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the city, and to pave and light the ftreets, which will save a heavy tax that arises in other cities, and consequenily render the lots considerably more valuable.

The grants of money made by Virginia and Maryland being suficient, few of the public lots were foll, vill the 17th day of September, 1793, when the demand was considerable, as the monied men in Europe and Ames rica had turned their attention to this great national object.

At the close of the year 1792, most of the streets were run, and the squares divided into lots. The canal was partly dug, and the greatest part of the materials provided for the public buildings, which are entirely of free-stone polished, and are now carrying on with all possible expedition. Several private houses were erected, and a great many proprietois of lois were preparing to build. The city now makes a noble appearance, many of the public buildings being in great forwardness, or finished, and a great number of houses


This city is 42 miles S. W. of Baltimore, 500 froin Boflon, 250 froin New-York, 144 from Philadelphia, 132 from Richmond, in Virginia, 630 from Charleston and 795 from Savannah.


Situation, Extent, &c.

THIS Srate is situated between oo and go wel longitude from Phi. ladelphia, and 36° 30', and 40° 30' north latitude. Its length is about four hundred and forty-six miles, and its breadth two hundred and cwenty-four. It is bounded on the east by the Atlantic, on the north by a line of laulude, crossing the eastern shore through Watkins's Point, being about 37° 57' north latitude ; from thence by a straight line to Cinquac, near the mouth of the Potomack ; thence by the Potomack, which is common to Virginis and Maryland, to the first fountain of its northern branch ; thence by a me. ridian line, paffing through that foun'ain will it intersects a line running east and weit, in latitude 39° 43' 424" which divides Maryland from Pennfylo vania, which was marked by Melirs. Mafon and Dixon ; thence by that line, and a continuation of it weltwardly to the completion of five degrees of longitude from the eastern boundary of Pennsylvania, in the same laiitude, and thence by a meridian line to the Ohio ; on the well by the Ohio and Mife Minopi, to latitude 36° 30' north; and on the south by the line of laritude lait-mentioned. By admeasurements through nearly ihe whole of this lait line, and supplying the unmeasured paris, from good dara, the Atlantic and Mihmppi, are found in this latitude to be seven hundred and Gifty-eight miles diltani, equal to 13° 38' of longitude, reckoning fifiy-five miles and three thousand one hundred and forty-four feet to the degree. This being our comprehension of American longitude, that of their lasitude, taken between this and Mason and Dixon's line is 3° 13' 42 4", cqual in about two hunared and twenty-three miles, fuppofing a degree of a great circle to be fixty. nine miles, eight hundred and fixty-four feet as computed by Carire. There boundaries include an area fomewhat triangular, of one hundred and twenty. Vol. IV.



one shoulend fire hundred and twenty
rine ih, ugiard hr hundred and 66,
ained nyt ifern houfand and shi

sisest he Great Kanhawa. i
velde of Great Britain
agh tulard bra bundred
Cars JME 8;0.000 inbab

and twenty-five square miles, whereof, seventie

and fifty lie wellward of the Allegany mountains und and thirty-four westward of the meridian of the

hawa. This Siate is therefore one third larger tha Britain and Ireland, which are reckoned ar eigher

hundred and fitiy-seven square miles. The whole fiate 3-0.000 inbabuants of which 300,000 are Naves. into eigow-two counties, and by another divifion is formed many of which are commenfurace with the coupries; but some.

comprehends more than one parish, and sometimes a parish county. This divifion had relation to he religion of the

ilter of the Anglican church, with a fixed falary, having been Siste, a inin

Sve labird in each parilh. The names and Gituations of these

los divided into cighn-woc inie punithes, many of which are dui78's a county comprehends mor more than one county. This divin

counues are as follow :


Ohi Mororgolia, Ifrington, Montgomery. Wythe, Botetourt, Greene and lowest i Huruplare, Berkley, frederick, Shenanaoah, Rockingnam, tuguftico Rurkórise.


Loudoun, Faugusier. Culpetper, Spotfylvania. Orange, Louisa. Gorck. band. Flavania, comemarle, Amherfi, Buckingham. Brdtord, Henry. PittSukama. Halilax Charlotte. Prince Edward, Cumberland, Powhatan melio, avotliwny, Lunenburgh, eleckienburgh, Brunswick,


Green'ville, Dinwiddie, Chefierfeld, Prince Georgt, Surry, Suflex, Soutko Gripton, Ijie of Wighi, Nanjemond, Norfolk, Princess Ann.


llenrico, Hanover. New-kent, Charles Ciry, James City, Williamsburete York, Warwick, Elizabeth City.


Caroline, King William, King and Queen, Efex, Middle fex, Glouceler


Fairfax, Prince Ililliam, Stafford, King George, Richmond, WeAmore land, Northumberland, Lancalier.


Accomac, Northampton,


Campbell, Franklin, Harrison, Randulph, llardy, Pendleion, Rufe.

Chief Towns.


T HE towns in this late are generally small, owing probably to the intersection of ihe country by navigable rivers, which bring the ride to the doors of the inhabitants, and prevent the ncceiiy if their song an qurit of il to a distance.

On Jum's river and its waters--Vorfolk, Purifoizouth, Hampton, Suf. folk. Smithfield, Il'illiamsburgh, Peterfburgh, Richm.ind, Manchejlır. Chare lottefville, New-London - 0 York river and his waiers, York, New (aftli, Hanaver.-0 Rappahannock, Urbanna, Port Royal, Frederikjbergi, Falmouth.-On Potomack and its waters, Dumfries, Colchester, skxundria, Winchester, Staunton.

The following deserve a particular description :

Norfolk, is the mi conliderable commercial wwwn in Virginia, situate on the East Gde of Elizabeth river, inmediately below he confluence of the eafern branch. It has a safe and commodious harbour, large enough to contain 300 ships. It was burnt by the British in 1776, but contains now about 100 dweiling houses, a coure-house, gavl, an Episiopal and Methodist church, a thearre, and an academy. It is 390 riles, S. by W. of Philudelphia, and 114 E. S. E. of Richmond. N. lai. 36° S. S. W. long. 76° 28'.

Alexandria. Ilands on the south bank of Potom ick river in Fairfax cointy; ils fumation is elevated and pleasant; the foil is clay. The original fertiers, anticipating its future growih and importance, laid out the streets upon the plan of Philadelghia. It contains about leven hundred houses, many of which are handtvincly built, and about even thousand inhabi:ants. This town, upon opening the navigation of Poiomack river, and in consequence of its vicinity to the city of IVfhington, will probably be one of the most thriving commercial places on the continent. It is about 5 miles S. W. from me Federal eny, 60 S. W. from Bultimore, and 290 from the iea, N. lat. 38, S.S. W. long. 77, 10. * Fredericksburgh, in the county of Spotsylvania, is fituated on the south Side of Rappahannock river, one hundred ard ien miles from its mouth, and contains about iwo hundred houses, principaliy on one street, which runs nearly parallel with the river, and about two thousand inhabitants.

Richmond, in the couniy of Henrico, is the prefent laat of government, and ftands on the north side of James river, just as the foxt of the falls, and contains about fix hundred houtes, and about fix thousand inhabitants. Part of the houses are built upon the margin of the river, convenient tor bunners; the rest are upon a hill which overlooks the lower part of the town, and commarido an extensive prospect of the river and adjacent county. The new houses are well built. A large fee house, or capirol, has lately been erected on the hill. The lower part of the town is divided by a creek, over which is a convenient brigde. A bridge between three and four hundred vaids in lergin, has lately been thrown across Jane's river, ai the fuoi of the fall, which connects the city with Manhuster.

Besides i he capiwl, shere is an Episcopal Church, a coure-house. gani and a theatre. This place is 375 miles from NW-l'ork, 176 from Busblinure, and 378 from Philidelphis, N. lat. 37 40. W. long: 77 50.

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