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clay in the hand of the potter. If thou, in thy providence, hast brought me into this new world, to make known to this people the grace and the blessings of the new covenant, if thou hast thought proper by making choice of so weak an instrument, to confound the wise, if thou hast been pleased to show to a babe, possessing neither wisdom nor prudence, what thou hast hid from the wise and prudent, be it so, O Father, for so it seemeth good in thy sight. But O, my merciful God, leave me not, I beseech thee, for a single moment; for without thee, I can do nothing. O, make thy strength perfect in my weakness, that the world may see that thine is the power, and that, therefore, thine ought to be the glory. Thus, my heart prayed, while tears of supplication bedewed my face.

I felt however relieved and tranquilized, for I had power given me to trust in the name of the Lord, to stay upon the God of my salvation. Immediately on my return to the company, my boatmen entered the house, the wind is fair, Sir; well, then we will depart, it is late in the afternoon, but no matter, I will embark directly ; I have been determined to embrace the first opportunity, well knowing the suspense the captain must be in, and the pain attendant thereon.

Accordingly I set off, as soon as matters could be adjusted, but not until my old friend taking me by the hand said, You are now going to New-York, I am afraid you will, when there, forget the man, to whom your master sent you ; but I do beseech you come back to me again as soon as possible; the tears gushed in his eyes, and regarding me with looks which indicated the strong. est affection, he threw his arms around me, repeating his importunities, that I would not unnecessarily delay my return. I was greatly affected, reiterating the strongest assurances that I would conform to his wishes. Why should I not, said I, what is there to prevent me? I do not know an individual in New-York, no one knows me, what should induce me to tarry there ? Ah, my friend, said he, you will find many in New-York, who will love and admire you, and they will wish to detain you, in that city. But you have proinised you will return, and I am sure you will return, and in the mean time may the God of heaven be witir you. Unable to reply I hurried from his door, and on entering the vessel, I found the good old man had generously attended to what Vol. III. 53

had made no part of my care, by making ample provision both for me and the boatmen during our little voyage.

I retired to the cabin, I had leisure for serious reflections, and serious reflections crowded upon me; I was astonished, I was lost in wonder, in love, and in praise ; I saw as plain as I could see an object of sense, that the good hand of God was in all these things; it is, I spontaneously exclaimed, it is the Lord's doings, and it is marvellous in my eyes ; it appeared to me, that I could trace the hand of God in bringing me through a long chain of events to such a place, to such a person, so evidently prepared for my reception, and while I acknowledged the will of God manifested respecting my publick character, I at the same moment distinguished the kindness of God, evinced by his indulging me with a retirement so exactly suited to my wishes; the house was neat, the situation enchanting, it was on the margin of the deep, on the side of an extensive bay, which abounded with fish of every description, and a great variety of water fowl. On the other side of this dwelling after passing over a few fields, (which at that time stood thick with corn)-venerable woods, which seemed the coevals of time, presented a “scene for contemplation fit-towering majestic, they filled the devotional mind with a religious awe." I reflected therefore with augmenting gratitude to my heavenly Father, upon the pressing invitation he had put it into the heart of his faithful servant, to give me, and I determined to hasten back to this delightsul retreat, where nothing but the grandeur of simple nature in the surrounding objects, and the genuine operations of the divine spirit in the hospitable Master, awaited my approach.

I had not the least idea of tarrying in New-York, a moment longer than to see the captain, deliver up my charge, and receive my baggage, and I resolved to return to my benevolent friend by the first opportunity. And thus did I make up my mind. Well, if it be so, I am grateful to God, that the business is thus adjusted; if I must be a promulgator of these glad, these vast, yet obnoxious tidings, I shall bowever be sheltered in the bosom of friendship, in the bosom of retirement. I will employ myself on the * grounds of my friend, thus obtaining my own support, and health will be a concomitant, while I will preach the glad tidings of salvation, frce as the light of heaven. The business thus arranged, my mind became reconciled to the will of the Almighty, and thus commenced another important stage of my various lise.


The editor concludes the work of transcribing with regret; but these volumes have already extended far beyond her calculalion. The papers, from which the extracts relative to the life of the author, are selected, are sufficient to complete a volume. These papers might be filled up, and made to constitute the fourth volume of this collection ; and should the friends of the writer request, the sheets when corrected and completed, will be surrendered to their wishes, and they will be found to contain much to inform, and much to gratify the disciples of the Redeemer.

The probability is, that the eventful and useful career of the preacher will be closed among his chosen friends in this town; and taking a view of their acts of kindness, he is ready to say, “ My lot is fallen unto me in a pleasant place, yea, and I have a goodly heritage.”



Volume 1, letter, 1, page 31, line 14, from the top, for liked, read licked. Letter 7, line 20, from the top, for on which, read where.

Volume 2, letter 16, page 80, line 7, from the bottom, for Jacob, read Isaac. Page 93, line 2, from the bottom, for and to a persons, read and to persons.

In Volume 3, the reader is requested to notice that the running title of the pages, from 18 to 24, should read reflections &c instead of Sketch 6.' Page 79, line 8, from the top, for the, read thee. Page 176, lines 8 and 9, from the bottom, for righteousness of God's righteousness, read righteousness of God.

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