charlestown, city delphia evacuated 05 Action at Charles's river Freehold 95 Arrival of a French Cod fishery Fleet 95 Stoney Point taken 100 Columbia

430 Expedition on the river Penobscot Connecticut river

217 100 Attack on Charleston 103 De- ------- Aate preciatinn of paper currency 106 A Conception city

473 fecond French Heet arrives at Rhode Copiapo

ib illand 108 General Gates defeated Colawhatchie city

430 action at Catawba fords 109. Gen. Crown point Arnold turns traitor 109 Major An- Cumberland river

406 dre 109 American army disaffected Cuico

470 un Col. Tarleton defeated at Ninety fix 112 Action at Guildford court. Delaware river house 114 Action at Camden 116 -------- flate Do. Eaia Springs 118 Action be. Ticks river tween the Pri:iih and French Heets Denisica Idland

4:36 119 Surroider of the Britih at Dover cry York-Town 120

Duck Creek crofs roads
Baltimore, city

- 3-8 Edenton Barbadocs

491 Lihtown















22 452







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Page Elkharn river Elizabeth-town,


305 Erie, Lake

34 La Plata, see Paraguay, Efopus, lee Kingston


346 Ekimeaux Indians


405 Expenditure,civil lift of the Unit Lexington

404 ed Siates

Lighthouse on Cannonicut iland 261

biking river Fayetteville

416 Lima or Los Reyes Federal Conttitution,

123 Litz Finances of the United States 151 Long-Iland Florida, Eat and West

449 Louisborough harbor Forts, belonging to the United

Louisville, Kentucky

405 Frankfort

- Georgia

439 Frederick-town

378 Los Charios Fredericksburgh



Main, diftri&t of

Manhattan company
George, Lake

34 Maphafuck river Georgia, history of

Maryland, history of

357 Gate

Itate, described

377 Georgetown, Maryland

378 · Massachusetts, itate S. Carolina

430 Martha's Vineyard General View of the U. States 417 Mexico, old

457 Goose pond,

Merrimack river

292 Greatkanhawa river,

406 Miami river Great Bay,

Middleton Green river

406 Middle States in general Greenville

416 Milford Grenada Iland

494 Mirchegon lake H

Montgomery, general Hackinsack river, 327 Montreal

31 Hagaritown

378 Mohawk river Halifax,

416 Muskingum river Harrifourg

· 333

AN Hartford


Nansemond river Hilborough

Nantucket island Hackhocking river

Narraganset bay Housatonick river


333 Hudion's bay company

Navy lift of the U. States the countries bordering on

Nashville river

Newfoundland city


New-Brunswic Huron, Lake


New France-See Canada

New-England states in general 215 James Wand

New Hampthire, ftate

229 river Newburyport

240 Jamaica 489 Newport

206 Illinois river

New Haven Indians on Hudson's bay 14 New-London

ib about the five great lakes 4.0 New-York state - their religious opmions 43

city - their warfare

New Jersey, ftate
Infurre&tion in Pennsylvania


New Castle
Kanhawa river

Newburgh, about 70 miles N. of Kappawack Iiland

New-York city, contains upKentucky, history of

upwards of 100 houses, a court. itate described

house, 2 presbyterian churches river

and an academy. Kennebeck river 254 Newbern city

415 Kingiton 305 New Lebanon Springs

310 Knoxville 422 New Orleans



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