The Chronicle of William de Rishanger, of the Barons' War: The Miracles of Simon de Montfort

Camden society, 1840 - 162 páginas

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Página xxxii - ... meetings. It is translated sabbath, in the supposition that there is some allusion to the popular notion of the festive meetings of the devils and the witches. P. 160. SONG ON THE SCOTTISH WARS.—The copy of this Song preserved among the manuscripts of Clare Hall was first pointed out by Mr. Hunter, in the Appendix to the last Report of the Record Commission. I have obtained a copy of part of it by the kindness of Mr. Halliwell, who was unable from different circumstances to continue his transcript...
Página xxvi - ... for cities and boroughs. He thus unknowingly determined that England was to be a free country ; and he was the blind instrument of disclosing to the world that great institution of representation which was to introduce into popular governments a regularity and order far more perfect than had heretofore been purchased by submission to absolute power, and to draw forth liberty from confinement in single cities to a fitness for being spread over territories which, experience does not forbid us to...
Página xxxii - ... fuerunt et appensi ex utraque parte nasi sui, et ita missum fuit capud suum uxori Domini Rogeri de Mortuo Mari apud Castrum de Wiggemora. Pedes vero et manus sue abeisi fuerunt, et missi per diversa loca inimicis suis ad magnum dedecus ipsius defuncti; truncus, autem, corporis sui tantummodo datus est sepulture in ecclesia de Evesham.
Página xxxii - ... other matters of great interest relating to the city, gives the names of the successive mayors and sheriffs, or the custodes of the city when the constitution of the corporation was suspended. A copy, made in the 17th century, is preserved in the Harleian Collection of Manuscripts. (MS. Harl. 690.) A partial transcript is also in MS. Cantab. Trin. Coll. inter MSS. Gal. O. x. 3. Mr. Hunter in the Appendix to the last Report of the Record Commission, p. 465, has given a full description of this...
Página 137 - The numbre non wrote, for telle tham mot no man, Bot he that alle wote, and alle thing ses and can.
Página xxxix - ... was growing in strength, and with which a provident government ought to seek an alliance — that, amidst the noise and confusion of popular complaint, he had learned the art of deciphering its often wayward language, and of discriminating the clamour of a moment from demands rooted in the nature and circumstances of society.
Página xxxi - And bat mest pite was: hii ne bilevede nou5t bis *) pat is prive membres hii ne corve of i-wis, And is heved hii smiten of and to Wigemor it sende To dam Maud be Mortimer, bat wel foule it ssende. And of al bat me him bilimede, hii ne bledde nojt, me sede, And be harde here was is lieh be nexte wede.
Página xl - From hence the commons, to whom days present seem ever worst, commend the foregone ages they never remembered, and condemn the present, though they Knew neither the disease thereof, nor the remedie.
Página x - MS.CCCC №. 56; from 1259 to 1272. The earlier part to AD 1272. has been printed by Wats at the end of his edition of Matthew Paris ; * and the remainder has partly found its way into the pages of Walsingham's chronicle.

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