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Aames of Places. Provinces. Countries. Quarter Lat. Long.

D. M. D. M. Sunderland Durhamn England Europe 54-55 n 72-50 W Surat

Guzura: Ealt-i odies Alia 21-10 n 147-276 Surinam Surinam South

Amer. 6-00 n 19-30 e Syracuse Sicily Isle Dialy

Europe 36-58 n 90-05 e T'Able Island New H-brides South Pacific Asia' 15 38 117-48 w 1 Ta: jour Tavjour Eat-Indies Alia 11-27 n 154.07 € Taina South

Pacifio Ocean Alia 19-33115-24 W Tukua Ille Sonth

Pacific Occan Alia 14-301 7004 W Taris Aderbeizan Perfia

Alia 38-200 121 30 e T. Dis Georgia Peilia

Ana 43-30 n 122 00 e Tenontengis Soloo

Eait-Indies Asia 5 57 11 165 02 w Teneriff. Peak Canaries Allantic Ocean Africa 28 12 58.36 e Tercera Azores

Allantic Ocean Europe 38 450 47 59 e Tirian Fez

Barbary Africa 35-400 69-42 e Ş. Thomas's Ille Virgin Illes Wii lodies Amer. 18-21 0 10-14 0 Thurn

Regal Pullia Poland Europe 52-56 n 56 00 e Timor, S. W.

Lift Indies Alia 10 23 160-56 w, toine Tinsonand .

El Indies Alia 8.157 153 01 W Point Tobuliki Siberia Rumia Alia 58 12 0 143-17 e Toledo New Callile S din

Evrope 3)-500 78.25 € Touni Siberia Ruília

Alia 56-29 160-04 Tonga Tubull South

Pacific Ocean Alia 21-09 [ 09 41 W Tornca Bochnia Sweden Europe 65-50 n 99-17 0 Toulon

Provence Fiance Europe 43-07 1 81 ole Trapefund Natolia


Alia 41-500 115 30 € Trent Trent

Germany Europe 46-050 86-02 e Trenioa New Jersey tried Staics N. Am.40 159 0-45 e Tripoli Tripoli Barbary Africa 32-53 88-12 € Syria

Alia 34-309 111-15 e Troy Ruins Natolia,


Ali 39 300 101-30 c. Tunis Tunis Biruary

Afrira 30-471 85-00 o Pievinont

Europe 45 05n 82-45 e Turtle 12c So'rih

Pacific Ocean Asa 19-48 / 103-02 Tyre

Palestine Turkey Alia 32-32 ) 111.00 e Тут paw Trenrichin Hungary • Eirope 48-28 n 92-38 o T TLarea South

Pacilic Ocean Alia 16-451 76-26w U Upial Upland Sweden Europe 59 510 92-38 e Uranibers

Iloen Ille Denmark E rope 55-540 87-57 e Ulhant lile Bretagne


Europe 48 28 0 70 01 Utrecht Holland Netherlands Europe 59 07 0 80.00 e Venice Venice Iraly

Europe 45-200 86-23 Vera Cruz Mexico


Amer. 19-12 23-25W Verron Mount Virginia United States N. Am.33-400 2-20W Verona Veronese Iraly

Europe 45.26 0 86-59 • Verfuilles Ill: of France France

Europe 48-480 77-12 e VIENNA Auflria


Europe 48-120 91-22 C Galacia Spain

Europe 42-140 66-37 € Gogoa

Eurape 43 530 82-42 6

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Nimes of Places. Provinces. Conntries. Quarter Lat. Long.

D. M. D. M. Virv;. Gorda Virgin Iles West Indies Aner. 1818 n 1101e W skefield Yorkfhire Egland Europe 53-410 73:22 VV Pince of New N. Wales North . Amer. 58-47 n 19 0?w

Vi dics Fort Wardhus Norwegian Lap-Lapland Europe 70-32 N 96-11

Jard Warsaw M D via Poland Europe 52-14 06-05 e Warwick Warwickshire England Europe 52-18 0 23 28 e WasHinton Columbia Ditt. United States Amer. 38 54 0 2-00. Waterford Munster Ireland Europe 52-12 n 67.44 e Wells Somerselfhire England Europe 51.120 72-20 0 Westman Ines North

Atlantic Ocean Europe 63-20 54-33 € Whitehaven Cumberland England Europe 54 38 n 71-340 Whitsuneide Il South

Pacific Ocean Alia 15-44 [ 116-95w Williamburg Virginia North

Amer. 37-12 n 1-98w Willis's Illes South Georgia Atlantic Ocean Amer. 34-00 1 36.36 € Winchester Hampshire England Europe 51.06 n 73 45 € Wilna

Lithuania Poland Europe 54.41 n 100 32 e Wittenburg ! Upper Saxony Germany Europe 51-490 87-46 Wologda Wologda Russia Europe 59-190 116-50 e Worceller Worcestershire England Europe 52.09 n 73-05

Massachusetts United States Amer. 42-230 3-16 e Worms

Lower Rhine Germany Europe 49-38 n 83-05e Wollak


Europe 61-150 Wurtzburg Franconia Germany

Europe 49-460 85-18 V Armouth Norfolk ' England Europe 52-450 70 49c 1 York York faire England Europe 53-59 n' 73-59 €





Brf. Christ.
4005 THE creation of the world, and Adam and Eve.
4033 T Tic birth of Cain.
1:18 The old world is deitroved by a deluge.
9:47 The Tower of Babel built about this time.
2231 Cercial oblervations are boyun at Babylon, the city which fit gave birth to

Icaruing and i he sciences.
2188 Mifrain, the son of Ilam, founds the kingdom of Allyria.
Suy Nuus, the son of Belus, founds the kingdoin of Allyria.
1971 The covenant of God made with Abram.
1897 Sudoin and Gomorrah destroyed.
1024 Meinnion, the Egyptians, invenis the letters.
1935 Jofeph dies in Egypt, which concludas the book of Genelis.
2474 duron burn in Esypt ; 1499, appointed by God fist high-priest of the Il-

raclites. 1571 Moses, brother to Aaron, born in Egypt, and adopted by Pharaoh's daaglier. 1493 Cidmus carries the Phænician letters into Greece, and builds the citadel of

Thebes. 1491 Mofes peiforms a number of Miracles in Egypt, and departs from that king

dusi, together with the Israelites 1485 The fuft ship that appeared in Greece is brought from Egypt by Danans. 1453 The first Olympic gaines celebrated at Olympia, in Greece. 1451 The Israelites fix themfelves in Canaan. 1406 Iron is found in Greece, from the accidental burning of the woods. 1372 The Milelians arrive froni Spain in Ireland. 1263 Argonautic expedition. 1048 David is sole king of Israel. 1004 The Temple solemnly dedicated by Solomon. ogó Elijah, the prophet, translated to Ileaven. 294 Muney first made of gold and lilver at Argos. sig The city of Carthage, in Africa, founded by queen Dido. 824 The kingdom of Macedon begins. 776 The îi ft Olympiad begins. 53 Rome built by Romulus, finn king of the Romans. 20 Samaria taken, after thiee years fiey, and the kingdom of Israel finished, by

Salamanalar, king of Ally is, who camics theica tribes into capuvity.

The firil eclipse of the inoun on record. 68 Byzantium (now Conftant nople.) built by a colony of Athenians. 600 Thales, of Miletus, travels into Egypi, acquires the knowledge of reomstty,

alironoiny, and philofophy; returns to Greece, calculates ecliptes, tas generad notions of the universe, and maintains that one fupreme latcita

gence regulates all its not ons. Maps, globes and the higns of the Zodiac, invented by Anaximander, the

scholar of Thales.
387 The city of Jerusalem takon, after a fiege of 18 months,
119 Cyrus, the first king of Persia.
33 The kingdom of Babylon deitzoyed ; that city being taken by Cyrus, whe,

in 536, issues an ed:ct for the iccurn of the Jews
215 The second temple at Jerusalem is finished under Darius.
09 Tarquin, hing of the Romans, expelled.

481 Xerxes the Great, king of Pc: Ga, hogins his expedition against Greece. 408 Ezra is fent from Babylon to Jerusalem, win the captive lens and the ve/T-!s

of gold and lilver, &c. being leventy weeks of years, or 490 years before

th- crucifixion of our Saviour. 454 The Romans le d Athens for Solon's laws. 451 The Decemvirs created at Rome, and the laws of the Twelve Tables compiled

and ratified. 430 The history of the Old Teltainent furithis about this time. 401 Rotret of 10.00 Gerks undir Xenonlion. 400 Sucrates, the fowebpicofino al cielophy among the Greeks, Priieves the im

mortality of the foul nd all of inwards and panthers, to wiich, and other sublime di ines leis putin death by the lihoans, who

foon after repent, and end toisne oyath tue of bii's. 379 Bæotian war cominances in Gescs, finihod i. 316, after the death of Epa

minondas, the last of the Gerian he:ocs. 336 Pilip, king of Mcdon, mard.ed. 331 Alexander, kin; of Vo cedo, o. quong Darius, king of Pariia. 323 Dies at Bubsi07, «nd His empire is disided by his generis i tu four kingdoms,

after dc ít oying his wives,, brother, and its. 28; Dionyfius, of l xaid in begins h's aftonomici 13 m2 Tonday June 26,

being the first who found the exact iolar year to contiit of stig days, 5 hours

and 49 ininutes 284 Ptolemy Philadelphus, king of Egypt, employs frventy-two interp' ters to

translate the Old Testament into the Gicek language, which is called the

Septuagint. 269 The first coinage of silver at Rome, 264 The first Pun.c war begins, and continues 23 years. 260 The Romans first concern themselves in naval atiairs, and defeat the Cartha

genians at sea. 218 The second Punic war begins and continues 17 years. Hannibal passes the

Alps, and defeats the Romans in several battles. 199 The first Roman army enters Alia, and from the spoils of Antiochus, bringe

the Aliatic luxury first to Rome. 370 Eighty thousand Jews malluced by Antiochus Epiphanes. 146 Perfeos defeated by the Romans, which end the Macedonian kingdom. 167 The fult library erected at Rome, of books brought from Macedonia. 163 Carthage razed to the ground by be Romans. 145 An hundred thousand inhabitants of Antioch mutacred in one day by the 1 Jews. 52 Julius Cæsar makes his first expedition into Britain, 47 The battle of Pharsalia between Cæfur and Pompey, in which the latter is de

feated. The Alezandrian Library, confifting of 400.000 valuable bucks, burnt by

accident, 45 The war of Africa, in which Caio kills himself.

The tolar year introduced by Cæfar. 44 Julius Cælar killed in the fenato-house at Rome. 43 Brutus, one of the confpirators against Cæsar, and chief of the republicans,

being vanquished in the battle of Philippi, kills himself. 4. The battle of Actium foughe, in which Mark Anthony and Cleopatra are con

tally defeated by i eta is, nephew of Julius Cæfar 27 Octavius, by a decree of the senate, obtains the tive of Auguftus Cæfar, and

an abfolute exemption from the laws, and is properly the first Roman

em pe or 25 Coin fint med in Britain. 8 Rome at this time is fifty miles in circumference, and contains 463,000 men fit

to bear arms. The temple of Janus shut by Auguftus, as an einblem of universal peace; and

JESUS CHRIST fuppofed tc have been born on Monday, December 25, but according to many, in September, during the Jewish leaft of tobernacles.

A. C.

12 JESUS CHRIST hears the Doctors in the Temple, and asks them qucrious, 27

Is baptised in the Wildernela. V . IV.


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33 - Iscrucified on Friday, April 3, at 3 o'clock P. M.

- llis .efur ection on Sunday, April 5i his Alccanon, Thursday 40 Thantine Christians first given at Antioch to the followers of Christ. 49 9'idyn teund d by the Romans. 51 Cor. ctacus, the Birth King, Camried in chains to Roine. 59 The tyrant Varo puts 5 s mother and brothers to death.

- Perfecutes the Duds in Britain. 61 Boadicea, the Bidilh qu en, d-fcats ihe Romans; but is conquered foon af

te: by S onus, governor of Biitiin 62 St Paulistne in bonds.olme, wiites his epistics between 51 and 66. 63 The Ads of the Apottlas written. Chriftianity Iuppited to be introduced into Britain by St. Paul, or lome of

his didespins about this tire 6. Ruine fs on fir, and bunurd for six days; upon which began (under Nero)

the fift pasfreudian ay init the Chriftians. 67 St Peter and St. Paul put to death. no Titus takas jerntalem, which is razed to the ground, and the plough made to

pass over it, 79 Huicu'a:eum overwhelmed by an eruption of Mouut Vefurius. 135 nel cold Jewish war ends. alltle Jews are banished Judea. 152 Ticarpion Auto inus Pius stops the persecution against the Christians. 374 Silk filt broug'ilon luia. 300 Constantine ! e Girat begins his reign 313 Coni ntine isrminates the tenth peri cution, favours the Chriftians, and gives

ful libity to their religion. 325 The itt sene al council a Nice. 3.8 Constantine re roves the lesi of einpire from Rome to Byzantium, which is

bom thirtime called Conftantinople. 331 Comitantine ordars all th heathen trinpins to be deliroved. 303 The enpe o fwi sina Jurnamed le ipoftaie, endeavors in vain to re-bull

til tempie of Jciutalem. 410 Romeinkriod plunde ed hy Alaric, king of the V6-Guihs. 410 The kin dom of Fiance beginis unde Pharaniund. 455 T}Saxous l'aving repullid the Scots and Picts, invite over more of their

countrymen, alid bagin to establish themtelves in Kent, under Hengit. 476 The w fein empire entnely dest oyed. 49 Clovis. king of France, bantised, and Christian'ty begins in that kingdom. 519 Paris becomes the capital of Fance. 516 The computing of tiine by the Christian æra is introduced by Dienslus the

nonk. 529 Justinian's code is publiford. 557 A terrible plaque in Europe, Asia, and Africa, which continues near 50 years. 581 Latin cealed to be ipokan about this time in Italy 62% Malomet files from Mecca to Medina, in Arabia. Ilis followers compute

their time fron this tra, which in Arabic is called llegira, i. e. the

Fligit. 637 Jerusi izan taken by the Saracens. 6 4. Gia's inventrd in Fugland by Benalt, a mork. 685 The Britons, öfter e lira gie of near 150 years, are driven by 1! • Saxons, inta

. Tal's and Cornwirni. 748 The computing of years from the birth of Christ begins to be used in l.fory. 800 Chuilen glieKing of France, begins the empire of Germany, afterwards

call.dtie Weltem empire; and endeavours in vain to rellore learning ia

Europe. 828 Ebert, kinz of Wessex, unites the Heptarchy, by the name of England. 886 Juries hiilt.litused. 896 Aifred the Great, after subduing the Danish invaders, composes his bady of

laus divid Erzland into counties, bundreds, and yebings ; crecis cuun.

ty couies, and funds the univerlity of Oxford about this time. 915 The univerity of Cambridge founded. 1000 Paper made of cotion rays is in use; that of linen rags in 1170; the manufac

tory introduced into England at Dartford, 1588. 1015 Children forbidden by law to be sold by their parents in Engiand. 2017 Canote, king of Denmark, gains poffeffion of England.

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