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(1049 The Danes about this time diiven out of Scotland. 1043 The Tuks becoin fo widable, and take position of Persia. 2054 L 0 IX. th- first pope that kept up n army 1057 Malcolm III king of Scotland, kills the 'vrau Macboth at Donsinane. 2005 The Turks takr Jerufalem from the Sarap is. 1006 The battle of Hattings fought, between Harold and William, duke of Nor

mandy, in whics Harold is conquered and Nsin, after which William bc

comes king of England: 1070 Williain introduces the feudal law into England. 109i The Sa acens in Spain being hard pressed by i Spaniards, call in their attire

tarice Joleph. king of Morocc); by which the Moors got potretlino of all

the Saracen doininions in Spain. 1096 The fi it ciufade to the Holy Land began. 1110 Good Sands fomed by the sea overflowing 4000 acres belonging to carl Good

win of Kent. 1151 The canon law collected by Gratian, a mónk of Bologno. 1172 Henry II. of England, invades Ireland. 1176 England is divided, by Henry, into fix circuits, and justice is dispensed by

itinei ant judzes. 1200 Surnames now begin to be if:d ; first among the nobility 1215 Magna Charta is ligned by king John and the barons of England; and the fol

Towing year it is granted to the Irish. 1227 The Taitais-ander Gingis-Shan, emerge from the northern paits o? Alia

Over-run the Saracen empire; and in imitation of former conqucrors, carry,

death and dcfolation wherever they march. 1233 The Inquisition, which began in 1204, is now entrusted to th: Dominicans. ( 1264 According to some writero, the commons of England were not summoned to

parliament tiilibis period. 1 293 There is a regular fucceilion of parliaments from this year, being the 22d of

Edward I. 1302 The marine 's compass invented. or improv.d by Gioia, of Naples. 1307 The beginning of the Swiss cantons. 1.08 The popas remove to Avignon in France for 20 years 1314 The battle of Bardockburn between Edward II. and Robert Bruce, which

eilablishes the latter on the throne of Scotland. 1320 Gold fi it coined in Christendom; 1344 ditto in England. 1337 The fi. lt comet whole corde is described with it onomical exactness. 1345 Gun-powder and cuns first invented by Swa:t', a monk of Cologne, in Gere

many; 134 Edward III had four pisces of cannon, which contributed

to gain him the battle of Cretty ; 1345, bombs and mortars invent d. 1356 The battle of Poitiers, in which king John of France and his fon are taken

prisoners bv Edward the Black Prince. 1352 The law pleadings in En lard channed from French to English. 1.412 Danmark unried with the crown of Norway. 1428 The liege of Orleans, the first blow to the English power in France, by the ce.

lebrated Maid of Orleans. She is afterwards taken piiloner, and balely

put to death. 1443 Laurentius of Hacrlem in Holland invents the art of pririting. 1414 The lea breaks in at Dort, in Holland, and drowns 100.000 people. 1453 Constantinople taken by the Turks, which utterly overthrows the Roman

Einpire, 1483 Bichard III of England, d-feated and killed at the hatele of Bofworth. 1489 Maps and sea-charts first brought to England by Bartholomew Columbus. 1491 William Caxton the firit printer in England. 1492 Chriftopher Columbus, a vative of Genoa, after having to no purpose, folicit

ed the allittance of the different courts of Europ", is at lait enabled to proceed on a vovage of discoveries, by the court of Spain, August 3d, and on the uth October following, he dili overstle island St. Salvador, now St. Christopher's; soon after he falls in with several others of the Weft-India

1494 St. Eustatia discovered by Columbus.
1497. The Portuguese first fail to the East Ladies by the Cape of Good Hope.

Florida discovered by Sebastian Cabot, a native of Bristol.
South America dilcovered by Americus Vespufius from whom the continent

has its name.

1429 Norih Aineica difcovernd for Henry VII. of England, by Cabot. iz , Butil discove by Pentin.

dhe il dol Jamaicale led by Spain, ajes A lu 1.900 inimican Friars áttive in Hispaniola, to preach the gospel to

I had a.s. 1515 Paraguay; or La Piata, discovered by the Spaniards; and sectied by them,

525 15:; V. in Luthe: begins e preach against the do&rines of the church of Rome. 15.3 megal !, i. thai vre of Spain, di Loveis l'elints now known by his

namn, beineen Icria di Fuego . d the continent of South America. He

was killed by ito habitants of the Marianne in. nds, 1520.

The R public of Gepeva founded 1529 The name of Pro1 ESTAN takes its rise from the opponents of the Church

of Rome, having "RO: ESED again't the doctrincs of that church at the

dei of Spies in Gennany. 1530 Covendus ievives iie Pribagorean fyftem of Astronomy, 1533 Picarte, with an arniv of 160 men, atter notificacher es and cruelties, sud

dues the wirole country of Peru, in South America. 1534 Th: Protestant rolig on coinnences in En la dur der Henry the VIII.

Sir Jumss Cartier discovers the bay of St. Louience. 1537 Cobiornia discorried by Feria do Curtez ; is taken pofletion of by Sir

Fiancis Dake, who had his right to ii confined by the king of the

couniiy, 1573 1535 Cai non firit m.cese of. 1509 The first English notion of tle Bible a::thorised; the translation now in ge

cial ule was finished 1611. 154 Thet nuus council of Tirit begins and continues 18 years. P01 11:ountain, nico. tall.s the richelt mine ni America, alcovei

.tallis the richest mine in America, discovered. 1919 B and I ti.ed by tle Portuguese. 1053 Circulation of the bivod thiough the lungs first published by Michael

ei vernis 1560 Jo oblox-fi as the riabl. doment of t! Prophytmiian icligion in Scotland. 1502 jo, i Ri Dail. wird flat om tidoce, discovers tlie uver St Mary ; builds

tori hodes, and searcs a colony ; which loou alter mutinies, and is cut off

by the Spa ii ds, 1867 15€3 Enive's tim de ind Ind. 13. Po aties n o selitti I kend fiom Wow Spain. 1572 Teatrocious inflicte oi Pivteftaritsa. P1, August 24th, 1577 SI: Fisnis Duke, the fist hug! th Cicun-bas gatos, jelt fail on his voyage

roudreworidand returns 1500. 1579 Theluurco trike oil in Spanish yuke. and what is now called the Republic

of folland comiences 1582 Pope G ony introduces the New Style ; the fifth October being accounted

the 15.1. 1583 Tobicone which had beer firn discovered by the Spaniards in Yucatan in the

year 1520, is introduced into Englad. . 1984 136 Judy. Ino ilips con rifli ped by Sir Wille, Raleigh, who hadobe

tanacd a parent trom Queen Elizabeth for fuch lands as lemiale discover mot frierging to archivani Pince, anchor in ofarbour leven knues well of ple Roanoke, take poliesion of tle country in a formal manner,

and in honour of their VIRGIN Queen, depo..inate it Virginid. 1585 Davis's St uits discovered. 1507 Mary que no: Scots is cruelly beleaded by order of queen Elizabeth of Eng:

land, after 18 years improuinent. 1588 Paper tutt manulačtwed in England

The Spanish air da delnoyed by Dake and other English admirals.
Herri IV. of France palies the celebrated Edićt of Nantes, tolerating the

Protetiants. 1589 Coaches into England. 1500 Teleicopes tvert by Janten, a Dutchmao. 1995 Caribbce Nes dilcover a. 1497 Watches fitt brought in:o England from Germany. 1662 New Euçlud discovered by Captain Golvola ; bad the name of New Eng

laud given it by Captain join South' wlio drew a map of it, 1614.

1603 Queen Elizabe! (the last of the Tudo.s) dirs and is fucceeded by king James

VI. oi Scotland, who unites both kwgdoms under the tale of G. Bria

tein. 1506 The gun-powder . lo discovered at Weftminner, being a project to blow up

du Pr horses of parliament, Nov. 5ti. 1608 Henry Hudson viscovers the river now known av his name, and fells his

claw ienia who foon aste begin to take pa iletion of that region. which now comprehends the states of New-YuiK, Now-Jailey, Penntylvania and Delaware; to which they give the appeilaticn of the New Ne

thera ds. The city, now New-York, was called Xew-Amsterdam. Canad. fittied by the tenib. Galileo of Florence fiift dili overs the satellites about the planet Saturn, by

tha telle cop latciy invented in. Illand. rc9 Sir George Soniers, on his way to Virgula, ran ashore on one of the Bur

Dido ds, which circumstance gives tlem the name of the Somer

lauds- July 1610 Polaives fit caíriod from America to I:eland by Sir Francis Drake.

Hudson's bay discovered by Captain Henry Hudion, who is leit by his mer

to pe ish on that coait. 1014 Loid Np:0! Marchetton in Scotland invents the logarithmis.

The first lettlement of New-farrev paguu by the Durch; afterwards a num

ber of Swedes and Finstaka polisin, 1627. 16:9 The pe manent eltabliment oi Vinna. 1919 Dictir William Harvey, an Englishman, first discovered the doctrine of the

circul in ot the blood. 1630 About one hundrrd pe fons of the denomination of Puritars, who had ned

from .eligious perfrcution in England, arrive at a place in Maltachusetts, which in commemoration of the city in theii native land, which they had

last l-ft, they denominate P ymouth, Dec, zit 1622 Nova Scotia funt fetued by the scotch, undei Sir William Alexander, to whom

a curt Hind oren piated. So dienberio, 1621.

Careyli ufi it fituled by the English from Virginia 1625 The all of, the fill English iscilement in the West Indies,

p 36'd 1626 Ti. bored jeter uvented by To icolli. 1027 he state of Dek was begun to be sellied by the Swedes and Fins.

Th. thermor, riten nied by D.cbrlius. 1630 Turciiy of Bitoni Maliac' ulettstounded.

Prian k fi it brought to F ance. 7631 Venipapörs fuit nubished at Paris. 1032 Maryland gran’ed by cha'ir: to Lorel Ballimore of Ireland, by king Charles

ii aud be ut to be settled in the year following 1625 Rioda Illa d fit in-gun to be settled. Iis charter granted 1669. 2643 The Irish ebellion, caused by the artifice of the lords jultices, in which the

mon borrie baba stirs are perpetrated by the lush on the English, and by

the E lin on the truth. 161? Printing si it lei upn New-England at Cambridge. 2044 A grrat mafice iu Virginia, by the Indiaals. 16 17 i very mortai epidemic al lickness prevails in Vew-England. 1649 An aifocia: 100 entered iito in New-England by the governor and conncil of

oof vailachusetts against wearing long hair. 1652 The speckling tiuix per in.ented by Kicbei, ajeluit. 265-Comwell de lard lord proctor of Loigland for Ife, December 121 h. 10:55 Tre vlund of Jamaica taken from the Spanfards by the English, under the

coinmaid of adıniial Penn. 3650 Transtution of the blood furft suggehed at Oxford. 1600 king Chailes II. of England, ate an exile of 12 years in France and Hol

land, eitored by general Monk.

The king of Deuinárk becomes an absolute monarch. 2662 Penduivin clocks invented by John Fromental, a Dutchman.

Fire engines invented. 1664 South Carolina granted to Lord Clarenden by patent.

Governor Styvelat furienders the New Netherlands to colonel Nichols, who

had been commiflioned by king Charles to lubdue that country. Ii was then calıcd New-York, in honour of James Duke of York and Albany, the king of England's brother,

1163 Lord Berkeley and for James Cartetet purchase from Jaipos dure of York

Wiat part of his solos, which i now called New Jerly. It was in named hon the island o: Jefry, where the Cartaret family had a large


T'piante rages in London, and carries off 63,000 inhabitants. 365 Tieg.est fie o Lordin bezins September 2d, and continues for 5 days, ia

whics are destroyed 13 ovo houses and fou ficets. :6 67 Tea sift uf Pd in England.

The peace of Breda, which confirms to the British the Yew Notherlands, now

kown by the back. Of N. w-York, Newt y, and Pennsylvania. 164, Chandet:1. Sostits-Cola, Brandid 1072 Lewis XIV overruns prend me of Illland, when the Dutch opatheir

fluires; being delpomised to drow'u their country and to retire to ibeir

Ietilrenents in the Foi Indes, rather than submit to the conqueror. 1687 The Habeas corpus ad pfed in Britain. 16,9' Vew.llir , ibrich had been lichiato confidered as under the same juris

diction with W achuirits, ciete dinto a favaratr governani. 1630 A great comes, which continues to appear in Europe from Nov. 3d. to March

oth followint, im its nearnets to the parti, caufas great alarm 130 Willian Penn obtains a patent for Pennsylvania, March 4th, and grants a

chatter to adventurers 1682 1683 William Pe n purchalre, from James duke of York, that part of the New

Neulekinde. now known by the name of the fate of Delaware"

Philadelphia ben to be built. 1735 Therdid o Nantes infamously removed by Louis XIV and the prot-fizats

crucily perf.cuted. 1688 The revolut on of Britain begins Nov. 5th. --King James abdicates the torone

ard retires to France, Der 3d followin elga Thc bile viile Boyne, io liriand, ruined by king William over his father

in-law, hug lanes--11t July. The Ea lina and Durch fire, crumunded by admiral Rusiei, deixat lie

Fruch fiertoil La H.16.

Port Royal, in Jamaican wallowed up by an earthquake. 1693 Bayores, at trendoi joneid mukeis, fitt uted by the French against the

confideris, at the baitir of Turn. 1609 The use ! i colori di the ittmus of Darien, in America, and call it C3

Indon13. soi Pruiiia is elad into a hin dom. 1702 William II1. king of Englarid dies, aged 5o, and is succeeded by queen

An:.e. 1704 Gibraltarı. 1. " hy the combined fleets of Britain and Ilolland under the com

mand IT Girge Rook. July 23. 1706 England and Scotind united under the name of the kingdom of Gredie

Britain," and the filt British parliament ineet October 24th, 1707.

The French invade Carolina; but are repulsed with great lois. 1908 Sardinia erected into a kingdom, and given to the duke of Savoy.

Minorca taken by the British under Lord Stantope. 17 9 North Carolina begun to be fettled by a number of indigent Palatines. 3710 The cathedrad chuich of St. Paul, London, re-built by fir Christopier Wren,

in 37 years, at the expenle of one million iterling. (4.440.000 dollars) Poft office fittellablished in America by act of the British parliament..

The English South-lea company begun. 1711 Eighe Englith frigates wercked'on Egg-I and in the river St Lawrence, and

L!wa.ds of icoo men perith, August 23, 3713 The peace of Unrcht, whereby Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Hudson's Bay,

Gibraliai, and Minorea, are confined to Britain. 1715 The rebellion in Scotland begins in Septeinber in favour of the Pretcoder, and

is fupprefed at Sheriftinuir November following.

Eclipse of the sun, the greatest feen in Ingland for goo ycar paft. 3736 Anait pauerlin Britain for foplannial parliaments. :718 William Penn, the founder of Pennfylvanis, dics. 2719 The Missippi (creme at its height in France.

The South Sa icheme he run in England Aprilgeh, at its height about the cod

of June, and quite abuli September egih.

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Loombe's filk throwing machine, containing 25.596 wheels, erected at Dora

by in England; tanns up on -eighthofa milein wate! wheel moves the

rast, and in 24 hours it works 318.004,ibio yids aktred. 2727 Inoculition for the finall-rox firli tried on cruininals with iuccess.

Rolia, formerly a duk-dom, cftablished as an empire. 174 The first perforxecuted in Britain for forgery. 17:32 GEORGE WASHINGTON, the father of his country, and the friend of man,

born in Virginia 22d vary. The state of G) sia begin so be lettied by a number of public friniend :

ile nen, under sencial ( chorps, to win a churter is granted June 19!!). 1733 The uland of Sr. praatly dumaged by a turmu. 176 Captain Porteous, hainz ordaind bois toddlers to tie uvon the populace at the

execution of a l...uggier, is hintell soon after ex.cuted b; the mob at

Edinburgh, 1737 The earth moved tobal. toward the pols. 1739 The British declara ragainst Spain, 0:ber 23d.

l'ilent froit in ënshind tornar wrexs after Ciritmas. 1713 The battle of Destinyen won by the English and the allies, in favour of the

queen of Hungry. 14 The British decla.e war agaiof France.

Commodore anton return from his voyage round the world. 1745 Indigo discovered in South Carolina

The rebellion breaks out 1. Scotland, and the Pretend 's army de cated at

Cuiloden by the duke of Cumberland, April 16, 1771.

Cape Breton taken by the English, 1746 Lima and Callao, in Peine walowed up by an earthquaka, October 2011

This earthquake continues tiil zoch November, dunay which timc 5).CO

perlons lole their lives. 1718 The peace of Aix-la-Chapelle, by which a reftitution of all places in co du.

ringinis war, is nipulated on all sides. 1750 The British parliament pais an act prohibiting any ficiin; mail or forse, or any

iron works in Amciica---June. 1752 The New Style introduced into Britain ; Sptember 3d, teing accounted

the 14th. Fort du Quelne, now called Pittsbury, built on the forks of the rivers Mon

nongahela and Alle; hany, by the French.' 1754 Kentucky discovered by Jaines 1 Bride; begun to be sellied by cialon-1 Da.

niel Boon and others, 1773. A conrrefs meets at Albany, when Dr. Tuanklin propuses a plan for the union

of all the colonies. 1756 Lisbon in Portugal, ditoyed by an earthquake. Martinico, together with St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Ganada, taken from the

Fiench by admiral Rodacy and general Monkion, February. 1757 Ide tity of electric fire and lighting, discovered by Franklin, who there.

upon invents a method of lecuring buildin, s trom thunder Iturma by ure

tallic conductors. 1758 Fort du Quesne taken by the English, February 28th. Guadeloupe taken by the English; but rellored to the Fiench by the treaty of

peace, 1763 General Wolte is killed on the plains of Abraham, near Quebec, Sopt. gth,

when the Fiench goneral Montcalm is a lo lain. 1,60 King George III fucceeds his grandfather, October 25th.

The itate of Vermont, then part of New-York, begun lu be settled chiefly by

einigrants from New England. 1763 The extente provinces of Canada, Eft and Well Florida and part of Lou

jsiana; also the islands of Granada, St. Vincent, Dominica and Tobago il the West Iudies, confirmed to Bricaiu by the treaty of peace at Paris,

Feb. 10th. 1764 Mr. Harrison of Britain invents a timne piece for discovering the longitude ;

for which he receives, from parliament, the sum of £10,000 iterling

(44,400 dollars.) 1765 The American stamp act receives the royal aflent in Britain, March 22d; but

being received in America with dilapprobation, is repealed, March 18:h,

1766; on which occation rejoicings arc univerlal through the colonies. Ot aheite discovered. 2766 A great spot palice the sun's centre,

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