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Laws of 1897, sections and

chapters amended or repealed.

Public Acts, year and number

of act.

Public Acts, year

1907. Page.

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of boards of supervisors, proviso as to Wayne county.

Michigan dairymen's association to hold....
ANNUAL REPORTS: (see reports.)
majority vote at, to organize as graded school district,

board of education..... ANTRIM COUNTY:

Elk lake, when may spear white fish, unlawful to sell..
Van Buren county, unlawful to spear fish in...

protection of squirrel in.... APARTMENT HOUSES:

employment of labor in .. APPEALS:

from school examiners to probate courts.
from orders of R. R. commission, burden of proof, etc..
act to regulate practice on, from chancery courts...

for license for use of tugs, launches, etc., in fishing..
for renewal of registration of motor vehicle...
for chauffeur's license...
forin of, for co-insurance rider clauses.
for allotment of state reward for roads.

for laying out of temporary highway...
of administrator of deceased incompetent person, re-

pealed... evidence of, of agent of foreign corporation, where filed of temporary fire wardens.... APPORTIONMENT:

of tax in good roads district.. of state into senatorial districts. of cost of drains between villages, cities and townships APPRAISAL OF PROPERTY:

to determine amount of inheritance tax.. APPROPRIATIONS:

for Michigan state agricultural society.
for Jamestown ter-centennial exposition commission,

how used, etc...
additional, for administration building, etc..
for state prison, rebuilding shop...
for state library..
for Michigan traveling libraries.
for state board of library commissioners
for Michigan soldiers' home, deficiency for sewer
for state sanatorium, supplemental, transfer of funds.
for Michigan pioneer and historical society.....
for Michigan state horticultural society..
for Mackinac Island state park..
for west Michigan state fair..
for Michigan reformatory at Ionia.
for bacteriological department in state board of health
for state public school..
special purposes, for state house of correction and

branch prison.... for regimental history of soldiers and sailors. for Michigan soldiers' home. for northern Michigan asylum for insane. for western state normal school....


122 412 448

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hasnital for insane

Public and local acts of the
Legislature of the State of Michigan
Michigan, Michigan. Dept. of State


177 271272-3 273-4

27 276-7 277-€ 279–81

289 290-1

292 293-4 294-7

299 300

301 310-11


317 328-5

Tor state board or geological survey.
for Michigan home for feeble minded and epileptic..


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