The Town Talk: The Fish Pool, the Plebeian, the Old Whig, the Spinster, &c

J. Nichols, 1789 - 452 Seiten

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Seite 424 - Trade, without enlarging the British territories, has given us a kind of additional Empire. It has multiplied the number of the rich, made our landed estates infinitely more valuable than they were formerly, and added to them an accession of other estates as valuable as the lands themselves.
Seite 245 - ... assigns, should at any time agree with, and no others, from time to time, and at all times thereafter during the term of years therein expressed, should and lawfully might make, use, exercise and vend...
Seite 423 - For these reasons, there are not more useful members in a commonwealth than merchants ; they knit mankind together in a mutual intercourse of good offices, distribute the gifts of nature, find work for the poor, add wealth to the rich, and magnificence to the great.
Seite 411 - Bill is passed into a law, one of the most powerful incentives to virtue would be taken away, since there would be no arriving at honour, but through the winding-sheet of an old decrepit lord, or the grave of an extinct noble family...
Seite 274 - The Thoughts of a Member of the Lower House, in relation to a project for restraining and limiting the power of the Crown, in the future creation of Peers.
Seite 164 - Neck, but not till you be dead, for you must be cut down alive; then your Bowels must be taken out, and burnt before your Faces; then your Heads must be severed from your Bodies, and your Bodies divided each into Four Quarters; and these must be at the King's Disposal. And God Almighty be merciful to your Souls!
Seite 60 - Still on his wide unwearied view extends, Which I may tell, since none are here but friends ; In a few months he is not without hope, But 'tis a secret, to convert the Pope. Of this, however, he'll inform you better, Soon as his Holiness receives his Letter.
Seite 378 - Remember, O my friends, the laws, the rights, The generous plan of power deliver'd down, From age to age, by your renown'd forefathers, (So dearly bought, the price of so much blood) O let it never perish in your hands! But piously transmit it to your children.
Seite 244 - Grace, certain Knowledge and meer Motion, have Given and Granted, and by these Presents...
Seite 74 - Remembrance of all that has preceded this happy Moment, be utterly blotted out, that our Subjects may be united to us, and to each other, in the strictest bonds of Affection as well as Interest.

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